Thursday, January 29, 2009

Letter to Mike Sweeney

Dear, Mike Sweeney
Your making a fool out of yourself buddy, I'm sorry but please take this to heart.
I loved you back when you were are caption well maybe not loved I'm no gay, but you were my sister's favorite Royal. I still have a poster of you up on my wall Mike. Your the only Royal I have ever called a HR before your bat cept for 1 Matt Stairs hit against the Reds.
I'd stick up for you at the ballpark when the guy behind me would shout "Sweeney sucks" and I'd give him a thing or two, ta think on.

But now let's face the facts Mike your old your 35.
126 games is the most you've played in one season and that happened 7 years ago, including 60/74/42 the last 3 seasons. You've been one injury after another, back, knees, etc how long before one of them cripples you for life ? You're an icon in Kc but if you keep treating yourself to the kind of abuse your doing signing milb's with A's and now Seattle form a bad team to a worse team ? Think of the kids who'll be watching you, will they remember you as Caption Mike or will they remember as a washed up old veteran ?

I really can't recall all that much of Kevin Appier except for the end in 03-04 and that would have been fine but he kept trying up until 2006 when his career ended with the M's.

Now Mike I know you think you still have some left in the tank but if your car only has enough gas to get you 3 miles and the stadium is 25 miles away, (pause) well.
Appier's career started in Kc and should have ended in Kc but it didn't. Your career started in Kc and will probably like Ape end in Seattle. And if you somehow make the team enjoy the rain of Seattle while I personally would be enjoying my California home, coaching, or even playing golf, but a fool of myself I would not.

Just please thank about that #29,
God Bless,

A Royals fan

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  1. I get where you are coming from but as long as the desire is there and a team willing to take chance on him then he should go for it. That way when he does retire he can do it with no regrets.

    PS - If they let you delete a comment then they should also let you edit it.

  2. True. But my only worry would be after your body has had ex amount of injuries the back/knee can only take so much and the odds of a really damaging injury increase.

    And if he makes the M's great, but if not when your a Christian you should have no regrets, right ?

    Plus I don't want to root against Sweeney but, I'd root for him to strikeout against the Royals. :)