Saturday, January 31, 2009

OT: RoRetc's Super Bowl Bash 09'

Below are some of the hottest commodities when it comes to the Kc Royals, well maybe not but before you place a bet in Vegas, Sunday (RoRetc's does not endorse gambling in any way unless you want to end up like Pete Rose or some homeless bum (If you have a gambling problem call 1-800-betsoff ) ) you'll want to read this. Also you could buy some tickets to the game prices range from $ 1.6 K to $229 K.

So anyway I asked these 2 questions:

1. Who wins
1A. If you want to state the score go ahead
1B. If your really brave who's the SB MVP
2. Your fav Super Bowl memories (if any)

So without further ado......
RoRetc's Super Bowl Bash 2009

Don Free (Part of the "real" Royals on Radio)
1. AZ 28-24 Warner
2. Commercials...

Gerg Scahum
The Steelers win 27-17 and the MVP will be Rothlisberger

my favorite super bowl memory has not happened yet. It won't happen until the Chiefs win a super bowl in my lifetime

Royals Nation
I'm terrible with NFL, but here goes:

1. Steelers 24-17

2. Staying with my neighbor during the Ice Storm of 2002, watching the Patriots defeat the Rams (and watching U2's epic performance).

The Pipeline
I say the Cardinals shock the world, 24-17.

My first SB I can remember watching was the '82 Niners-Bengals game, first Niners ring. I became a hardcore Niners fan, which has made the last decade, roughly, a tough one, especially the last few years. I remember watching the '85 Bears slaughter the Pats, the Redskins demolishing the Broncos thanks to Timmy Smith and Doug Williams, back to back rings for the Niners, watching the dreaded Cowboys rule the early '90s while the Bills fell short every year, but my all time favorite Super Bowl was the '95 one between the Niners and Chargers, just because that was a great season with Deion on the Niners and they just steamrolled San Diego. Since then we've had the Rams-Titans, the 3 Pats wins were good games, Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction", and last year's classic between the Pats and Giants. I was one of the minority rooting for the Pats. I hate the Giants. Hopefully this one turns out a little more favorably for the team I'm rooting for. Go Cardinals!

I say MVP......Kurt Warner

In Dayton We Trust
Cardinals 23-21
MVP: Kurt Warner

I despise the Super Bowl because pop culture forces me to watch, willy-nilly, even when it's, say, Giants-Ravens, or Raiders-Bucs, or any other number of terrible matchups that is the product of the NFL's ridiculous parity.

And last year, lo and behold, I actually manage to miss the entire g*d**n Super Bowl cause I'm traveling, and guess what I missed? Just the best football game of the year. Mother-f...

NY Royal

Steelers win 24-17. Not really going out on a limb here, but I think the Steelers are clearly the better team, but the Cards will make it a game.1B. Big Ben. If he throws a touchdown or two, they'll give it to him.

2. Chiefs win Super Bowl IV by destroying the Vikings 23-7 - It was before I was born, but it is my favorite Super Bowl moment, nonetheless.


1. Pittsburgh Steelers - 34 - 17 - MVP Ike Taylor

2. When the star running back who was under the thumb of organized crime pulled a gun from under his pads and shot a defender in the forehead on his way to the end zone, where he promptly put the gun in his own mouth and pulled the trigger. Oh, wait. That was The Last Boy Scout.

Well, I guess it would have to be when John Elway went airborne, got spun around in the air, and ended up shy of the end zone with all of Elway's organs rupturing simultaneously and the Broncos walking off the field losers. Oh, yeah. That's just my fantastic reimagining of John Elway falling just short.
I guess Joe Montana hitting John Taylor for that clutch touchdown against the Ickey Shuffle Cincinnati Bengals...

Tim Scott (Royals emcee)
Steelers Win 24-21 MVP Polamalu
Tennessee coming up 1 yard short to lost to the Rams in 1999

Royally Speaking
1. I like the Cardinals 24-20, I'll pick Kurt Warner as SB MVP. I was never a Rams fan (since I hate all things St. Louis) but I always liked Warner.

2. Well since the Chiefs haven't been to a SB in my lifetime I have always watched them pretty much not caring who won but last season I was pulling hard for the Giants. So my favorite memory of that game was Tyree's miraculous catch on the game winning drive.

