Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Joke

There are two guys up in heaven talking with St.Peter and each other, when the the guy on the right starts out by saying: "I've had a rough life lost my leg in the war had my wife leave me for my best bud and then my good ole good got ran over by a car."

Well St. Pete and the other to both lean shaking there head. But then the guy in on the left starts off: "I think I've gots you beat see I lost my right eye as a kid and then my wife left me the day we were to be married, took the dog, took my money and then ran over my best friend and moved to Canada."

Well after he was done speaking. St. Peter walked away to great the new arrivals, and they began to converse a bit more about there lives.

But just then, Jesus walks up and he says, "I heard you two complaining about your lives well I was betrayed, whipped, spat on, crucified and had to care every one's sins. But you want to know the guy who had the worst life ?"

The two men gawk and stutter out, "Well who could have had it worse then you ?"
Jesus laughs and points to a guy in line about to enter heaven.

See him ? Well he just died yesterday he was a Royals fan since 1986 !!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I like

The Philip Humber signing it's milb deals like this that can really help a team like the Royals guys who never quite put it together but are still young enough they might figure it out. You know guys like Bryan Bullington who could out of no were have a great year, and are going to have a greater chance at a great/miracle year then has beens like Sidney Ponson and Brett Tomko.
You want to know whats surprising ? It's the fact that Jaime Moyer has yet to pitch for the Royals. I'm still holding out hope for that one though. And hey it's not even Christmas yet....

That means the Royals have plenty of time to make a deal far worse then the Jason Kendall signing. And I could see were the Kendall signing could have been almost a good one.

See instead of 2 years guaranteed you have a one year with and option. Oh wait he doesn't want that ? Well maybe by February he's changed his mind. If not maybe you keep Buck and for extra security go and sign Mike Redmond.

And speaking of Buck and non-tenders what about taking a look at Wang and Pedro Martinez ?
I mean back before the surgery Mr.Wang was a fairly good pitcher. And Pedro I thought looked pretty sharp last year. Now it wouldn't even begin to fix all the Royals problems but how would a rotation with: Greinke, Martinez, Meche fair as your 1,2,3 guys ? ( Pencil in Bruce Chen for 4 and Brad Thompson as your 5th starter.

And speaking of problems Seattle is looking pretty sharp out West after acquiring Lee huh ? Almost enough to make you wish we had Jack Z I bet. :)

And while I'm at it let me say it would make a ton more sense to go and sign D.J. Carrasco as apposed to trying to sign the next Farnsworth or Cruz.
Plus D.J. always one of my favorite players him and Stairs, and I was just starting to take a likin to Alberto Callaspo. So yeah I guess trading the 2nd best hitter makes senses....

One final thing I promise,
Will the Royals have more then one guy (if that) hit 20 HR's next year ?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ray W Award Nominees 2009

Time for the second annual Ray W Award Nominees.

This year the nominees were chosen by several very famous Royals bloggers.
But you choose the winner just post a comment or send me an email.
Read important voting instructions at the bottom.

The Second Annual Ray W Award Nominees are:

Royals Review
Royals Authority
Rany On The Royals
Royals Centricity

Best New Royals Blog*(or semi-new)
Kings of Kauffman
Fire Dayton Moore
Royals Centricity

Best Royals Relief Pitcher
Chris Hayes
Robinson Tejeda
Carlos Rosa

I'll remember this guy for no other reason Royals Player
Zack Greinke
Willie Bloomquist
Ryan Freel
Lenny DiNardo

Best Royals Board
Royals Review
Royal Board
Royals Corner

Best Royals Sports Writer
Joe Posnanski
Rany Jazayerli
Sam Mellinger

Best Royals Prospect Blog
The Pipeline
The Royal Tower

Overall Best Royals site
Royals Review
Royals Authority
Rany On The Royals

Best Restaurant Chain
Burger King
Taco Bell
PF Chang's
Longhorn Steakhouse

Best Royals Executive
JJ Picollo
Mike Arbuckle

Royals Prospect of The Year
Jeff Bianchi
Mike Montgomery
David Lough

Best Kc Radio Personality

Greg Schaum
Soren Petro
Steven St. John
Nick Wright

Best Soda
Cherry Coke
Cherry Pepsi
Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew Code Red

Okay voting starts now.

When voting, vote for your favorite (put 1st) and second favorite (put 2nd).

The Award show will be on January 17th at 6:00 PM CST.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Were to start....

*~Words of Moore in Red~*

I could start this post off about how the Royals cut ties with John Bale and Mike "Chipmunk" Jacobs . Two players whom it was definitely there time to go...

Or maybe how Hillman views Getz defense over Callaspo's bat....

Then again there is always new Royal Edgar Osuna selected today in the Rule 5 draft from where else Gwinnett AAA roster of thee World Famous Atlanta Braves organization..

But instead I'll start with news from

Left-hander Mark Mulder, once a 21-game winner but out of baseball last season, is being given a once-over by the Royals.

Mulder, 6-foot-6 and 215 pounds, is on the comeback trail after missing 2009 because of shoulder surgery. The Royals would like to bring a left-handed starter into their all-right-handed rotation.

I thought last off season that a Milb incentive laden deal would be a great thing for the Royals to sign Mulder to.
But then came the words in bold.
And suddenly I'm visited by visions of HoRam, Tomko, Ponson, Joe Mays, Bale's time as a starter. It'll make you grimace.
It's like "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens only I was only visited by the ghosts of Royals pitchers past but not the good past no. Nothing older then 2000 !!!

I mean the guy hasn't pitched a full season since 2005 but then again that's around the time Bruce Chen was last pitching in the bigs... oh wait.

Yeah Chen pitched for us last year didn't he....
"Last year and the year before, he was trying to do something," Moore said.
“We’ll go through the process”
So um, It's right here were everyone is supposed to shout bring back Al Levine !!!

At least the best news to come out of the article was that the Royals will at least "take a look" at the Cuban lefty Aroldis Chapman next week in Houston.

“You don’t know where these things are going to go,”

And it still looks like the Royals are winning the Jason Kendall sweepstakes.
“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Moore said, “if we got something done (in the next few days) or didn’t get something done and, in two weeks, be in the same boat.”
And also the Royals are looking at Felix Pie, Brett Gardner, Scott Podsednik and gasp even, dare I say it Juan Pierre.
When are they going to wake up and realize Willy Taveras can be had ???

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello Anybody

Wow it seems like It's been forever since I last posted this past season really wore me down.
There towards the end of the season I'd pretty well lost interest in the team. I've slowly regained my will to follow the team again.

I just couldn't follow the team at the beginning of the Winter Meetings my favorite time of the season and I still just couldn't bring myself to post anything.

But then came the Pudge to the Royals rumor and I originally said It wouldn't be that bad on Twitter but actually just wanted to get a reaction.

But now Jason Kendall I guy who I've always liked but not liked at 38 years old . Especially for a 2 year contract the Bob Dutton tweets, GMDM may have offered Jason.

I mean Kendall at 38 could be compared to I don't know Benito Santiago. I just don't get it and neither does any Royals fan. Heck I bet Dayton doesn't get half the things he does.

2 years for a guy who has caught 1967 career games. Heck we'd be better of signing Jason Varitek at least he has a bit of a cult like following. Or maybe even Josh Bard or gasp even a return of Paul Bako. And yet Dayton let's so many talented catchers get away from him so he's forced to sign theses stupid contracts that have became synonymous with the current regime.

For every Zack Greinke extension or Soria finding there is a Jose Guillen or Kyle Farnsworth.
As a Royals fans you just get use to guys like Ryan Shealy and Justin Huber. Alex Gordon and Jeff Bianchi.

But back to catchers, Dayton seems determined to rid the land of Buck and bring in a veteran for an absurd amount of years and dollars. Makes me wish for the days of Alberto Castillo, Mike Difelice, Tom Prince, and Brent Mayne.

Oh well at least we weren't the worst franchise of the decade, oh wait.

Hey if you can't compete for the Hunter's and Sabatia's at least you can try to overpay for the stock pile of average over deteriorating veterans.

I'll be back tomorrow to post my thoughts on the Rule V and any of the supposed player dump.
My guess.... Buck

Tuesday, November 17, 2009




Heres hoping that we can go get some great free agents oh wait here's hoping we don't trade Zack for a couple 0-3 year service guys. :)
Peace Out
Ray W

Monday, November 9, 2009

Well I'm sure you know

About the Getz and Fields for Mark Teahen trade. I really didn't feel like going into that much as I was pretty busy. And at the time it hadn't happened but then it did happen so, I don't know really what to add that hasn't already been said about the trade.
Maybe that I never really cared for Mark Teahen the way almost the entire fan base did. (Similar to my dislike of Aaron Guiel). But his versatility was very useful and now that he's with the White Sox I could see him hitting 20 HR 80 RBI a season. Seems like that is the way it always goes, after leaving Kc you suddenly become great.
I like Getz he seemed to have a pretty solid first season in the bigs, Josh Fields is Jake Jr with some issues. But he'll give us some nice depth.

