Monday, December 8, 2008

Something should happen

During the Winter Meeting the Royals lost Fulchino** to the Astros* on a wavier claim so that leaves 2 open slots on the 40 man roster one should go to the Rule V draft but the other one ?
I hope to see a new signing soon maybe Farnsworth ? Furcal ? Dunn ? Sheets ? Sabathia ?
What can I say it's the winter meetings so I'm feeling optimistic.

Also be sure and vote on the Ray W awards you only have 12 days left to vote
And be sure to check out my latest merch post for what to give that special someone for Christmas.

* Side note the Astro's should compete next year after getting Lumsden and Fulchino one would have to think they just got there ace and closer for 2009 right ?

**I always loved watching chunky Jeff pitch he made blowouts worth watching

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