Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ray W award nomines 2008

This is just for fun so don't get upset if you don't win. I just saw a commercial for the Grammy's and wanted to have my own awards show, so.....
I'm not a biased person so for the most part the winner will be the one who gets the most comments and traffic, has my vote, and your vote so go ahead and comment your votes or email them to me. Each of those three will factor in to the winner who will be announced sometime before next year and after December 25.
So with out further ado:

5 finalists for: Best Royals Blog*
In Dayton We Trust, Royally Speaking, Rany on the Royals, Royals Review, Baseball and Other things

4 finalists for: Best New Royals Blog (created this year)
Royally Speaking, RoyalsonRadioetc., JoakimTough and ChiTown on the Royals, Royals Baseball
(I probably won't win otherwise I'll look like I rigged it to bad Blown Save and the Dugout fell off)

3 finalists for: Best Pizza
Shakespeare's(Columbia, Mo), Pizza Kwik (JC, Mo), Arris's Pizza (JC, Mo)

3 finalists for: Best Royals Relief Pitcher
Leo Nunez, Ramon Ramirez, Ron Mahay

3 finalists for: I'll remember this guy for no other reason Royals Player
Jeff Fulchino, Neal Musser, Matt Tupman

3 finalists for: Best Royals Board
Royals Nation, Royal Board, board

3 finalists for: Best Royals Sports writer:
Bob Dutton, Sam Mellinger, Dick Kagel

3 finalists for: Best Royals Prospect Blog
The Pipeline, The Royal Tower, Royals Prospects

4 finalists for: Overall Best Royals site
Royals Review, Royals Authority, In Dayton We Trust, Rany on the Royals

4 finalists for: Best Restaurant
Chipolte, Sonic, Culver's, El Jimadors

Also if you don't see yourself and think you should or want to nominate someone or something let me know.

Ray W and the most you never know what to expect RoyalsonRadioetc
The Best Royals Blog in California, Missouri (until someone disputes it maybe the best period)


  1. haha, awesome. If we're going by traffic and comments though, I don't think anyone has a chance against Royals Review, which deserves the Best Royals Site award.

    Also... no Soria on the Best Relief Pitcher category? I guess he'd win too easily...

  2. Dang I was going to put in a note about that, yeah I just wanted the reliever's not the closer, they the relievers never get any awards.

    True, but we've got to have nominees right ?

  3. best Royals blog - Rany on the Royals
    best new Royals blog - Royally Speaking
    best pizza - no clue
    best reliever - Mahay (he's still here)
    Best royals board - board
    best sportswriter - mellinger
    best site - royals authority
    best restaurant - sonic

  4. Best Royals Blog* - Rany on the Royals

    Best New Royals Blog (created this year) - I don't ready any of them enough to vote

    Best Pizza - I don't live in MO, so I have to abstain

    Best Royals Relief Pitcher - Ramon Ramirez

    I'll remember this guy for no other reason Royals Player - Matt Tupman

    Best Royals Board - write in candidate: Kansasy City Star Royals board

    Best Royals Sports writer - Sam Mellinger

    Best Royals Prospect Blog - The Royal Tower

    Overall Best Royals site - Rany on the Royals

    Best Restaurant - Chipolte

    Can there be a special achievement award for Joe Posnanski and/or his blog? He doesn't really fit in the Royals Sports writer category, but he does often write about the Royals. Similarly, his blog isn't really a Royals blog, but is the best blog out there, and often talks about the Royals.

  5. Special Achievement Award ?
    Sure I guess we can do that give him something like the Royals gave Greinke.

    Also note on the Pizza I just went with 3 local Mid-Mo pizza's next year I'll open the entire nomines and everything to one's you guys decide.

    Ray W