Royals Review
Pittsburgh wins 20-14.
James Harrison will be named MVP.

I don't really have one. Probably the Giants winning last year was one of my favorites, just because I hated New England.

1. Steelers 31-17
MVP Troy Polamalu

My favorite would be way back to the Packers, Broncos because I was just a kid and liked Elway (hey just a kid) and my dad was rooting for the Pack so that was fun.
The worst would be when my "homeboy" Rich Gannon who was cheated by Gruden and the Bucs. (side note Gannon is my all time favorite player I've collected 92 diff. Gannon cards and he was cheated twice by that big ole fat Tony Saragossa and his cheap illegal hit, and that snow bowl when Tom BRADY fumbled he DID !!!! And it was over turned but enough Rich ramblings.)
Other then that the Titans-Rams game was classic so was the Ravens-Giants, but overall it's just a great time with my family where everyone watches the commercials and some of us watch all of it (the game). And oh the food Super Bowl and Thanksgiving about equal on the food scale but for different reasons.

So there you go set back pop a Pepsi* (*always plugging Royals sponsors and could I say beer being only 17 ?) and enjoy a piece of Americana and when it's done, start the "hours" countdown to opening day !!! Oh yeah !!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Letter to Mike Sweeney

Dear, Mike Sweeney
Your making a fool out of yourself buddy, I'm sorry but please take this to heart.
I loved you back when you were are caption well maybe not loved I'm no gay, but you were my sister's favorite Royal. I still have a poster of you up on my wall Mike. Your the only Royal I have ever called a HR before your bat cept for 1 Matt Stairs hit against the Reds.
I'd stick up for you at the ballpark when the guy behind me would shout "Sweeney sucks" and I'd give him a thing or two, ta think on.

But now let's face the facts Mike your old your 35.
126 games is the most you've played in one season and that happened 7 years ago, including 60/74/42 the last 3 seasons. You've been one injury after another, back, knees, etc how long before one of them cripples you for life ? You're an icon in Kc but if you keep treating yourself to the kind of abuse your doing signing milb's with A's and now Seattle form a bad team to a worse team ? Think of the kids who'll be watching you, will they remember you as Caption Mike or will they remember as a washed up old veteran ?

I really can't recall all that much of Kevin Appier except for the end in 03-04 and that would have been fine but he kept trying up until 2006 when his career ended with the M's.

Now Mike I know you think you still have some left in the tank but if your car only has enough gas to get you 3 miles and the stadium is 25 miles away, (pause) well.
Appier's career started in Kc and should have ended in Kc but it didn't. Your career started in Kc and will probably like Ape end in Seattle. And if you somehow make the team enjoy the rain of Seattle while I personally would be enjoying my California home, coaching, or even playing golf, but a fool of myself I would not.

Just please thank about that #29,
God Bless,

A Royals fan

Follow the Sweeney signing
Lookout Landing 1 "Mike Sweeney is Old and Frequently Injured"

Lookout Landing 2 "Why Sign Your Own Artifact Of Nostalgia When You Can Sign Someone Else's?"

Royals Review's take

Monday, January 26, 2009

According to my yearly planner...

Today starts the Chinese new year (at least that's what my yearly planner says). The year of the Ox in fact and that got me thinking, why don't the Royals have that Ox they need to provide the extra luck. Well I think the Chinese new year doesn't really work like that it something to do with birth years blah blah blah.

But wouldn't you think that the Royals should take out an insurance policy ? I mean an Ox would really really help so maybe if we could go out and get :

Chris OXspring !!! I mean he wouldn't cost much and would give us the boost we need to make the playoffs !! I believe I believe !!! Ok so maybe that's a little far out, but if nothing else consider this a nickname request.

Since I could find nothing else out there except "Jake or Mike" I decided we should give new Royal, Mike Jacobs the nickname "The Ox".

I mean c'mon people Michael (James) "The Ox" Jacobs !!! It's the Midwest people and if we can't as an organization have someone nicknamed "the Ox" in the year of the ox, and after the team was named after a livestock show to !!

Even with the signing of Zack Greinke long term this team has forgotten what baseball is all about, sure I bet "Catfish" Hunter hated the nickname Charles O. Finley made him sport but would anyone really give a "flyin fish" about a guy named James Augustus Hunter ?

