Friday, January 9, 2009

Bloomin Bloomy

(I look like someone just not sure who)

So the Royals signed Willie Bloomquist to a two year near $3m deal. Not sure why you'd make it a two year deal instead of just a one year with an option but hey maybe it is a good thing ya know maybe with Willie the Royals won't have a need for two gritty players so maybe he'll spell Gload..
Doubt it at best I'm guessing TPJ and or German.
But still your paying I think I read somewhere it's like $1.3m a year for a guy who:
  • Was on one of they worst teams last year worse then the Royals even !!!
  • Hit 1 XBH in 165 AB's last year and has a career record of 1 XBH every 21.6 AB's
  • Is the anti-Royal with his devilish OBP of .377 last year (OBP the spawn of the devil)
  • Played in only 71 games last year (We'll set the +/- for next year at +50 )
  • Is named William Paul Bloomquist
  • Is 31 years old
Gathright's XBH career 1 every 31.1 so I guess that's good....
Now here is the part that'll make you mad:

Bloomquist is expected to compete for the Royals' second-base job with Alberto Callaspo, who finished last season as the regular at that spot.

Yeah that's from the Kagelster himself.
I mean let's see here
1 Callaspo a good hitter, young, potential
2.Bloomquist a powerless hitter, old, no potential

Continuing from the article:

"He's an on-base guy, a speed-type player and a hustler," Moore said. "He's a Craig Counsell-type who really plays hard, hustles and knows how to play."

So why not Craig then ? Does that quote really make since ? Did we not land Craig and that made Dayton sad/mad so he just picked the next guy who'd remind him of Craig ?

Bloomquist is considered an "igniter" who is also well regarded for his leadership abilities in the clubhouse. Hillman talked at length with him on Thursday.

"The reports are off the charts on character and team play and fire for the right reasons. That definitely came through in the conversation. He's hungry; he's excited," Hillman said.

Oh sorry I thought we were talking about Mike Sweeney for a second...

Bloomquist also has played 125 games in the outfield, 111 at shortstop, 107 at third base and 31 at first base. His overall fielding percentage is .977 with 27 errors, eight at second base.

"He's a winner, he has versatility and he's a very good offensive player," Moore said.

Perhaps the only/the best fact about Willie he can do it all and he's fast !!!
He's a winner just didn't play for one


  1. And he's not really an on-base guy. Last year was nice but lets see if he can replicate that. Overall I don't think this signing is anything to get excited about either way. Somebody has to back up Aviles, better Bloom than TPJ I guess.

  2. But does he back up Aviles or play 2B ? And we already had German signed as a util guy...

    I believe Dayton doesn't really trust Callaspo that much.

  3. I think he backs up Aviles and Callaspo, if he starts at 2B then I'm going to change my blog name to, there is no reason to think Bloom can be an everyday 2 bagger. German cant play SS and Callaspo cant play it very well so Bloom only makes sense as a utility infielder.

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