Monday, January 26, 2009

According to my yearly planner...

Today starts the Chinese new year (at least that's what my yearly planner says). The year of the Ox in fact and that got me thinking, why don't the Royals have that Ox they need to provide the extra luck. Well I think the Chinese new year doesn't really work like that it something to do with birth years blah blah blah.

But wouldn't you think that the Royals should take out an insurance policy ? I mean an Ox would really really help so maybe if we could go out and get :

Chris OXspring !!! I mean he wouldn't cost much and would give us the boost we need to make the playoffs !! I believe I believe !!! Ok so maybe that's a little far out, but if nothing else consider this a nickname request.

Since I could find nothing else out there except "Jake or Mike" I decided we should give new Royal, Mike Jacobs the nickname "The Ox".

I mean c'mon people Michael (James) "The Ox" Jacobs !!! It's the Midwest people and if we can't as an organization have someone nicknamed "the Ox" in the year of the ox, and after the team was named after a livestock show to !!

Even with the signing of Zack Greinke long term this team has forgotten what baseball is all about, sure I bet "Catfish" Hunter hated the nickname Charles O. Finley made him sport but would anyone really give a "flyin fish" about a guy named James Augustus Hunter ?

No Sir.

Here's to "The Ox in 09' !!!

No one's gonna have any beef, from this OX !!!!

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