The Royals have a new trainer and bullpen coach.

The options on Olivo, Crisp, and Yabuta were declined. No real surprises there.

The real reason I'm writing this post now is that Bob Dutton mentions:

One rumor to watch: A deal sending second baseman Alberto Callaspo to the Los Angeles Dodgers for catcher A.J. Ellis, a 28-year-old rookie who currently projects as a backup to Russell Martin following the anticipated free-agent departure of veteran Brad Ausmus.

If that is a straight up Bert for a 29 year (by Opening Day) old catcher with a career total of 12 MLB games for the Royals second best hitter. Well I think I might just call it quits.
So what if he's a "great defender" ? So what if he hit blah-blah-blah in AAA ?
He's 29 meaning at best he's got what 5 good years left before he tanks ? And did we mention he's a catcher ?

No thanks I'll take a combo of Buck/Pena heck why not even Brad Ausmus ?

Oh and one more thing that has happen since my last post:

Our motivation behind this deal — and any deal that we make this winter,” Royals general manager Dayton Moore acknowledged, “is to acquire as many zero-to-three service-time players as we can. That was certainly what we did here.”

**Bleep** talent I'll take the rookie....

Friday, October 23, 2009


Not really much to say other then this was really hard. So I could go on but I've got to go right so if you want to know why I put them were I did just ask. Otherwise I might come back and edit this later.

10. Dustin Pedroia
Red Sox

9.Adam Lind

8.Ichiro Suzuki

7.Robinson Cano

6.Jacoby Ellsbury
Red Sox

5. Aaron Hill

4.Miguel Cabrera

3.Derek Jeter

2. Mark Teixeira

1. Joe Mauer

Friday, October 9, 2009


I would like to aplogize to all my readers. If my blogging gets dumber in the future it's simply because I just had all four wisdom teeth removed. Still I'm smart enough to know that, the Royals need some help.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BBA: AL Cy Young

Here is my 2009 BBA AL Cy Young Ballet.
Only the top 3 count in the BBA's voting but I wanted to show my top 5 starters in the AL so without farther ado...

5. Honorable Mention
C.C. Sabathia
2 CG
230 IP
197 K's
67 BB
86 ER
18 HR
Didn't have that great of a year may have been farther up on my voting if he wouldn't have been impaled by the Rays. Overall because he's a big money pitcher and plays for the Yankees is why he'll receive votes. 19 Wins is tied for the MLB lead but the rest of his numbers just don't stack up with the rest of the field.
4.Honorable Mention
Justin Verlander
Detroit Tigers
3.45 ERA
3 CG
240 IP
269 K's
63 BB
92 ER
20 HR
Alot of K's and IP's really a great pitcher the only thing that held him back was the high ERA. If it was an a point less IMO he'd be the surefire winner.

3. Roy Halladay
Toronto Blue Jays
2.79 ERA
9 CG
239 IP
208 K's
35 BB
74 ER
22 HR
17 Wins is not alot and those 10 losses look pretty ugly but the rest of his numbers are gorgeous. 9 complete games. 4 shutouts. 208 strikeouts to only 35 BB. 9 more innings pitched then Sabathia and 12 ER less.

2. Felix Hernandez
Seattle Mariners
2.49 ERA
2 CG
238.1 IP
217 K's
71 BB
66 ER
15 HR
A really solid season only 66 earned runs allowed. 238 Innings pitched falls short to only one AL pitcher.

1. Zack Greinke
Kansas City Royals
2.16 ERA
6 CG
229.1 IP
242 K's
51 BB
55 ER
11 HR
And the question must be asked is the Cy Young for the best pitcher in the league or for the best pitcher on a good team ? Because if ZG pitches on any team not named the Kansas City Royals he's a sure fire 20 game winner. In fact at times this season it was if Zack would allow base runners just for the added challenge. And if he could have pitched 7 scoreless innings his last start he would have finished with a 1.99 ERA but seriously no one could stop the Twins then.
6 Complete games, 3 shutouts. And had 10 games in which he allowed 0 ER. Need more proof just look here folks.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This is by far the hardest choice I've had to make, save for the MVP award in which I still don't know exactly how I'll vote on that. And you know it's hard when I can only put Gordon Beckham(4th defense is what held him back), Nolan Reimold, Jeff Niemann, Brett Gardner and Rick Porcello (If he got the win today that would have probably thrust him to #1) as honorable mentions.

3. Elvis Andrus
Texas Rangers
145 GM
.267 AVG
.373 SLG
128 H
17 2B
8 3B
6 HR
40 RBI
33 SB
.968 FPCT

Great year for the young Rangers SS. He had the guidance of the greatest fielding shortstop great in the game right now. He still has a way to go but he'll be a great* player after a couple more seasons under his belt. In the end he beats Beckham based on defense.
*( Remember he is the Rangers SS not the Royals)

2. Andrew Bailey
Oakland A's
1.84 ERA
68 APP
26/4 SV/BS
83.1 IP
91 K's
24 BB
Great year for the young A's closer 91 strikeouts in only 83 and a third innings. The Athletics don't miss Street at all. He
1. Matt Wieters
Baltimore Orioles
95 GM
.288 AVG
.340 OBP
.412 SLG
102 H
15 2B
1 3B
9 HR
43 RBI
.991 FPCT
Threw out over a third of would be base stealer's.
In the end this was a close competition but in the end top prospect Matt Wieters fielding was what put him ahead of the rest of the competition. He'll be a star for many years to come.

That was tough and the MVP choice man that's even harder........

Monday, October 5, 2009

BBA: AL Manager of the Year

Okay so as part of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance I get to vote for the post season awards of course my vote won't affect the real voting process but it should.
I've got my three mangers going from bronze to gold but first we'll start with an honorable mention...

Honorable Mention: Ron Washington
Texas Rangers
2nd in the West

After he was on the chopping block last winter Ron Washington did a great job with the Rangers and keep them in the wild card hunt for most summer.

3. Ron Gardenhire
Minnesota Twins
Tied for 1st in the Central
No matter what the outcome of tomorrows "playoff" for the ALC division crown. There is just no way to ignore what Ron has once again done. The Twins appeared to be out of the running but fought there way back and are at the verge of the playoffs. I'd love to hold the suspense and maybe even perhaps jump Ron to #2 but I just don't foresee him even with a win having a better year then....

2. Joe Girardi
New York Yankees
1st In the East
After a disappointing first season in the Bronx (by Yankee's standards). Joe was able to bounce back and win 103 games. Albeit with the additions of Sabathia, Texiera, and Burnett. As if Jeter, A-Rod, Rivera, Posada, Cano weren't enough. But still we can agree the Yanks aren't perfect, but Joe did a great job of keeping them near perfect. Really a great year for Joe.

1. Mike Scioscia
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
1st In the West
What is the manager of the year award is it for the manager with the most wins ? The Manager who manages the bullpen correctly ? Or the manager who manages his team the best ?
After the tragic death of Nick Addenhart on April 9th. The Angels season easily could have went downhill and ended in a wash but Mike and his team battled through that tragic event and still ended up AL West champions. In my opinion I don't really care if anyone else had more wins or a bigger audience. Mike Scioscia is the clear cut AL Manager of The Year.

Season is Over + Kc vs Pit Attendence

Wow seems like just the other day it was spring, slowly turning into the hot days of summer.
But now the season is all over and it's time to look back albeit for just a brief second before we continue to look ahead to the 2010 season.
Although an overhaul is not likely because the near 100 loss team was well the article puts it best:

In truth, the Royals thought they were pretty solid coming into 2009 and so did many prognosticators

Yeah but it didn't happen so maybe it's time to wake up from the fantasy boys.

And before I go any farther into my look back on the season let me remind you of Corey from Pirates Revolution. Were Corey had such things to say as:
Maybe I can't tell you that watching a game at PNC is better than watching a game at Kauffman, but you should probably run a Google search on it. You'll find dozens of lists that all have PNC > Kauffman.

I didn't pick the teams out of thin air. If you go back through the post and the comments, you'll see that I consider there to be only a handful of teams capable of being contracted at this point. The Royals are one because their building is old.
And was basically being an ostrich with his head in the sand refusing to listen to reason and deleting comments.

Well he did say:

Every team has fans. The Royals just have fewer fans than the other 28 teams.

Look at the attendance figures.

So I being the gentleman that I am offered him a $10 bet that the Royals and decrepit Kauffman stadium would outdraw his beloved PNC Park and Pirates.
He wimped out and wouldn't put the money were his mouth was.
Good thing for him,

Royals: 1,797,887
Pirates: 1,577,853

Royals: 22,473
Pirates: 19,479

Great huh ? And I mean no ill feelings to any Pirates fans. And posts like Corey's about baseball contraction are fine as long as you can back them with solid facts not just. Duh it's an old stadium.

