Monday, December 8, 2008

Merch 3 Christmas edition

What 2 Buy for Christmas or Merch 3

1st off let me tell you is having a buy one get one half off sale so I've picked my fav's to show you.

These are the hats that will make you cool will make you stand out and will make you the talk of the town.

Why settle for a cheap ole $5 Walmart hat when you can have your very own piece of awesome !!!

Of course they run from $31.99 to $36.99 but it's probably well worth it. Right ?

Well anyway here are my 6 Favorites. with some more non lids stuff coming up still in this one post. Scroll past lids.

My favorite is the last one
And again they can all be bought here

Now on to phase 2 of Merch iii

A gift for Grandma and Grandpa
Why not invest in the Royals Rocking chair dimensions are 16w x 23d x 29h and only a mere $99 dollars that's well worth it when you thank of all they've done for you.

Having a birthday soon ? Why not Royals helmet candles ?
You get 4 for $13 so if you just so happen to be celebrating your 40th birthday in 2009 like the Royals you can get all 40 candles for a small nothing of $130 bucks.

Maybe your the kind that says you'd never be caught dead in a tie ?
I bet you'd change your mind if you had this one only $28 dollars were it to weddings, formal events, just cause, funerals even your own !!! But hey why wait till then buy one now and break it in so when the moment's right you'll be dead but the tie will be ready.
And for those building there own Royals jersey from scratch you'll need "the patch" and it's your lucky day get yours for $15
And then there's the all important thanking of you Christmas gift a 2009 Royals calendar just take it out fill up all the days with events you might due and then send it to your mother-in-law with a note when ever we're not busy come and visit
And then there's the 5 piece Royals children's dinner set but who said you had to be a child ?
I mean you might hurt yourself with a big boy fork $ 22
Ahh, a classic we can all remember when all gentlemen carried a good ole pocket watch well since no one use's them any more get your Royals pocket watch with stand now the pocket watch has a use again $60

And we can all see Barry Bonds in one of thees so why not your or your spouse ?

For the eater in the family 4 piece dinner set $25 dollars why can we all see Uncle Dan needing about 8 at the Christmas party ?
The student a nice calculator because if the calculator at the register died that poor person could never add up your total for the 2 pizza's at $5.15 each tax included.
For the cook: $20
For the office dweller: $20 (staples not included)
For the unuptight: $180

For the uptight: $50
For the worker a screwdriver and hammer $20 and $28 respectively

And finally for the party animals 8 pool balls and a dart cabinet
The balls are $20 off so there only $160 same as the dart cabinet.
Speaking off cabinet think Obama will name the Pool balls to his cabinet ?

And finally we've all heard of them you can get your Royals Fathead for only $140 bucks it's there only Royals design but you can find these (Oh,don't look I've read to much IDWT).

And that completes our Christmas gift guide all products can be bout at Lids, Sportsfan fare or Fatheads.


  1. My brothers and I have giggled at the Royals hammer before. We think it could be very useful to keep near the TV for particularly ugly games.

    I can't lie to you, I might actually spring for some Royals table ware at some point very soon.

  2. Well then, tell your brother's what you want for Christmas :)

    Funny thing speaking of the merch series, I got the Royals laundry hamper for my Birthday after I wrote about it.