Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh how creepy

Edit 7 till 7 PM: Royals sign Horacio Ramirez making need for a wavier or trade if they wish to due the Rule V draft
Also the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting :

The Kansas City Royals are taking a run at former White Sox shortstop Orlando Cabrera, who also has attracted interest from the Twins

EDIT 5:52 PM Royals close to deal with Horacio Ramirez (we bring Jairo back we bring HoRam back)

I really under estimated the creepiness of this, but he just won't go away yes Jairo must be getting jet lag by now.

Also ESPN is reporting:
The Royals, Blue Jays, A's and Dodgers remain in the mix for free-agent shortstop Rafael Furcal. Kansas City's front office has asked ownership for more money

So also linked to us is Milton Bradley, Farnsworth, Springer, Lyon

Orioles are looking for another catcher to mentor Matt Wieters would they be willing to acquire John Buck ? That would give us a catching tandem of Olivo/Pena and I like that better then Olivo/Buck.

Also suppose we sign Furcal, Farnsworth, and Bradley:

CF Coco Crisp
SS Rafael Furcal
RF Milton Bradley
1B Mike Jacobs
LF Jose Guillien
2B Mike Aviles
3B Alex Gordon
DH Billy Butler
C Miguel Olivo

That looks great plus throw in a trade of DeJesus and Teahen for some pitching and we could make a great run at the AL Central maybe. (Remember Detroit).

Also continuing on CC Sabathia can pull an Igawa or Sidney Ponson for all I care he used to be cool. Can you blame him for his money grabbing ways ?

If I get anymore good rumors I'll update this thread but until then welcome back Jairo Cuevas we missed you !!!
PS. I'm sure you're an upgrade over Fulchino.

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