I'll be breaking down the stats from this team later on and let me tell you they are not pretty.
Also as a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance I'll be posting my "ballet" on the AL Cy Young, MVP, and Manger of the Year awards. And I already know who I'm voting for on one of them. ;)
And remaining completely unbiased.

Until then I attended my first Chiefs game at Arrowhead yesterday... And even during the carnage was on TV, and realized that maybe the Royals could use some cheerleaders. I don't know might make blowouts funner....

Oh and I also realized that Slugerrr is without a doubt the best pro mascot in Kc.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Onion

To bad this isn't real:
The Pepsi party porch is a real eye sore if you ask me. Some is fine but IMO The PPP is a bit much.

Part 2 of 2

I used to think in my immature youth, that some guys on the team would be better off non- tendered.

(The term better off is a two way street better for the Royals and better for the player. As I point out a lot of guys who are not very good with the Royals go on to have some good years later on.)

But now I'm sure glad they are still on the team.
I used to be so mad at guys like Farnsworth but you know what, he can't help it.

Is it Farnsworth fault Dayton signed him for $9mm ? Is it Farnsworth fault that Hillman brought him into the game ? The answers are no and no. And I've learned that this year.
Take Jake for example, is it his fault that, even though he can't hit for some reason this year, Hillman keeps batting him cleanup ?
See It's all about perspective.

Can we blame Yuniesky for his many errors ?
Not really I mean surely Dayton knew what he was getting, right ?

If I've learned nothing else this year it's that the players don't matter. We could have Babe Ruth on the team but if he's on the bench so what ?

Hooray for Josh Anderson a guy who could in the future forseable reach 20-20-20* status !
(*20 RBI, 20 SB, 20 XBH)

And we all know and have already bought our preorder for 2010 Royals jerseys of Hillman, Farnsworth, Betancourt, Buck, Olivo right ?

Now I may seem a bit scatterbrained here but I'm trying to get this done before my lunch break is up. In closing of this Part 2 which should have been the end to part 1 but I needed to get to bed:

If Nostradumas was right about the World ending in 2012
Well that's a shame.
The Royals were finally set to compete in the AL Central come 2013

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Part 1

And then the season is finally over I used to think this late in the season it didn't matter but I was wrong. Maybe it's just losing to the Yankees but when Hillman brought in Fransworth and then comes up with these horribly lame excuses. I mean I get giving Joakim the day off but Farnsworth ? Really ?
Why not Carlos Rosa ? Heck just about anybody. But Farnsworth ?

Yes Hillman and Farny will both be back. Oh how to contain the joy ?
Perhaps we could bottle the joy ? Or pickle it ?
Or maybe there is none.

Look at it this way if Zack doesn't win tyhe Cy Young the season is a wash folks.
Sure we learned plenty about a lot of guys but that won't matter if there are not any changes.

Part 2 coming tomorrow

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Zack Greinke
16 Wins
2.06 ERA
6 CG
223.1 IP
237 SO

And without a doubt the AL Cy Young.

Now that we got that out of the way:
Thank goodness Betancourt got the homerun but let's be frank he's erroraputamus.
DiNardo just hasn't been able to get it done at the big league level tough because he's a great guy.
I like Anthony Lerew from all I've heard about him. I mean tattoos.....

I was at future's night and let me say this. Moose just oozes confidence, just as well confident slicked back hair. Like I said seemed very confident.

John Lamb was dressed in black. Black pants, shirt, tie , overcoat.

All the Prospects were very nice. The Dominican prospects seemed a little overwhelmed though.

If your at the K next year you've got to check out the HOF
It's great for any Royals fan.

I need to rest from my weekend I'll be back in a day or two with some better more in depth stuff.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Double Dose of Happiness in the Mail Today

Got them both in the mail today. My two guys since Spring Training
Brayan Pena and Victor Marte. Thanks a lot guys made my day.

Here's hoping for an incredible sweep of the Red Sox tonight.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Reading between the lines

When you can read between the lines.
This article might as well say:
Royals trade Carlos Rosa, and Kila Ka'aihue to Cubs for Milton Bradley.

Also who thinks the Royals won't give Bartolo Colon a couple million and will pass on Webb if he's available ? Because I do.
Great win for Tejeda boy if he started the year in the rotation maybe we'd have two Cy Young candidates and be in the same position as the Cardinals right now.
Hey you can dream a little.

But when you're dreams are shattered by the likely trade above, well don't blame me.
I'd have included cash in the deal.
That's a joke.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm not going to tell you the title

Well I could say something about Luke Hoche's great start yesterday. Something along the lines of wonder how his season and ours would look right now if we'd discovered he was tipping pitches back in Spring Training.

Or maybe how the Royals just keep on surging in September ? Maybe we could get MLB to split the season into two halves like in the minors.
1st Half Opening Day - August 31
2nd Half September
Ok thats just stupid but seriously I don't know what else can be done.

Then again the Royals just signed Aaron Crow. Can't believe it took this long. But hey at least for AARon* he got a major league deal. (*Not quite AARP status yet)

And this post is not orginally what it was going to be about.
Originally I was going to write about how great of a monster seaon Olivo and Buck were having in the HR department while still lacking in others and how that means Olivo and Buck will most likely come back next year.
Only I don't want to think about next year right now I've already packed up almost all my Royals stuff for the winter. Sorry for all the negativity.
Maybe I should rename the site Gothic Royals ?

And Now the main event


28 Years Old
2009 Stats so far
4.17 ERA
174.2 IP
179 K
77 BB

And remember we traded him to Colorado for basically Coco Crisp (JDLR begot RamRam begot Crispy).
Overall it's been a great seaon for Jorge and the Rockies. Maybe this is the best season Jorge will ever have. Maybe he'll go back to his Royals days. Bottom line if he were still with the Royals he'd never even come close to putting up this kind of year.
Players are ALWAYS better after leaving Kc. In fact if Jacobs is cut and wins the starting role on another team I see him hitting 30+ HR easily, I really do.

And speaking of Ramon Ramirez
62 APP
2.74 ERA

Leo Nunez
70 App
4.08 ERA
23 Saves

Courtesy Yahoo.

"I'm too young to remember George Brett."

—RHP Aaron Crow, in June, who grew up as a Royals fan.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Superstiton out the window

Well first off since my last rant that I posted Sunday, that I actually wrote Saturday the Royals haven't lost a game and so being superstitious I've held off posting since then.

And of course the Royals won today but couldn't muster up any support for ole Zack Greinke so with him not starting for awhile and some stuff I need to say.
I hope it's not me keeping the Royals winning streak but would not doubt it if I was. I'm really special like that.

First off welcome the newest Royals pitchers, Victor Marte and Lenny DiNardo, to the roster. Every Spring Training for awhile now I've tried to pick a NRI player to root for I find it just makes it a little funner. I've been doing it now sinceI first started with Graham Koonce.
And finally two guys who I wrote about earlier in the year making it to the show.
Even got a comment from
Miguel Benitez a close friend of Victor's.
So yeah those to making it up makes me feel like a proud blogger daddy kind of.
Also loving the callup of Dusty Hughes.

Now the real reason I had to post:
MLBTR has a discussion going on about the Royals. Should they accept Coco Crisp's $8mm option next year or not.
I personally say no. And here is why.
I mean he's a great guy good contact/speed/defense but his below average CF arm and his injury proneness, he's just not worth it. (Besides we have got Josh Anderson now !!!)
I think Crisp is a great guy but remember Bobby Abreu signed for less this past offseason.
IMO the Royals are better off if they cut Crisp and free up that $8m. (To sign the next Kyle Farnsworth wanna be no doubt)

And then the Kc Star shows us that Mike Jacobs is surging and all we can say is oh great, of course he would. Now Dayton Moore will have a goodish thing to say when he does the resigning press conference.

And as the Royals get hot I wish I could love on each victory but all they are doing is costing us in the higher round draft picks and giving the front office reasons why not to make any changes. Yet if Mart/DiNardo/PTBNL absolutely kill it in September who wants to bet WHEN they don't make the team you'll hear "You can't judge a player based on Septmber".
And unfortunately a lot of Royals fans forgot about that last year.

And who can blame them ? Of course every year could be the Royals year as a fan I think sometimes rationality can be lost. And in some cases it should.
Example A: If I was rational at all I'd follow another team.
Bam there you have it a great example. And of course I'm not going anywhere.

Especially not to the Bark at The K
A promotion that let's you take your canine to the ole ballgame. And you've got to ask yourself is this the Royals way of trying to undo some curse that we don't know about ? I mean seriously folks why haven't the Cubbies had a bring your goat to the park day ?
Just watch out for Strike and Rambo.
The irony of the whole thing is that in a Royals season gone to the dogs many, many, moons (insert Frank White telling us what kind of moon) ago it'll take place Sept. 27 the final home game of the season.