No Sir.

Here's to "The Ox in 09' !!!

No one's gonna have any beef, from this OX !!!!

Zach Greinke signs !!!

As Royal Blues pointed out the Royals have signed Zack Greinke to a four year deal !!!
Sweet that's all I'll say !!! Hopefully I'll post another post later but for now yes !!!

note: Teahen to 2B ? Why not he's done every other position

Saturday, January 24, 2009

As if a World Series wasn't enough

Now the Phillies go out and sign our beloved Spring Training 08' hero, our very own Omaha star, Damon Jamall Hollins. His line of .220-16-55 in 105 games at AAA is far from stellar, but what made us remember him was his great Spring of 2008. But alas when push came to shove as it always does he was somewhere between number 26-30 on the roster that could only house 25. And he just never recovered.

And now that same sad fate lingers in the back's of the minds of J.R. House, Lenny DiNardo, and the NRI's (preforming live at Surprise AZ tichets on sale NOW !!!).

If any NRI's make it my money would be on Lenny DiNardo but I don't really see anyone of them making it but maybe you do ? Tune in after the Super Bowl for a new RoRetc mini contest

I forgot to include this interesting part of deal according to MLBTR:
The contract is worth $450K, $65K of which is guaranteed.
Hollins can request a trade if he's not on the 25 man roster by July 1st. He can
pay the Phillies $100K to sign with a Japanese team or $50K to sign with a
Korean team, but they have the option of adding him to their roster within three
days instead.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inside The Twilight Zone

So how many off you think Dayton Moore is on his way to the Twilight Zone ?

Ok maybe not but when you sign Gobble, Peralta, Buck ? Well let me clarify that one , none of them should have been offered arb in the first place.
C'mon Gobble $1.35m, Peralta $670K, Buck ($2.5m?) ? So right there is almost $5m dollars

I've read that some think Adam Dunn could sign for as little as $10m and at least a couple have said maybe $7-5m range, and wham there's you dough being paid to three guys who we don't need at all except for maybe Gobble and I thought he should have been released last year so yeah ,
  • Buck is replaced by Brayan Pena

You get a quality backup with more upside and at a cheaper cost, makes since to everyone and if Pena doesn't work out there's always the whole slew of House, Clark, Howell, Sumani, Tupman waiting in the wings

  • Peralta is replaced by DiNardo/Villarreal/Lowery/Musser/etc

To me guys like Peralta come about all the time a mop up guy with a little more skill then the Fulchino/Newman types. A role I think any one of the four mentioned above could fill. And I'd probably give the nod to Devon.

  • Gobble is replaced by Musser/H.Ramirez

Last year Gobble could almost be replaced by Jose Lima/Chris George/Nate Field etc. I mean the Gobble of last year was the only guy making Fulchino look like a stud. And while Gobble was blowing Musser was being ignored, and thus should receive the cold shoulder again this year.And HoRam, if your paying him that much, why ??? Just why ??

And if you were to remove Farnsworth + Horacio then Adam Dunn is well with in the budget.

And so you say were would you put him ? Well,

  • C Miguel Olivo
  • 1B Mike Jacobs
  • 2B Alberto Bloomquist (you get the best of both worlds la la la~~Hannah Montana* )
  • SS Mike Aviles
  • 3B Alex Gordon
  • LF David DeJesus
  • CF Coco Crisp
  • RF Adam Dunn
  • DH Jose Guillen

So then you trade Billy Butler to the Astros for Fulchino and Lumsden or maybe we can cash and try and clone Willie Bloomquist.

Now if Dayton wouldn't have acquired Crisp + Jacobs, you put DDJ back in CF and Dunn could play 1B and we could go out and sign Jon Garland and....

But as my pastor says

"you can play should've, would've, could've all day and it doesn't change
a thing."

But since I saw this,(check the link out !!!) I've thought about GMing a lot today and with each arb case being signed before (but no long term Greinke deal) arb I keep coming back, back to what could've been.

Pray for me brethren.......................pray.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What Royals on Radio affiliates play

Found this little site where it has all the "Kansas City Royals Radio Stations".

