Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This Date in Royals History: Dec 2nd

This Date in Royals History: December 2nd
Trade Day


The Royals make a 6 player swap with the Pirates giving up Bob Johnson, Jack Hernandez, and Jimmy Campanis for Jerry May, Bruce Del Canton and Freddy Patek


The Royals make another Dec 2nd trade this one sends Lance Clemons and Jim York to the Astros for Dave Grangaard and slugger John Mayberry


Royals make yet another trade on this faithful day in Royals history and acquire yet another Royals Hall of Famer Hal McRae who comes along with Wayne Simpson from the Reds, who get Roger Nelson and Richie Scheinblum (above)

So if the Royals want to trade Teahen why not today ???

* Royals Hall of Famers apper yellow and links to stats not included because we should all know them by heart

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