Good night or good morning whatever,
Ray W

PS. I know there are a lot of good Pirate fans but Corey from MVN I thought of you when I saw the Pirates clinched there 17th straight losing season.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My speel on the team and such in 20 general quick sentences

  1. Another wasted start by Zack Greinke on the Yankees or just about ANY other team Zacks got 20 wins easy
  2. I still hold a grudge against Royals scout Linda Smith (Is she even still with the team ?)
  3. 2005 Royals baseball was funner then this year's because of doughnuts
  4. I still hate Panera Bread for pulling there bagel promotion, and haven't eaten there since
  5. FSN Royals or KC whatever it's called well I have a problem with them on there FB going to give away a shirt for each Greinke strikeout at the start of the season and then to pull it only a couple starts later ? Hello surly some genius went over the stats before hand and realized Zack was on pace for 200 K's. And then to promise another promotion that I still am yet to see.
  6. And on that note I really don't like it at all when Joel Goldberg wanders around and yaks during the game. Yet when Ryan went down with his sore throat Joel did a GREAT job on the play by play.
  7. Ryan annoys me when he's always bashing the fans whether Royals or opponents
  8. Frank is kinda dry at times, great stories but the in game announcing and constant butchering of the Sonic Slam Inning is annoying as can be.
  9. I do not like Garth Brooks singing about "Friends In Low Places" because it always reminds me how low the Royals are in the standings.
  10. I despise people that start the wave at baseball games
  11. Josh Anderson is not the CF answer
  12. No way David DeJesus is even close to the talent of Beltran
  13. Jeff Fulchino was funner to watch pitch then anyone of Colon/Chen/Bale/Yabuta/Cruz/Farnsworth
  14. It is a myth to think GMDM can build a decent bullpen
  15. It is a myth to think Trey Hillman is a good manager
  16. I have bought less Kc Star's since they became 75 cents
  17. I wonder if Mark Mangino applied to be the Royals trainer ?
  18. I think there is quite a lot of Royals fans who don't know much at all
  19. If the Royals fired Denny Matthews I'd probably find another team
  20. I've wasted so many hours of my life on the Royals
  21. Bonus. Aaron Crow is a dumb guy.
There you have the first 20 thing Royals related that I could think of to rant about.
God Bless all of you who are still diluted/dumb enough to care.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My choice for Royals manager in 2010

I knew the game was over when Yabuta came in. Only to think twice after he somehow survived the 10th. But of course welcome back to the reality of Royals baseball. OMG he's back for the 11th. And shazzzzam a victory for the Angel Berroa's !!! I know that maybe Trey didn't want to bring in one of the new guys in a pressure situation but Yabuta ? For two Innings ?
I think a Plinko could manage the bullpen better.

Plinko for Royals Manager 2010
Can be rented out for a trial run

Ten choices place a ballcard of each bullpen members and drop the ball. And it'll have a higher success rate guaranteed.
And why stop with the bullpen ? You could place more cards and ask it what to do at the plate !!!
Do we steal ? Hit and Run ? Sac Bunt ?
Ask Plinko !!
Who should be in the starting lineup ?
Ask Plinko !!
What should the batting order be ?
Ask Plinko !!
And unlike a Magic 8 ball you won't look like a 7 year old girl shaking it. Just have the bench coach drop the phuck er puck.(My bad)

And of course the post game interviews. How fun will they be ?
Well the answer is very see the Royals could hire a couple great writers one writes and angry speech, one sarcastic, one nonchalant, one funny, etc. And then bam which one will manager Plinko choose ?

Mr. Plinko
My choice for Royals manager in 2010

Friday, September 4, 2009

Royals trade Daniel Gutierrez

And the only thing he had to say on his FB:

Only been with this organization for 1 day and its 10 x's better than KC.

And I can't blame him, but really we trade one of the best pitching prospects who admitted had some problems.
But the Royals are running a baseball team not a church.
I'm sorry but all that matters is WINNING !!!

(And I whine to anyone who listens about that)

Unfortunately the Royals don't really care about that....

AT All.

I mean take today's game for example (R-H-E):
LAA 2-3-0
KCR 1-11-0

At least the good news is with Bale and Farny biting the injury bug maybe Disco or Marte will get a call up but I doubt that they really do.

  • For more on the Gutierrez deal here's an unbiased look I really don't like the trade
  • R.I.P. Buddy Blattner the very first Royals announcer. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Blattner family.
  • Oh and I'm sure everybody is looking forward to Hillman returning.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hochevar caps off A's 5 run Inning

Bale bales water in, instead of out to sink sinking Royals.

Ok couldn't help it.
If you can't make the highlight reel at least you can own the blooper reel, right ?
I mean who thinks the Royals could totally kick butt on America's Got Talent as the clown act ?

I mean they'd be grrreat. They'd defiantly make the guy who stapled dollar bills on his head, and left a cinder block with his nipples, look like just another walk in the park.
Seriously how many times have you seen a play like the one that happened ? Not even in the Parks and Rec league my friends.

Well that's about all I've got hopefully will get a second wind when some of the extra players start to come up. (Sorry Jose Guillen does not count.)
Also yesterday I voted for Victor Marte for what it's worth.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Royals say 3-5 September callups

"I'd say three-to-five callups, at the most," general manager Dayton Moore said.
OK that is just kind of stupid if you ask me. I'd callup quite a few guys.
I mean what have you got to lose ? Nothing.
What have you got to gain ? Knowledge of whether the guys in AAA can contribute to the team next year or not. And I'd think guys like DiNardo if they are passed over for a callup are going to move on to another team during the off season. Seriously who here thinks Roman Colon should be back next year ? How about Bruce Chen ? Mike Jacobs ? John Buck ?

Yeah that's what I thought. Now what about Victor Marte ? Dusty Hughes ? Victor Marte ? Irving Falu ? To name only a few.

And I know that current group of players just isn't going to cut it but hey Thank God we've still got Greinke without him the Royals would be as boring as well I don't know.
All I could think of was how bad Mike Shannon is I can't stand, that guy he's probably help me become a Royals fan. Geez he's annoying as can be.

Zack Greinke is just amazing 15 K's followed by a CG, SHO, 1 hitter. And oh yeah 200+ strikeouts on the year.

Finally I love this quote it's just amazing:

"I would imagine we'll go day-to-day and see what our situation is here," Hillman said. "That would give us more latitude. With only three extra players, as much as it limits you late in ballgames to make moves, it's very doable. I mean, I managed five years with a 23-man roster in Double-A, Triple-A with three extra players and two of the three weren't catcher but we've still got some versatility with [Mark] Teahen, [Willie] Bloomquist and [Alberto] Callaspo moving things around on the infield."

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Could you manage the Royals ?

Would you have started Brayan Pena at DH if nothing else ? I mean a guy batting .304 on a team that is 49 - 78. Just hit a home run the game before.

If you answered no You've got what it takes buddy. And speaking of Buddy who thought he'd have been better then Trey ? I mean 100 losses is 100 losses but at least with Bell we had an E at the end of everybody's name.


Now the Royals are in contract extension negotiations with Dayton Moore. I could go on and on because that is so wrong. But alas I'll just say since I don't have a job (Don't want to cut my hair duh) I'd love, super freakin love to work for the Royals. I mean he's a bad owner but I think Mr. Glass would obviously be a great guy to work for you've got to give him that.

And now on to Mahay who signed with the Twins oh and the Royals are obligated to pay for the remainder of Mahay’s salary about $780,000. Now what was really funny was Frank White last night saying how maybe Mahay could bounce back.But let's be serious guys, he was better then Farnsworth, Chen, Colon and Bale. So why he was DFA'd instead of one of them still completely baffles me it really does...

Finally today is my birthday, and what a way to start my birthday then having to pay a dollar bet to my brother from the night before.
Yeah it all started when Farnsworth came in to face Sweeney with the bases loaded I bet that Mike would hit a grand slam, and he bet me that Mike would walk (with the bases loaded).
Yep thanks for nothing Kyle.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Early writings on the Royals

My Early Writings on the Royals spelling errors have not been changed. Just found an old journal of mine. It's ugly so I'll warn you they are from early 2004 I'd have been in 5 grade but english has always been one of my worst subjects. But still it's a look into the past.

The Kc Royals
The Royals are my favorite baseball team. They play at Kauffman Stadium. They have Mike Sweeney, Desi Releford, Angel Berroa, Ken Harvy, Joe Randa, Matt Stairs, Jose DeJesus, Mendy Lopez, Juan Gonzlez , Nate Field, Kevin Appier, Jason Grimsley, Tony Graffinao, Benito Santiago, Brian Anderson, Mike MacDougal, Daryell May, Jimmy Gobble, Jermy Affeldt, Curtis Leskanic, Aaron Guiel, D.J. Carrasco, Dee Brown and Carlos Beltran. The Royals are going to win their divison this year.