So out of all the RRN affiliates in all the land here is the statistics of what's on when the Royals are not, according to radiotime:

1 60's station
9 Adult Contemporary
1 Adult Standards
1 Christian Contemporary
1 Classic Country
1 Classic Rock
1 Conservative
12 Country
2 Country talk
1 Gospel
1 Local Music
14 News
6 Oldies
2 Sports
19 Sports Talk
1 Talk
5 Weather

So there you go that Is what's on when the Royals aren't.
Looks like you'll be listening to Sports Talk, News, or Country...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Royals Caravan

Back from the Royals Caravan that stopped at Hy-vee in Jefferson City. The one that had Joakim Soria, Billy Butler, Willie Wilson, Denny Matthews, and Kevin Seitzer.

I was planning on getting a couple interviews but for the life of me couldn't find my recorder so that was left up to the guys of the Jefferson City Tribune.
Wouldn't be surprised if one asked, "Why are the Cardinals so much better" ?

Anyway I was surprised there were quite a few people there and most of them had Royals merch so I guess there are quite a few Royals fans in JC so maybe Rod Smith (local TV sports) could open his eyes and see the city isn't all red.

Got Denny Matthews to sign my ticket stub from Aug 7 2004 the day he was elected into the Royals Hall of Fame. Gave him some hockey cards and talked a lil bit a bout them.

Butler was next but I didn't get to talk with him as the local reporter (who could care less) was interviewing him. But he signed as baseball for me.

Next in line was the jewel of the tour the Mexicutiner himself. I hope no one got a photo cause I was probably standing there in awe. Great guy, nice personality, and when he smiled you could see his famous braces. He signed my All-Star game program with him on the cover (available for $15 last summer at the K). and then before moving on asked him if I could shake his hand, he smiled put down hi sharpie, and I shook Soria's hand !!!

Next we get to answer a question for all those interested why did the Royals hire Kevin Sietzer as hitting coach ? Well because after his autograph is John 3:3

And the last was Royals Hall of Famer Willie Wilson and that was cool to see a Royals great like Willie.

It was a great time other then the fact my digital camera broke !!!! So no photo's today we'll have to wait to see if the one's taken with a regular camera turn out.

If the Royals Caravan will be near you, you should defiantly check it out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jefferson City

Main Story
A city where Cardinals fans out number Royals fans 8:1 maybe even more. But hey when it comes to which team is more caring for the Capitol City ? Well the local News Tribune answers that one:
Royals Caravan to make stop
Cardinal Caravan skipping the Capitol City
By News Tribune staff
The Kansas City Royals plan a Caravan stop in Jefferson City this week. The St.Louis Cardinals annual caravan, however, is skipping Jefferson City.
A group of current and former Royals are scheduled Wednesday to be at Hy-Vee, 3721 W.Truman Blvd. Current players Joakim Soria and Billy Butler, Royals Hall of Famer Willie Wilson, former player and current hitting coach Kevin Seitzer, Hall of Fame broadcaster Denny Matthews and team mascot Slugger are slated to be at the store from 3:30-4:30 PM.
The Cardinal Caravan also starts this week . The closet Mid-Missouri stop to Jefferson City for the group will be Saturday at Mizzou Arena in Columbia.
Players scheduled to attend include Kyle McClellan, Colby Rasmus, Brian Barton and Jess Todd. Others slated to participate include Jay Randolph, Rick Horton and Ken Dayley.
The event will start at 11:30 a.m. To attend, fans must purchase a ticket to the Missouri men's basketball game against Iowa State, scheduled to start at 12:30 p.m.

That should be the first clue as to who cares more for you Jeff City. The Royals bring Billy Butler, All-Star Joakim Soria, and a baseball Hall of Famer +, while the Cardinals bring Colby Rasmus and a whole slew of nobodies And you have to pay for it ? I understand if it was a baseball game, but a basketball game ??? That's because baseball and basketball are just a bout the same sport.

So a guy walks in to a bar in Kansas City and says to the bar tender "Do you wanna here a joke about St.Louis ?" The bar tender leans over and says I'm from St.Louis that guy seating next to you he is 275 lbs and from St.Louis and our bouncer is from St. Louis. So do you still want to tell that joke ? The guy looks down and says nope, not if I have to explain it three times.

