Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inside The Twilight Zone

So how many off you think Dayton Moore is on his way to the Twilight Zone ?

Ok maybe not but when you sign Gobble, Peralta, Buck ? Well let me clarify that one , none of them should have been offered arb in the first place.
C'mon Gobble $1.35m, Peralta $670K, Buck ($2.5m?) ? So right there is almost $5m dollars

I've read that some think Adam Dunn could sign for as little as $10m and at least a couple have said maybe $7-5m range, and wham there's you dough being paid to three guys who we don't need at all except for maybe Gobble and I thought he should have been released last year so yeah ,
  • Buck is replaced by Brayan Pena

You get a quality backup with more upside and at a cheaper cost, makes since to everyone and if Pena doesn't work out there's always the whole slew of House, Clark, Howell, Sumani, Tupman waiting in the wings

  • Peralta is replaced by DiNardo/Villarreal/Lowery/Musser/etc

To me guys like Peralta come about all the time a mop up guy with a little more skill then the Fulchino/Newman types. A role I think any one of the four mentioned above could fill. And I'd probably give the nod to Devon.

  • Gobble is replaced by Musser/H.Ramirez

Last year Gobble could almost be replaced by Jose Lima/Chris George/Nate Field etc. I mean the Gobble of last year was the only guy making Fulchino look like a stud. And while Gobble was blowing Musser was being ignored, and thus should receive the cold shoulder again this year.And HoRam, if your paying him that much, why ??? Just why ??

And if you were to remove Farnsworth + Horacio then Adam Dunn is well with in the budget.

And so you say were would you put him ? Well,

  • C Miguel Olivo
  • 1B Mike Jacobs
  • 2B Alberto Bloomquist (you get the best of both worlds la la la~~Hannah Montana* )
  • SS Mike Aviles
  • 3B Alex Gordon
  • LF David DeJesus
  • CF Coco Crisp
  • RF Adam Dunn
  • DH Jose Guillen

So then you trade Billy Butler to the Astros for Fulchino and Lumsden or maybe we can cash and try and clone Willie Bloomquist.

Now if Dayton wouldn't have acquired Crisp + Jacobs, you put DDJ back in CF and Dunn could play 1B and we could go out and sign Jon Garland and....

But as my pastor says

"you can play should've, would've, could've all day and it doesn't change
a thing."

But since I saw this,(check the link out !!!) I've thought about GMing a lot today and with each arb case being signed before (but no long term Greinke deal) arb I keep coming back, back to what could've been.

Pray for me brethren.......................pray.

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