Kc Royals Season Opener
April 6 2004
The Royals played their season opener yesterday when I turned in to the game in the 3rd The Royals were down 5-3 to the CWS. Brian Anderson gave up the 3 runs. It was the most Attendence for a Royals season opener 41,575. Then the Royals score a run to make it 5-4 but Jeremy Camp (funny I put in a Christian singer instead of Shawn Camp the actual pitcher) threw 2 innings and gave up 2 runsto make it 7-4. Camp threw prettygood. Nate Field threw a scoreless 8th. D.J. Carrasco threw a scoreless 9th. In the bottom of the ninth Mendy Lopez hit a three run homer to make it 7-7. Then Angel Berroa got a base hit. Next up was Carlos Beltran. The Annoncer I listen to Denny Matthews but (should be put) it like this:
(Carlos line drive center feild Lee going back to the track. Royals win ! ) The winning pitcher was D.J. Carrasco. The Royals have won there first !

So far the Royals
April 14 2004
are 4-3. Scott Sullivan is 2-0 Darell May 0-2 Jeremy Afeldt 0-1 Curtis Leskanic 0-0 2 SV HR's:
Angel Berroa 1, Mike Sweeney 1, Tony Graffino 1, Carlos Beltran 1, Aaron Guiel 3. I thinbk the Royals will do good this year.
Later that day
Hopefuly the Royals will do good. They are down 2-0 in the top 3rd. Hopefully we can go to a Royals game on August 7th. Thats when Denny Matthews the Royals anowser gets elected in the Royals hall of fame.

Yesterday Night
April 21 2004 day........
Then I listened to the Royals beat the Indians 15-5. Ken Harvy hit a home run. Matt Stairs hit his eigth carer grand slam. Carlos Beltran stole three bases, Mike Swenny bagged one. Brian Anderson got the win to be (1-0) then we went to bed, after eating ice cream.

Kc Royals update
May 13 2004
The Royals are 11-21 and 8 GM behind first place Minnisota the Royals were doing pretty bad (story of my Royals life) but now they have won two in a row and have a high morale. They beat the Blue Jays yesterday to take 2 games out of 3. They were down 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth with 2 out. Releford was on third and Beltran on first. Sweeny hit a ground ball past Blue Jay's 3B Eric Hinske and in to left. Desi scored and the Jays Reley Throw was not in time to get Beltran. Sweeny's Double ended the game. The Royals may not have that good of a record but I belive Tony Pena. "Toghter We Can". I have'nt been keeping up on the stat tracker but I do have Pitching. But I hav HR.
Name HR
Matt Stairs 4
Carlos Beltran 9
Mendy Lopez 1
Angel Berroa 1
Mike Sweeney 4
Ken Harvey 2
Benito Santiago 2
Juan Gonzalez 3
Aaron Gueil 3
Tony Graffino 1
Joe Randa 1
Kelly Stinet 2
Desi Releford 0

Sometimes Play
Rich Tompson
David DeJesus
Andres Blanco

No title
May 27 2004
The Kc Royals have won 2 straight over the tigers.

Hope you enjoyed man I can't believe how far I've came along in 5 years !!
Ray W

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This IS why fans can't travel with the team

They'd have pushed Miguel Olivo and Brayan Pena out of the way and uncovered the hatchet.... right ?
Guillen and Jacobs went nose-to-nose outside the club's Seattle hotel after getting off the team bus on Wednesday night. Witnesses said they were arguing and were separated by teammates Miguel Olivo and Brayan Pena. There was a brief scuffle and witnesses said mediators Olivo and Pena were on the receiving end of errant blows.
Seriously I don't wish for an injury in the least bit but whatever happened to Kila Ka'aihue ? Did Dayton misplace his callup code ?

Friends the ONLY thing funny about this Royals team, IS this Royals team.
One hundred losses is still in sight, and speaking of sight maybe a couple black eyes and it's not yet even September.

PS. Just read it again funny how arguebly the two best hitters Pena and Olivo were the guys getting pounded on. Oh and by the way Brayan Pena hit a HR his 5th so HA.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Interview with Ken of The Pipeline

Below is an interview I did with Ken of The Pipeline.
One of my favorite blogs. And I admit the only I have to check everyday (because it's always new).

The interview was done at the All-Star break but I just got busy and tired of the team for awhile so I'm really sorry for not getting this out sooner....

But better late then never I guess.

So how did you become a Royals fan ?

I was born during the Royals' heyday. I'm glad to be able to say I remember when they were winners and they had one of the best winning traditions in the AL. I have great memories of the early '80s teams....the Pine Tar Incident, the loss to Detroit in the '84 ALCS, the '85 playoffs. Of course that winning tradition has all gone to pot the last 15 years or so....I was one of the many turned off of baseball in the '94 strike and I didn't get fully back into it until about 2000, the year of the Royals' historically great offense and horrible pitching staff. I'd spent a great deal of fan energy on the Boston Red Sox in the late '80s, and when they got over the hump in 2004, and about 75 percent of their fans turned into Yankee-type fans, I got back into the Royals more heavily in the 2003-04 time frame.

What gave you the idea for your unique blog ?

I had been on a Red Sox e-mail list for a few years, and actually a guy on there (named Gary Williams) started doing daily minor league updates for the Sox. I thought I could do the same for the Royals -- it would be a good way for me to keep up on how things are going in the organization and get to know the future Royals. I started by taking that idea and have made the report its own. A little of that guy's idea, which he still does every day on the Sox list, plus a little of the BA daily prospect report format, plus some other thoughts, and there you go.

How long does it take to compile it each day ?

I can usually count on 15-20 mins. per team, so in the early season that means an hour, maybe a little more, in uninterrupted time, and when the rookie leagues fire up, it's closer to 2 hours, without distractions.

What must the Royals do in the second half to keep fans on board ?

Stop the losing streaks. Actually, it would be nice for Zack to make a run at 20 wins and, maybe, Olivo to stay hot and give the single season team HR mark a solid run, maybe at least make it to 30 HR. I think they've gotta make room for Kila Ka'aihue somehow -- he's the only pretty much major-league ready prospect in the organization right now. If Alex Gordon comes back this weekend and starts a tear, that would keep people interested, but if he just stays average to mediocre, it's gonna stink. I'd like to see Dayton Moore make a couple good deals, but the longer I watch him work, the less confident I am that that's gonna happen.

I always like to ask this what is the most you've paid for a Royals hat ?

I think my answer would be $25. It's a good hat.

Do you visit allot of Royals blogs ? Which are your favorite ?

I visit a few, mainly Rany's blog, Joe Pos' blog, Royals Review, Royals Authority, couple others....

Thanks again Ken
And be sure to read his blog for all the latest from the Royals farm system.

Royals DFA Mahay. What ?

I thought Mahay was way better then John Bale and better then Colon/Chen for sure.
Of course we could not DFA Farnsworth but Mahay I'd put him as the second best reliever behind Soria.
But you know whatever, I know nothing.

And welcome Yabuta a 36 year old who will in no way help out the future and I can see why this move makes a little sense.

Ok I just lied to you I'm a liar.....
Forgive me please.

Really Yabuta replaces Mahay ?
Two words sum that up.

Royals Baseball

The race for Bryce Harper heats up !!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm mad

I had a huge post about the game I went to and for some reason blogger couldn't post it and it did not save so ugh I'll try to recall it all a little later.

Until then enjoy the Kyle Farnsworth and the rest of the team !

Friday, August 21, 2009

A few things to ponder

  • Royals released 3B Travis Metcalf from AAA Omaha
Yeah thats about all the news I have.
But here are three great headlines from
Geez I love Royals headlines ,
Oh and then there was the Alex Gordon demotion to AAA that prompted the local paper the JC News Tribune to run the story under the headline:
Royals demote one time top prospect

So I'll be going to my first and last Royals game today so shot me an email if your going and we can meet up and I'll give you an autograph.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's not that ....

It's not that I'm not following the team or watching the games but really what is there to write about day in and day out ?
What do you say everyday about a team 46 - 72 ?
Maybe I could blast the lineup:
  • Bloomquist
  • Pena
  • Butler
  • Olivo
  • Callaspo
  • Teahen
  • Maier
  • Betancourt
  • Anderson

And that's not even including the fact that Callaspo started the game at third base. I mean though haven't we blasted the lineup enough this year ? Isn't this getting old ?

And the bullpen is atrocious.

Guess what Leo Nunez is doing pretty darn well with the fish he has 13 saves even.
And we all expect Mike Jacobs and John Buck to be back next year right ? And who has bought there Josh Anderson jersey ?

Oh well I got to go but just wanted you to know I'm still around.

Congrats to RA on the move..... just to bad I'm no longer linked.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm done for now

I'm taking a break I can't keep up with every game.
The team just isn't that fun to watch I'll still listen to Denny but without him traveling even the radio isn't as cool. And I hate watching FS and all the commercials for the lamest sport on earth....
If I have to watch that soccer commercial one more time !!!
And I'm sorry if soccer is your favorite sport to watch, I'll pray for you I really will.
I mean it's fun to play but it's in the triple lame category with golf and tennis and even tennis is somewhat good if there is absolutely nothing on and your cd player is broke.
Yes folks even the Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship on ESPN was funner.