Blast from 2003
Royals Whip Angels
ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) - Brian Anderson pitched a seven-hitter for his third career shutout, leading the Kansas City Royals over the Anaheim Angels 5-0 last night.
Angel Berroa hit a solo homer for Kansas City . Anderson (11-11) struck out two and walked three. Ken Harvey and Aaron Guiel each had three singles and an RBI for the Royals. Mike Sweeney singled twice and had an RBI with his 5th Inning single giving him 1,000 career hits

Minor News
White Sox signed RHP's Ryan Braun, and Brad Salmon to milb contracts with an invite to Spring Training, as they try to follow in the steps of Ryan Buckvich and D.J. Carrasco. Also the White Sox invited former Royals Mike MacDougal as a non-roster invite to Spring Training

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh Yeah Baby !!!!!

Royals visit Missouri communities during 2009 Caravan tour

Wednesday, Jan. 14 ( Jefferson City )
Participants: Joakim Soria, Billy Butler, Willie Wilson, Kevin Seitzer, Denny Matthews and Sluggerrr

3:30-4:30 p.m. - Meet and Greet at Hy-Vee - 3721 West Truman Boulevard in Jefferson City (Hosted by KLIK)

Enough said !!!!!!!!!
Caravan schedule here
Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bloomin Bloomy

(I look like someone just not sure who)

So the Royals signed Willie Bloomquist to a two year near $3m deal. Not sure why you'd make it a two year deal instead of just a one year with an option but hey maybe it is a good thing ya know maybe with Willie the Royals won't have a need for two gritty players so maybe he'll spell Gload..
Doubt it at best I'm guessing TPJ and or German.
But still your paying I think I read somewhere it's like $1.3m a year for a guy who:
  • Was on one of they worst teams last year worse then the Royals even !!!
  • Hit 1 XBH in 165 AB's last year and has a career record of 1 XBH every 21.6 AB's
  • Is the anti-Royal with his devilish OBP of .377 last year (OBP the spawn of the devil)
  • Played in only 71 games last year (We'll set the +/- for next year at +50 )
  • Is named William Paul Bloomquist
  • Is 31 years old
Gathright's XBH career 1 every 31.1 so I guess that's good....
Now here is the part that'll make you mad:

Bloomquist is expected to compete for the Royals' second-base job with Alberto Callaspo, who finished last season as the regular at that spot.

Yeah that's from the Kagelster himself.
I mean let's see here
1 Callaspo a good hitter, young, potential
2.Bloomquist a powerless hitter, old, no potential

Continuing from the article:

"He's an on-base guy, a speed-type player and a hustler," Moore said. "He's a Craig Counsell-type who really plays hard, hustles and knows how to play."

So why not Craig then ? Does that quote really make since ? Did we not land Craig and that made Dayton sad/mad so he just picked the next guy who'd remind him of Craig ?

Bloomquist is considered an "igniter" who is also well regarded for his leadership abilities in the clubhouse. Hillman talked at length with him on Thursday.

"The reports are off the charts on character and team play and fire for the right reasons. That definitely came through in the conversation. He's hungry; he's excited," Hillman said.

Oh sorry I thought we were talking about Mike Sweeney for a second...

Bloomquist also has played 125 games in the outfield, 111 at shortstop, 107 at third base and 31 at first base. His overall fielding percentage is .977 with 27 errors, eight at second base.

"He's a winner, he has versatility and he's a very good offensive player," Moore said.

Perhaps the only/the best fact about Willie he can do it all and he's fast !!!
He's a winner just didn't play for one

Thursday, January 8, 2009

OT: Royals bloggers on the BCS Nat'l Title Game

Well I thought maybe we would see how much us Royals bloggers know about other sports okay maybe about football, just football.
The question was, who wins tonight's BCS National Championship game: Oklahoma or Florida

Only problem I thought about it this morning while in school and couldn't do nothing till after 3PM so it's a little late and I didn't get to ask everyone but rest assured it'll be back for the almighty Super Bowl and it'll be bigger and better but for know:

Greg Schaum (610 Radio)
I want OU but i think it is Florida...

Royal Blues ( formerly of Baseball and Other things but then went Sabathia on us)
I pick Oklahoma. Mostly because I'm a Big XII homer.

In Dayton We Trust
I like Oklahoma, though I may be going against my gut instinct. It's a cliche, but whoever gets ahead in this game is going to have a huge advantage.

