Wednesday, December 24, 2008

OT: Dear Santa....

I hate to be bothersome this late in the Christmas season (Christmas eve) but perhaps I could help with some of your last minute gifts for the New York Yankees fans.
See I think they've already had enough this year (CC, Tex).
But you being the generous old dude you are I think the best gift for the NYY fan this year, since you can't just skip them, is 100 percent genuine reindeer pee.
See unlike coal it won't EVER turn to diamonds and you can't heat with it !!!
That should teach them to bypass you (Santa) for there Christmas gifts, just think what $300 million could do for the needy,
Just my two cents Santa and watch out when you go through Arkansas (I've heard they're a bit nutty when it comes to deer hunting).

The other poor(er) 29 MLB teams and any one who hates the Yankees

PS. It's ok to hate the Yankees Santa we all do.

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