Monday, December 15, 2008

Bits and Pieces and Link (Zelda ?)

  • First off Royals Nation has some openings if anyone wants to join there fantasy baseball league it's free, just go here to sign up.

  • Has anyone heard from the promising new Royals Blog "Royals Prospects" I can't find it anywhere and Keith hasn't responded to my emails so it was good while it lasted

  • MLBTR reports the A's have now taken the lead in the Rafael Furcal sweepstakes. (Can the Royals bolt back to the front ?)

  • What else is there to talk about in these cold winter months ? Maybe another boxing match for Jose Canseco can come along soon huh ?

  • You hear the newest news ? Apparently the Yankees are asking congress for a bailout so they can sign Tex.

  • Who do you like as non-tenderie possibilities for the Royals ? James ? Taveras ? I think we should sign a couple if cheap enough. But why wasn't Gobble non-Tendered I'd love to have Nelson over Peralta.

  • Finally what would be a link post without a link to Zelda ? (Oh great now it should read links not link) (Sorry for wasting your time but I wanted no needed to post something. And remember the Quality vs Plethora of Posts rule both of which I lack) (lol you'd better)

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