Royal Virus (Royal Board+)
BOOMER SOONER! OU wins 31-21

The Royal Tower
I pick Oklahoma.

Royally Speaking (Jeff)
I like Oklahoma 45-38

How could anyone go against Tim Tebow ? A repeat championship for the Gators !!!
But barely over Oklahoma because Bradford and the Sooners are tough
Flordia 37-34

This was just to short of a notice to get the answers from everyone I wanted.
Like I said the Super Bowl that's gonna be HUGE, I'll try and get everyone of importance and some others not that important.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Not "him" to !!!!

At this rate we should all become Astro's fans I mean Lumsden, Fulchino and now this ?
I'm still ticked off at the Astros for signing our beloved Joe McEwing and now this ?
What's next for these ruthless barbarians ?

Gload ?
Bannister ?
Guillen ?
Maybe they want Buck back to ?

Geez is this all the news we have ?

Nope there is the fact Burrell signed for $8m a year and Bradley $10m while Jose the $12m dollar man is still overpaid and still a Royal. I never liked the Guillen signing and guess what,
I still don't....
But maybe we could sign Andruw Jones for $15m................

Friday, January 2, 2009


A couple of changes coming up for 2009 at least three

  1. I bought and implemented a new name yep it's now !!! The blogspot is gone. So you can now reach me at Just the 1st of what will hopefully be a great 2009
  2. Still working on the new header hope to have it up before Spring Training
  3. More Interviews will come in 2009 that's what this blog is famous for and that's what I'll do and hopefully we can add some big name interviews.
Ok so nothing really worth reading there but I just had to tell you about the new web address
Now on to the only news out there:
The Dodgers are working on a buyout for Andruw Jones according to
the Major League Player's Association has approved the contract agreement, which will defer Jones' remaining salary.
So that of course started talk of a Jones/Guillen swap I don't think that it will happen but Dayton will look into it I'm sure because everyone knows Jones was a Brave. And the Dodgers owe us for Berroa right ? Anyway my take on it is this If we just make it to were we pay Guillen's and they pay Jones then well I think you make that deal.
Jones was horrendous last year but that was most likely a fluke IMO while at the worst you have Guillen out of the clubhouse. Right ? Hey we'd even take Juan Pierre in that deal.
But if Jones becomes a free agent wouldn't you think KC might be a likely landing spot....

Also the Royals Caravan should get fired up real soon so be on the look out for a stop near you.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Not much at all

First of Happy New year
2009 really doesn't seem all that different then 2008 (unless your Penn St.) Or my calender (08 was Union Pacific now 09 starts out with a pic of Soria).

But enough rambling here is some stuff that never got posted as I looked back through my 2008 Drafts this one entitled "Not much at all" was fairly good so I kept parts and added others so consider this 1st post of 09 basically a B-Sides/EP post........


The Royals opened up the new 3D seating chart at and it's pretty cool and you should check it out. But one question wouldn't you get wet at the Fountain Pavilion seats ? Must be why they're only $7. I've got to set in sections 101-103 sometime this season. Anyway check it out. (link here)

The Blue Crew 2009 just $20 but this was a first one:
The popular youth fan club, which has a limited number of spots available
So you better sign up the yung-ins fast

Pepsi thee official soft drink of the Royals is doing some major renovations:
(per wikipedia)
In October 2008, Pepsi announced they would be redesigning their logo and re-branding many of their products by early 2009. In 2009, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max will use all lower-case fonts for name brands, Mountain Dew will be renamed "Mtn Dew", and Diet Pepsi Max will be re-branded as Pepsi Max.
No word yet on how the changes will affect the Royals but I'll look into it. But how would you say Mtn Dew without any vowels ??? I mean c'mon people !!!!

Controversy over the Ray W Awards over at RR. For the most part I agree with ya'll wish we could do the recount but I haven't the military might to take back the trophy's from the winners.
Also yeah Rany probably shouldn't have won but win you don't vote....... (Bush gets re-elected )

Finally wouldn't you think the Royals SHOULD be able to afford Jerry Hairston Jr. ?
I think they could but what's holding them back ?
Just gotta look on wikipedia:
Hairston became a Jehovah's Witness in July 2000
That just isn't happening in the mainly Christian clubhouse at least not while Trey is still here.