But getting back to the point I'm not giving up (if it weren't for the advertising money I might haha just kidding) I'm just not going to follow each game from start to finish. I'll just watch/listen to bits and pieces and browse the box score.
In fact I've only watched one game since the break in it's entirety. If something big happens I'll tell ya but I won't be posting everyday till September probably, who knows.

Did You know ?
Teams with a cleanup hitter that has been DFA'd earlier in the year usually don't make the playoffs.

Oh shoot I might still blog everyday who knows.

But why don't you guys like the new look ? Isn't it better then powder blue ?
Let's see some comments on what you think would look great and just chat a bit what's ya listening to ?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm so ticked off

Royals DFA'd Ryan Freel and I actually really liked Freel. A good hard nosed player yet we've got so many ugh how do I put this players who we don't need ? Three catchers and yet Freel is DFA'd what a bout optioning Maier to AAA.
And the day after Posanski leaves the star Button Dutton says:
Ryan Freel’s brief stay with the Royals ended Wednesday afternoon when he was designated for assignment to clear roster space for the return of pitcher Kyle Davies from Class AAA Omaha.

Really ? I thought that was why Ponson was DFA'd ???
25 - 1 = 25 therefore you deduct Freel which gives 24 and then Davies makes 25 ? I mean Ponson shouldn't be a push as big as he was he should be -2 players of the 25 man. So who cares if Josh Anderson is on the team tonight. Heck maybe then Maier will be optioned.
Dang it.
So yeah Dayton right now I'm really ticked off at you more then ever. As if the record and Yuni and all that other crap was not enough.

Dang it, I like Ryan Freel you idiot.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Royals miss out

Well the Royals have DFA'd Sidney Ponson. It's about time I mean 1-7 7.36 ERA but unfortunately not soon enough my friends as the Royals missed out on the government'z "Cash for Clunkers" program that would have paid us $4,500 for a new fuel efficient starting pitcher.
Man don't that bite.
Oh well.

So what do you guys think of RoRetc's new look ? Please vote on the side, also I've got a design I want for the header but It's still on paper not on the computer. But I'm working on it still.
As always thanks for reading you rock.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Plea For Purging

Great band by the way defiantly worth checking out but that's not the point (there new CD Depravity is a great you should pick it up it's available at Hot Topic (Yeah A Royals blogger shops at Hot Topic)).
Oh and this is a great NEW video of my favorite APFP song if you take nothing else from my post let this be it. (Let me know what you think please !)

And now on to the Royals.
The Royals suck.
Consider this a plea to purge the roster I mean take a look at the 25 man roster and it is scary man. It's almost all Hyde and no Jekyll. Look at the rotation after ZG and Banny.
  • Ponson 1-7 7.36 ERA (Purge)
  • Chen 0-6 5.73 ERA (Purge)
  • Hochevar 6-4 5.28 ERA
Now true Meche will eat away one of those spots upon his return but why are Ponson and Chen on the team ? Hello Davies ERA is 2.14 after 8 Omaha starts and Lenny DiNardo is very serviceable so why are they in AAA ? I mean let's talk bullpen minus Soria. Where Lenny is also very capable unlike the big league club.
  • Wright 5.19 ERA
  • Cruz 6.39 ERA
  • Tejeda 5.93 ERA
  • Colon 5.04 ERA
  • Mahay 3.24 ERA
  • Bale 5.84 ERA
Yeah it looks like the Kuwait oil fields after Dessert Storm. Yikes. I see 4+ guys that could be purged and replaced with ease I mean who thought they'd be glad Farnsworth would return ?
And now even that could be pushed back. Geez Waechter hurry up and heal.
So who replaces the bullpen arms ? Well look to
  • Dinardo as mentioned before
  • Carlos Rosa rough start but has put the pieces back together
  • Yabuta never ever thought he could be an improvement
  • Victor Marte 3.15 ERA in 29 innings
  • Disco 3.33 ERA in 27 innings
  • Hey Ducky has always been serviceable.
Six guys to choose from yet I betcha nothing will change.
Now on to the players.....
  • Buck and Olivo should both be purged why weren't these guys traded ? Let B.Pena play everyday and callup House or Suomi to backup ?
  • Mike Jacobs should be released so Kila can get some AB's
Please Bloomquist/Teahen/DeJesus/Freel Outfield just ain't going to make the grade I was so ticked off when they didn't trade Mark sure he's the best we've got but I just don't think he's that good and I don't really like him. I mean we could have had some prospect who might become an All-Star and I don't think Mark will become an AS player I mean there was talk of non-tendering the guy last of season. Why not see what Aldridge or Lubanski can do at the big league level ? What have you got to lose ?
Well I'll answer that absolutely nothing at all except the fans might come to see some of the new guys ! I mean I'd love to see Lubanski and Marte play. No I don't feel excited watching Ponson pitch and Freel/Bloomquist/Teahen in the OF I just don't.

And here's a news flash for Dayton Moore YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CATCH THE NATIONALS ! So forget about it besides what makes you think Stephen would sign in Kc if he doesn't with the Nats. Oh and has anyone heard how the Aaron Crow negotiations are going ? Would it not perhaps be the cruelest joke of all if the Royals fail to sign him ?

And you know what Detroit is a mere 53-48 thats only FIVE games above .500 and the Royals easily could have been in the hunt.

I'd purge the roster, and I'd fire Hillman, I wouldn't have trade for Betancourt who is hitting .115 with an OBP of .113, and I would've made a trade but that's not important.
Neither is the fact that the Royals are 40-63 and are the worst Royals team I've ever seen and I swear I mean that with all my heart. Nor the fact the team has no All-Star caliber players on offense.

Here's the link to the video again it'll cheer you up. Unlike the Royals.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Royals trade for Josh Anderson

The Royals have acquired speedster outfielder Josh Anderson from the Tigers for cash considerations.
Anderson was batting .242/.282/.315 on the year with 13 steals. But he's only 26 and has a career OBP of .327. According to MLBTR: The Royals say they'll make a corresponding roster move once they determine Anderson's reporting date.

The move can't hurt if it's only cash, plus it could give us some more depth. Will this be the Royals only move ? Who knows but.

The bottom line the Royals are Anderson's 4th team in three seasons

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trade Greinke ?

According to MLBTR:
  • The Jays are asking the Phillies for J.A. Happ and Kyle Drabek.
  • The Angels don't want to part with Joe Saunders, Erick Aybar, Brandon Wood, and another prospect for a single pitcher
  • The Yankees have a minuscule chance of acquiring Halladay. They wouldn't part with both Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain for him, but they might trade one.
  • The Red Sox could still make a big move, but don't expect them to deal for Halladay. The Blue Jays could ask for Clay Bucholz, Jed Lowrie, and Daniel Bard, according to one of Heyman's sources.
  • The Yanks would have to give up "a top prospect or two" to acquire Washburn.
Well I must ask should the Royals look to trade Greinke ? It's obvious the Royals aren't going anywhere this year and the team has many holes, but trading Greinke could easliy fill many of the holes. Now I'm not saying to trade Greinke that would make to many average fans go nuts.
And it should because Zack is something special but the team really needs a lot and trading Greinke could really fill up a few holes.

Look at what the Angels were rumored to be asked for Halladay and now granted they don't want to make that deal but with Zack being locked up long term.
Angels could trade:
  • Joe Saunders 28, career line of 40-21 4.29 ERA, he's having a bad 09 but was an 08 All Star
  • Erik Aybar 25, basically the same as Callaspo well do you want those two in the same clubhouse ?
  • Brandon Wood 24, eh.
Well not a whole lot but you can could swap Aybar and Wood for another guy ? Saunders replaces Zack in the rotation.

And the Phillies have offered for Doc:
  • 6'6" LHP J.A. Happ 26, 7-1, 2.97 ERA, 100 IP, SHO, 71 K.
  • 6' RHP Kyle Drabek 21, pitched great in Adv A and AA
  • Another Prospect ?
I could go on but you guys get the point and I got to go.
The Royals should at least listen to offers for Greinke and Soria. Sould they trade them ? No.
I don't trust Dayton that much so no, I don't WANT them to make a move all I'm saying is don't shut down the phone lines. And if you play your cards right you could net a heck of alot in return, play them wrong though and you've got Buck, Wood, and Teahen. Or worse.

But if you want to make a move go get Wladimir Balentien because the Kc Royal Mariners can not be stopped.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Move to make

Tigers DFA'd speedy Josh Anderson the Royals should consider signing him he'd be an upgrade over Maier on defense and on the base path maybe even a little better at the plate but that's more of a push even though Josh has hit a couple big leauge homers.
Bottom line he's an upgrade over Mitch Maier.

Also Mark Kotsay was DFA'd but I don't think the Royals should look into that one.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Word

Eight straight losses we just blew the lead here in the eighth tonight and we can all look forward to Hillman being back in 2010.
Oh and how bad do we miss Farnsworth now ? I mean the guy was bad but at least he would get the job done at least now and then !!!
Jose Guillen is hospitalized after it was mentioned that he might go on the DL in the I suck article.

