Saturday, January 24, 2009

As if a World Series wasn't enough

Now the Phillies go out and sign our beloved Spring Training 08' hero, our very own Omaha star, Damon Jamall Hollins. His line of .220-16-55 in 105 games at AAA is far from stellar, but what made us remember him was his great Spring of 2008. But alas when push came to shove as it always does he was somewhere between number 26-30 on the roster that could only house 25. And he just never recovered.

And now that same sad fate lingers in the back's of the minds of J.R. House, Lenny DiNardo, and the NRI's (preforming live at Surprise AZ tichets on sale NOW !!!).

If any NRI's make it my money would be on Lenny DiNardo but I don't really see anyone of them making it but maybe you do ? Tune in after the Super Bowl for a new RoRetc mini contest

I forgot to include this interesting part of deal according to MLBTR:
The contract is worth $450K, $65K of which is guaranteed.
Hollins can request a trade if he's not on the 25 man roster by July 1st. He can
pay the Phillies $100K to sign with a Japanese team or $50K to sign with a
Korean team, but they have the option of adding him to their roster within three
days instead.

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