Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ray W Awards 2008

Ladies and gentleman the 2008 Ray W Awards, enjoy.

Best Royals Blog
My personal pick would be IDWT I'd say that was my favorite one this year... But alas surly Royals Review would win ? Right ? They were favored in "ALL" the tabloids, but I wanted this to be a democratic dictatorship so the
people's vote counts for 50percent, and in a shocker Rany on The Royals takes home the prize. Not sure what else to say...

Score out of 100
Rany 60, RR 30, IDWT 10

Best Royals Blog 2008: Rany on the Royals

Best New Royals Blog
So out of the 4 finalists one would think it would be a close one between JTACT and RS but it became a no contest the winner of the Best new Royals Blog goes to:
Royally Speaking
In the end Jeff was able to create the best new Royals blog it all started with that 1st post January 17th and continued to build momentum with the AL Central preview, the hiring of a second writer and it just keeps on chugging. And I'd look for RS to compete for the Best Royals Blog in 2009.

RS 90 JTACT 7 RoR 3

Best New Royals Blog 2008: Royally Speaking

Best Pizza
Man this is a tough one that I must make myself,
They are both so good but in the end,

Shakespeare's 50.0001, Pizza Kwik 49.9999

Best Pizza 2008: Shakespeare's
(Next year you'll be able to nominate your fav.)

Best Royals Relief Pitcher
A close one but in the end I think the winner is the one who seemed to be more then just a good pitcher a relief pitcher should have flair, have funk, have....... a persona.
And it came down to RamRam and Mahay and let's face the cold hard facts,
Mahay is still on the team Ramon is not, but..........
Can't go against a guy who's nickname was RamRam,

RR 57 RM 43

Best Royals Relief Pitcher 2008: Ramon Ramirez

I'll remember this guy for no other reason Royals Player
Sorry to all those who voted. But Matt Tupman can't win. I mean there is only one guy qualified to win so I'm going a Fidel Castro and picking the winner, (you may be able to decide the outcome of everything else, but this isn't the people's choice awards honey)

Tupman 65 Fulchino 20 Musser 15

IRTGFNORRP 2008: Jeff Fulchino

Best Royals Board
I thought RN or RB would surly win but nope there was a write in and everything in this category and the winner is: board
There short sweet and to the point,

Score 30 RN 25 RB 25 Write in 20

Best Royals Board 2008: Board

Best Royals Sportswriter
No contest Sam Mellinger is your best Royals Sportswriter (wonder if Ball Star helped any ?)

SM 98 Bob Dutton 2

Best Royals Sportswriter 2008: Sam Mellinger

Best Royals Prospect Blog
Well Royals Prospects disappeared so it's down to the Pipeline and the Tower and in a close one the winner by split decision by a score of 52-48,

The Royal Tower
Where Royal dreams come true (hopefully)!

Let's hope so,

Best Royals Prospect Blog 2008: The Royal Tower

Best Restaurant
OK my favorite from the finalists would be Chipolte because it's so different and could Sonic even be considered a restaurant ?
But in the End "America's drive in" drives in the win and here's to a great 2009 Sonic Slam inning (hopefully) and your fav blogger raking in $25K.
So as not to anger the Sonic Slam Inning people,

Sonic 55 Chipolte 40 Culver's 5

Best Restaurant 2008: Sonic

And Finally
Overall Best Royals site
The finalists were Royals Review, Royals Authority, IDWT, Rany
So there were the nominees and let's face it an imposing group
The votes were cast the ballots read and in the end it came down to two and even though this site didn't live up to it's voting potential, (it would be like if McCain lost Texas or Obama California)
The winner of the 2008 Ray W Awards Overall best Royals site:


By the score of RR 52 RA 33 Rany 14 IDWT 1

A few more winners for you:

Special Achievement Award 2008: Joe Posnanski
Best Royals on Radio Affilate 2008: Versailles 95.1 (Missouri)

Also would like to acknowledge:
The Pipeline, Baseball and Other Things and Royals Authority
You there should be proud you did very well but the fans just didn't vote for. In 2009 maybe you should step up campaigning eh ? But a great from the lot of ya.

And that concludes the Ray W Awards 2008 I've thoroughly enjoyed blogging the Royals this past year and like all the blogs and persons above look forward to the 2009 Royals season.
Thank you for reading this award show and look forward to the 2009 one. But until then I'll keep posting and go Royals !!!!!

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2008 Ray W Awards are dedicated in memory of
Royales With Cheese March 30 2006 - October 13 2008


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  2. A well deserved win for Rany. Of course, this means war.