(Ball four now we've had back to back to back walks here in the 8th and Soria comes in with the bases crammed and 1 out in the 8th brilliant.)

And one would think that it must be at least August well it's not we've still got to more months people !!! And we already know Hillman will be back hey Washington canned Acta.

(Ball One from Soria, Ok there's a strike. Now two.

Man my brain is scrambled as I keep rambling.
Hey you gotta read this.
Anyway I was on facebook and commented on some dude's status that...

(Two Runs in 8-6 Los Angelos Angels of Royals Suckistan in Anaheim)

That (on the double header blowout):
"And said to say who didn't see this coming ? I know people that'd pay big money to be smoking what Dayton is*.

*(Ok if he's not on something explain how he could not see this coming ?)

So here's the blog post you requested (somewhat).
Going into yesterdays double header since 2006 the starters we ran out were not good:

Ponson 15-20 6.01 ERA
Chen 0-11 6.93 ERA

Plus let's not forget:
Roman Colon
Ryan Freel

I mean it looks like a AAA team in fact there are some better options in a lot of the AAA teams.
I mean who wouldn't like to have Esteban German back ?
I hate to tell you I don't enjoy watching Alex Gordon play he's not fun to watch. Butler is average. Tell me besides a few pitchers who do the Royals have who could be considered a star player ? No one on the offensive side.

Yet Moore boldly declares Hillman back In 2010 basically netting his career and Treys together heck if they were smoking something they'd probably share the same Bong. And is anyone surprised the Royals haven't signed Jung Bong yet ? I mean he is an ex-Brave !!!
And to avoid a hundred loss season the team must go at least 26 - 42 but why bother ?
I bet the Royals have committed most of the 7 deadly sins let's look:

  1. Pride (Nope no pride here)
  2. Envy (Yes who wouldn't want to be a Iron Pig ?)
  3. Wrath (Nope even Jose has been silenced)
  4. Sloth (Yes)
  5. Gluttony (They've gobbled up a ton of losses so yeah)
  6. Lust (Yes refer to sin #2)
  7. Greed (Money money money) (Split Yes by Farny no by Josey)
4.5 Yes 2.5 No so yeah I was right.

Ok I need rest. Goodnight.
(Wow just as I wrote that the Angels ended the game on a double play)
Royals are now 20 games under .500

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Embarrassing, embarrassing double header against the Angels but did I expect anything else ?
No I did not haha Butler just made an error 10-2 here in game 2. Anyway I expected this outcome.
Oh and by the way: WHY IS BRAYAN PENA ON THE BENCH ???

Monday, July 20, 2009

The season is over ask Guillen

From the Kc Star:

“I hate making excuses,” he said. “If I suck, then I suck. And I suck. That’s the way I’m playing. If you suck, you suck. You have to take responsibility in this game. Right now, that’s the way I feel.

“Yes, I suck.”

“I’m embarrassed by the money that I making,” Guillen said, “and playing the way I’ve been playing. I’ll swear that on my kids’ (lives). I feel very embarrassed.

“Sometimes, I feel I should take money out of my own pocket and buy tickets for every fan. Because you know what? For a $12 million man, these are not the numbers you should be expecting. I admit it. I’m not playing to my potential.”

Heck if Guillen has no fire left it's over. I like what Jose said here I would have loved more fire but I'm glad he's owning up to his poor play so far. He's not the only one but he's the only on admitting it.
I just can't believe Moore has ALREADY said Hillman will be back in 2010.
So stupid. So if we go on to lose 100 games and suck it up the whole rest of the year well it won't matter a single bit.
Unless of course Moore is fired, but to Royals fans firing Dayton is scary but to be blunt he's had his chance and Mike Arbuckle is just setting there I'm just setting here. And I really don't care about this season anymore. And that's after helping a guy move this morning and seeing his Kc Star from the 16th that said: Glass: Royals won't give up on 09'.
When Ponson and Chen make up 40 percent of the 'tation.
And on last thing from the Star "Royals players happy Hillman will return" has a quotes from one player Mark Teahen. My favorite:
“We have better chemistry in our clubhouse, a better mood, whatever,”
That's right make love not wins !!!
Finally I'll I couldn't say it any better so Jose go ahead:
“It’s just not working. We all suck as a team. That’s the way it is. It’s not a problem with one individual. It’s about 25 guys. Right now, we suck.”
Yes we do right down right as the season goes down the ole Crapper.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A quick post

Just when things couldn't get any worse the Royals blow the lead in their second straight game.
Gil Meche to the DL and Ponson is back to the rotation. Yes Bruce Chen and Sidney Ponson in the same rotation and not at the AAA level neither. (Although one could argue this point)
Yuni has been pretty good I've haven't seen much of the last two games but I did get to see Yuni boot a ball, lovely stuff. Not much else to post in a 5 game losing streak that wraps around the All-Star break other then only 12 days till the Trade deadline and maybe the Royals could have the 12 days of Christmas in July who knows. Finally is it just me or is it kind of funny how the fire Hillman level goes up and down amongst fans, the fire Daytoners to. I mean if you want him gone don't only bring it up when he's done bad stick to your guns.

Also beware folks it could happen to you, Juan Cruz has caught Farnsworthinitis and it can spread possibly affecting the whole bullpen.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

AL Central ALL-Star Update

Here is a little wrap up of how our AL Central looks after the first half from the guys who follow them every day. My 100th post on the year and maybe my best so far. Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out there blogs ~

1St Place Detroit Tigers 48-39 -GB
By Ian of Bless You Boys

1. Overall how are the Tigers through the first half?

They've exceeded expectations, holding first-place despite not getting any contributions from Carlos Guillen, Magglio Ordonez, or Jeremy Bonderman. The fifth spot in their starting rotation has also been a question mark all season (though you could probably say that about most any team in the majors).

But what's holding them back the most is an inconsistent offense. They've gotten outstanding pitching from the top two spots in their rotation (and up until the last month, Rick Porcello was also pitching well), but poor run support has prevented them from winning several games they should have. That could cost the Tigers in the second half, if they can't find a bat to tie their lineup together.

2. State of Tigers pitching staff?

Pretty solid. Justin Verlander and Edwin Jackson have given Detroit a top two that not many teams can match right now. And as mentioned before, Rick Porcello was right there with them until his last few starts. But Armando Galarraga needs to put together a consistent stretch of reliable pitching. And if Luke French can hold down that fifth spot, that would help greatly. The Tigers would probably benefit from adding a veteran starter to the staff, however.

In the bullpen, Fernando Rodney has been a solid closer, though not lights-out. If he can find a way to control his fastball in the second half, he can be even better. (And remember, he hasn't blown a save yet.) The problem is with the set-up men. Joel Zumaya has been terribly inconsistent, throwing hard but not with a lot of control. Brandon Lyon has settled down after a somewhat rough beginning to the season, and looks like an eighth-inning guy right now. If someone else can team up with Bobby Seay in the sixth or seventh innings, the late-inning relief looks pretty good.

3. State of Tigers position players?

The Tigers look great in the infield. Their defense has improved significantly, which has helped the pitching. And their two best hitters man the corner spots. The questions are in the outfield. Left field has been a revolving door all season. That's where they need to upgrade. Carlos Guillen could come back to help with that, but that's hardly something the Tigers can count on. In right field, Magglio Ordonez looks like he's done. But putting him in a platoon with Clete Thomas looks to be the best way to get some production out of him, as Ordonez can still hit left-handed pitching.

4. State of Tigers farm?

Not bad, but not great. With Porcello already in the majors, there's no top-tier gem in the farm system. But there are plenty of solid players that could fill some holes next season (and this season, as well). The strengths of the organization are in the middle infield and relief, both of which could pay dividends soon. And there are some starting pitching prospects that could contribute in the next couple of seasons, too. Is that enough to put together the sort of package that could yield a big deal at the trade deadline? Probably not. But there are some players that the Tigers would hate to part with, such as outfielder Wilkin Ramirez, reliever Ryan Perry, or catcher Alex Avila, and maybe that's what they'd have to give up, if they really felt they had a shot in the postseason.

5. Thoughts on the second half?

I think the Tigers look in good shape. They've played very well at home, and will play more games at home in the second half. They've also played well against the AL Central, which is what they'll need to do to win the division. (Playing better against the AL East might impress more, but beating their immediate rivals would help a lot more.)

There are concerns over whether or not Verlander and Jackson could wear down, but starting pitching should continue to carry them. As mentioned, the left field situation needs to be resolved. But there's room for improvement up and down the lineup, as well as the pitching staff. If the Tigers stand pat, they're capable of winning the AL Central. That assumes that either the Twins or White Sox don't make an impact move, however.

