Friday, December 12, 2008

Recent Moves And Such

So the Royals seemingly have acquired Kyle Farnsworth unlike most I like this signing granted it's 2 years $9.25mm but I trust Dayton on relivers he has a very good record with the RP's septYabuta and I believe that was just to show that the Royals might in the future go with more Japanese players. Anyway I've always liked Kyle because he was a guy the Royals could hit, but I really do think he'll be a great setup guy when Mac is finished with him. If not it's not that much worse then the Tomko signing and it's Kyle Farnsworth someone will be willing to trade for him.

Love the move to sign Waechter for only $670K I always thought he was overrated with Tampa and when he missed 07' I thought his career was over. But he was really solid out of the pen last year for the Fish he's the one guy from the Marlins/Royals series I remembered as a guy to watch for he was pretty good. Also another reason to dig Doug if he were to drop the "e" from his last name we'd both have the same last name. My mother thinks it could be the original German spelling of Wachter. So yeah I've followed his career some.

Some might start by saying he was horrible with the Sox after the trade but I think he was just doing his job as a double agent. He got us Orlando and stank up the Sox !!! And the whole time Dayton and Horacio knew the plan the whole time. Dayton you dog.

I'd like to say keep an eye on former Brave Chuck James who was NT'd earlier there is the obvious Brave's connection and James is only 27 and had 2 good seasons before a big blowout last season. I'd love to get Chuck for a nice cheap contract.

I hope we sign him doubtful but I sure hope it happens. If the devil were to ask Dayton a strong Christian if he would speculate on a potential signing/move or go to hell. I'm not positive what his answer would be. :) Just kidding GMDM
But we do have cash considerations coming or way for the Lugo trade from Seattle it can't be much but maybe just maybe Seattle sent a little more to make sure Furcal stays out of division rival Oakland

Royals Non-Tendered(s)(?)
So who or will the Royals non-tender ? I can't wait to find out but until then just remember all the good times we've shared with Jason Smith over the years he'll be sadly missed (not really).

More on Smith and MLB news
Speaking of Smith is it just me or has the free agent market been really bad ?
I mean come'on if Manny doesn't get more interest he'll retire !!!
And how bout the New York Ca$$$h (formerly the Yankees but then they started only embodying the bad quality's of America you know the rude arrogant money buys happiness kind. Also speaking of the evil empire I'm reading "The Zen of Zim" by Don Zimmer a great book for only a $1 I got it a dollar General I recommend it if you hate the Yankees and if you don't hate the Yanks you're not a Royals fan so stop reading my blog creep).
Spending the dough like always how's there rotation looking ?
Sabathia, Burnett, Lowe ?.
Congrats your going to be the 2009 version of the 2008 Tigers.
Speaking of Detroit it ain't looking to good for the Big 3.
And speaking of cash and cars, how come we haven't heard anything of our good buddy's Odalis Perez and Emil Brown ? (Somewhere Royales with Cheese is smiling down on us)

And Finally
I think maybe I should go and try and make the California Democrat the hometown paper I mean what good is being the best Royals blog in California, Mo if no one knows right ?
I mean I'm right ? Right ?
And speaking of the best why not vote on the Ray W awards right now ?
If you don't I can't guarantee that Sidney Ponson or Runelvys Hernandez won't eat you !

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