Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Looks like the deal no matter how bad Banny is next year is definitely a win for the Royals in the Bannister-Burgos deal (see link) now.
Think we should resign him ?
I mean lot's of people learned to box in jail maybe he'll learn to pitch......

The Braves and Dodgers are duking it out for Furcal,
So that begs the question should the Royals bother trying to sign Orlando Cabrera ? Or maybe yet trade Greinke to the Braves in an Escobar package deal as speculation goes ? Personally I'm happy with Callaspo but if cheap enough Cabrera would be worth a shot but the A's and the loser of the above battle should drive up the price. And I really don't want to trade Greinke unless we need to.

Anyone see the Royals resigned Bale ? Wonder how much it cost. I can't grade this signing at all until I see the price tag.
But Bale has been injured both years he's been a Royal so you do the math.
I'd rather have Musser personally.
But it did get some good responses on MLBTR:

awww, nobody cares lol

Is he related to Batman? If so, that would make this signing more interesting.

come on now dont be like that ... Its been a pretty slow day today. this signing is important to KC Fans.
Funny stuff

I hope we do something but not for the sake of doing something.
It's just that my winter post's keep declining and the temperate outside is like 11 degrees.
But don't you fear I'm writing down all my contacts in my 2009 Royals Planner and some real good stuff coming in 2009.


  1. ESPN says the deal for Bale is $1.2 million! Good deal?

    I think it is!

  2. I think it's a good deal. A whole million below what he would have made if we had tendered him? Heck yes. He's certainly NOT a starter as his April performance showed but you could do a lot worse for a lefty reliever at $1.2 mil.

  3. Well I never really cared for Bale $1.2m isn't alot but it is for us ya know ?

    I think Craig Brown does a good job of breaking all of it down

    Bottom line we can always trade him later so yeah it's a good signing (Unless he goes Ali on something)