2nd Place Chicago White Sox 45-43 3.5 GB
By Andrew of The 35th Street Review

1. Overall how are the White Sox through the first half ?

Overall, they're pretty much exactly what the Sox faithful thought they would be, although they have this maddening habit of not just playing terribly or only playing superbly, but alternately doing both. Stretches of greatness follow stretches of the most horrendous baseball many of us have seen in our lifetimes, which themselves show signs of potential sporting excellence. If they would simply stay at .500 by winning even-numbered games and losing odd-numbered games, it would be a lot easier to handle.

2.State of Sox pitching staff

Despite what they call Clayton Richard and Bartolo Colon, the Sox still don't have a fifth starter, and at some point we're all pretty sure Jose Contreras will stop this Benjamin Button business and get back to falling apart the way we all know he can. Still, for a three-man rotation and four-man bullpen, they're getting the job done quite nicely. Shoring up the back end of the rotation would help considerably, and while we're all entertaining Roy Halladay pipe dreams we should probably just start reading up on our future scrap heap acquisitions. Ross Ohlendorf! Woo-hoo!

3.State of Sox position players ?

The bats have proven they can still win a softball game and the gloves have proven they should be traded for bats. In short, this side of the team is the team we all came in ready to cheer for and curse. Simultaneously.

4.State of Sox farm ?

Earlier this year, the Sox had two excellent youngsters waiting for the call-up in Gordon Beckham and Aaron Poreda. With both now on the big club, one could argue the farm system has done its job. Of course, one could also argue the Sox have gone from having two decent prospects to having none, which is just as true a statement. Catcher Tyler Flowers and 1B Brandon Allen are making some noise, but neither is old, slow or GIDP-y enough to make the kind of impact the Sox need just yet.

5.Thoughts on the second half ?

A lot of people around the South Side will say things to the effect of "The Tigers aren't running away with it," but the part they never mention is that the Sox aren't doing much to make up the difference between themselves and the team from Detroit. If they can at least be an entertaining second-place team, I think a lot of us will be happy despite our newfound huffing and puffing about the importance of Winning It All, even though we didn't know what that even looked like until a few years ago. But hey, if you're going to have unrealistic standards you might as well go all the way, so here we go: Beckham wins Rookie of the Year, midseason White Sox pickup Roy Halladay takes the Cy Young by a long shot and the team from the South Side beats the Dodgers in six for their second World Series in five years. Believe.

3rd Place Minnesota Twins 45-44 4 GB
By Seth of Seth Speaks

1. Overall how are the Twins through the first half ?

They are and have been right around .500 all year. They are, almost by definition, an average ball team. The lineup has 5-6 guys they can count on and 3-4 that just can not be. The starters and relievers have both been up and down. This team has a record that it deserves.

2. State of Twins pitching staff .

The starters have to be better. Nick Blackburn has been the team's most consistent, top starter. When healthy, Glen Perkins and Kevin Slowey have done well. Scott Baker has come along and improved since the start of the year, and Franciso Liriano is all over the place. But these five (and Anthony Swarzak and maybe Kevin Mulvey) are all young and need to keep getting opportunities. The back end of the Twins bullpen has actually been very good. Joe Nathan is as good as it gets. Matt Guerrier has had an excellent comeback season. Jose Mijares and R.A. Dickey have also done admirably. The rest of the bullepn has already had so much turnover, and deservedly so.

3. State of Twins position players ?

Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau are at the top of their games and as god as they get. Joe Crede has stayed healthy so far and shown the right-handed power and great glove that was expected. Jason Kubel has certainly taken the next step in his career, showing his all-around offensive game. Michael Cuddyer has regained his power and is playing well. Brendan Harris has been a pleasant surprise. But offensively, Delmon Young still has not displayed power and both he and Carlos Gomez continue to swing overly aggressively. The bench is quite weak too.

4. State of Twins farm ?

The Twins only have two or three really high ceiling prospects (Aaron Hicks, Wilson Ramos, Angel Morales and maybe Ben Revere). But they have a lot of players that can certainly contribute at the big league level, particularly in the bullpen, starting staff and outfield. Danny Valencia appaears ready for 3B.

5. Thoughts on the second half ?

The Twins need to make a move at the trade deadline or they will remain a .500 team and probably finish in 3rd or even 4th place in teh division.

4th Place Kansas City Royals 37-51 11.5 GB
We all know how bad we've been hey at least Tony Pena Jr was DFA'd today so things are looking up. We are only 11.5 games back but with the way the teams been playing might as well be 20. If you want more you can dredge through the archives.
5th Place Cleveland Indians 35-54 14 GB
By Nino of The Tribe Daily

1. Overall how are the Indians?

Not very good. There is a reason they are in last place in the AL Central. This is a team that just isn't playing consistently good baseball. There are games in which they look absolutely unbeatable in all aspects. Unfortunately those games don't come around very often.

Injuries have played a minor part, even though they've suffered more in the first half this year than last year. Asdrubal Cabrera, Travis Hafner, and Grady Sizemore have all missed time for the offense. An already damaged pitching staff hasn't had the services of Anthony Reyes, Rafael Betancourt, Scott Lewis, Jake Westbrook, and Aaron Laffey at points in the season. But none of this matters given the way the Indians have played this year.

The team is notoriously slow starting under Eric Wedge, but nothing tops the disappointment this year has been.

2. State of the Indians pitcing staff?

One word: Disaster. The starting pitching was considered deep but not very experienced, therfore a bit of an unknown. The Indians were just counting on five performances out of names like Cliff Lee, Fausto Carmona, Carl Pavano, Aaron Laffey, Anthony Reyes, Scott Lewis, Jeremy Sowers, and possibly a mid-season rescue from Jake Westbrook.

The only ones that have worked out have been Cliff Lee and Carl Pavano. Westbrook is still on the Disabled List, Reyes is out for the season, Lewis hasn't pitched since the Progressive Field opener, and Sowers has been the usual Jeremy Sowers. Let's not even talk about Fausto Carmona's exile to the Arizona desert.

The one that has been positive has been Aaron Laffey, but a injury derailed his success after he moved in to help a raveged bullpen.

There's been one body in the pen who's stayed on the active roster all year and that is the high-priced closer Kerry Wood. Everyone who's started on the active roster has either been released, sent down, or visited the disabled list. It's been the ultimate revolving door of relief pitchers. 20 different pitchers have been used in a relief role for this team and we're only at the half-way point.

What's sad is that the Indians brass expected the bullpen to be the strongest part of the team with the additions of Kerry Wood to the back-end and Joe Smith as a luxury right-handed specialist. Added into a group that had Rafael Perez, Rafael Betancourt, and Jensen Lewis, and young depth options like Tony Sipp, John Meloan, and converted starter Adam Miller, there was reason to be optimistic about it all.

3. State of the Indians position players?

A little better than the state of the pitching staff, that is for sure. But it hasn't been as good as you would have hoped for.

Victor Martinez has returned to All-Star form this season. Travis Hafner, despite a small stint on the DL, has at least shown he can be the Pronk of old by hitting long home runs and making his presence felt by making other hitters better.

Shin-Soo Choo has put up an All-Star caliber season in right field, becoming a savior for the Indians as a clean-up hitter and Asdrubal Cabrera was doing the same in the leadoff spot before his injury.

That's where the positives really end. Grady Sizemore has had elbow issues damper his season and effectiveness. Mark DeRosa is on St. Louis' disabled list, Jhonny Peralta has battled issues with moving to third base, and Eric Wedge has stiffed Ryan Garko for too long.

Derek Shelton's offensive approach has led this team to inconsistencies with the bat as well. As a whole, it has just been a lot of inconsistency, but it's far from been the biggest problem.

4. State of the Indians Farm?

I think uncertainty is a good word for the Indians farm system. There is some talent there and the Indians believe that.

But for their relief arms especially, I think the Indians are starting to re-evaluate the way things are done, mostly with their drafting.

Much has been made about the Indians first round picks the past few years and while that is no doubt a problem, it isn't as bad as people make it out to be. However the way they bring up relief pitchers is questionable. Most of the ones with potential start out as starting pitchers and their progress is slow.

The failures pressed Shapiro and company into moving a few starters into their relief roles and even up a level in order to see the effect and maybe get help as soon as possible. All that said, they still Matt LaPorta, Carlos Santana, Hector Rondon and Michael Brantley all at the upper levels of the system.

5. Thoughts on the second half?

Begrudgingly the season is over. But the Indians shouldn't stop fighting. I think Grady Sizemore should probably be shut down to have surgery on his elbow that will eventually need it.

We should probably see Matt LaPorta and Hector Rondon up with the big club at some point. Really it's another disappointment to already be out of it before the second half even begins, and it will be equally disappointing if the Indians do what they did last year and become the best second half team in baseball, only to finish .500 and not only give themselves a worse draft pick, but some more hope that this current group of players can be successful.

A big thanks to everyone of the above blogs for making this happen. And of course a big thank you to YOU the reader. And enjoy the second half of the 2009 MLB season no matter how bad your team plays.