Friday, January 2, 2009


A couple of changes coming up for 2009 at least three

  1. I bought and implemented a new name yep it's now !!! The blogspot is gone. So you can now reach me at Just the 1st of what will hopefully be a great 2009
  2. Still working on the new header hope to have it up before Spring Training
  3. More Interviews will come in 2009 that's what this blog is famous for and that's what I'll do and hopefully we can add some big name interviews.
Ok so nothing really worth reading there but I just had to tell you about the new web address
Now on to the only news out there:
The Dodgers are working on a buyout for Andruw Jones according to
the Major League Player's Association has approved the contract agreement, which will defer Jones' remaining salary.
So that of course started talk of a Jones/Guillen swap I don't think that it will happen but Dayton will look into it I'm sure because everyone knows Jones was a Brave. And the Dodgers owe us for Berroa right ? Anyway my take on it is this If we just make it to were we pay Guillen's and they pay Jones then well I think you make that deal.
Jones was horrendous last year but that was most likely a fluke IMO while at the worst you have Guillen out of the clubhouse. Right ? Hey we'd even take Juan Pierre in that deal.
But if Jones becomes a free agent wouldn't you think KC might be a likely landing spot....

Also the Royals Caravan should get fired up real soon so be on the look out for a stop near you.


  1. Will the Caravan be stopping in Cameron, Mo. this year? We haven't heard anything.

  2. I asked and got the response:

    On Thursday, Jan. 15, the Caravan will stop in St. Joseph's, Maryville and Trenton.