Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ray W Awards 2008

Ladies and gentleman the 2008 Ray W Awards, enjoy.

Best Royals Blog
My personal pick would be IDWT I'd say that was my favorite one this year... But alas surly Royals Review would win ? Right ? They were favored in "ALL" the tabloids, but I wanted this to be a democratic dictatorship so the
people's vote counts for 50percent, and in a shocker Rany on The Royals takes home the prize. Not sure what else to say...

Score out of 100
Rany 60, RR 30, IDWT 10

Best Royals Blog 2008: Rany on the Royals

Best New Royals Blog
So out of the 4 finalists one would think it would be a close one between JTACT and RS but it became a no contest the winner of the Best new Royals Blog goes to:
Royally Speaking
In the end Jeff was able to create the best new Royals blog it all started with that 1st post January 17th and continued to build momentum with the AL Central preview, the hiring of a second writer and it just keeps on chugging. And I'd look for RS to compete for the Best Royals Blog in 2009.

RS 90 JTACT 7 RoR 3

Best New Royals Blog 2008: Royally Speaking

Best Pizza
Man this is a tough one that I must make myself,
They are both so good but in the end,

Shakespeare's 50.0001, Pizza Kwik 49.9999

Best Pizza 2008: Shakespeare's
(Next year you'll be able to nominate your fav.)

Best Royals Relief Pitcher
A close one but in the end I think the winner is the one who seemed to be more then just a good pitcher a relief pitcher should have flair, have funk, have....... a persona.
And it came down to RamRam and Mahay and let's face the cold hard facts,
Mahay is still on the team Ramon is not, but..........
Can't go against a guy who's nickname was RamRam,

RR 57 RM 43

Best Royals Relief Pitcher 2008: Ramon Ramirez

I'll remember this guy for no other reason Royals Player
Sorry to all those who voted. But Matt Tupman can't win. I mean there is only one guy qualified to win so I'm going a Fidel Castro and picking the winner, (you may be able to decide the outcome of everything else, but this isn't the people's choice awards honey)

Tupman 65 Fulchino 20 Musser 15

IRTGFNORRP 2008: Jeff Fulchino

Best Royals Board
I thought RN or RB would surly win but nope there was a write in and everything in this category and the winner is: board
There short sweet and to the point,

Score 30 RN 25 RB 25 Write in 20

Best Royals Board 2008: Board

Best Royals Sportswriter
No contest Sam Mellinger is your best Royals Sportswriter (wonder if Ball Star helped any ?)

SM 98 Bob Dutton 2

Best Royals Sportswriter 2008: Sam Mellinger

Best Royals Prospect Blog
Well Royals Prospects disappeared so it's down to the Pipeline and the Tower and in a close one the winner by split decision by a score of 52-48,

The Royal Tower
Where Royal dreams come true (hopefully)!

Let's hope so,

Best Royals Prospect Blog 2008: The Royal Tower

Best Restaurant
OK my favorite from the finalists would be Chipolte because it's so different and could Sonic even be considered a restaurant ?
But in the End "America's drive in" drives in the win and here's to a great 2009 Sonic Slam inning (hopefully) and your fav blogger raking in $25K.
So as not to anger the Sonic Slam Inning people,

Sonic 55 Chipolte 40 Culver's 5

Best Restaurant 2008: Sonic

And Finally
Overall Best Royals site
The finalists were Royals Review, Royals Authority, IDWT, Rany
So there were the nominees and let's face it an imposing group
The votes were cast the ballots read and in the end it came down to two and even though this site didn't live up to it's voting potential, (it would be like if McCain lost Texas or Obama California)
The winner of the 2008 Ray W Awards Overall best Royals site:


By the score of RR 52 RA 33 Rany 14 IDWT 1

A few more winners for you:

Special Achievement Award 2008: Joe Posnanski
Best Royals on Radio Affilate 2008: Versailles 95.1 (Missouri)

Also would like to acknowledge:
The Pipeline, Baseball and Other Things and Royals Authority
You there should be proud you did very well but the fans just didn't vote for. In 2009 maybe you should step up campaigning eh ? But a great from the lot of ya.

And that concludes the Ray W Awards 2008 I've thoroughly enjoyed blogging the Royals this past year and like all the blogs and persons above look forward to the 2009 Royals season.
Thank you for reading this award show and look forward to the 2009 one. But until then I'll keep posting and go Royals !!!!!

Please leave comments

2008 Ray W Awards are dedicated in memory of
Royales With Cheese March 30 2006 - October 13 2008

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from your friend Ray W and his inanimate blog RoyalsonRadioetc.
Have a great time with friends and family and remember the reason for the season.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

OT: Dear Santa....

I hate to be bothersome this late in the Christmas season (Christmas eve) but perhaps I could help with some of your last minute gifts for the New York Yankees fans.
See I think they've already had enough this year (CC, Tex).
But you being the generous old dude you are I think the best gift for the NYY fan this year, since you can't just skip them, is 100 percent genuine reindeer pee.
See unlike coal it won't EVER turn to diamonds and you can't heat with it !!!
That should teach them to bypass you (Santa) for there Christmas gifts, just think what $300 million could do for the needy,
Just my two cents Santa and watch out when you go through Arkansas (I've heard they're a bit nutty when it comes to deer hunting).

The other poor(er) 29 MLB teams and any one who hates the Yankees

PS. It's ok to hate the Yankees Santa we all do.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Kyle Davies the to much "old skool man"

So I bet you've already heard about Davies offseason job out there in the dirt as a contractor, courtesy of Sam Mellinger and the KcStar.
They called him the "retro jock" in the article but I'd call him down to earth a man's man, someone the fans can connect with and a bit stupid.
As Davies said:

“I work as a contractor,” he says. “A little of everything. I pour concrete, dig ditches, lay pipe, get on the machines, pick up garbage. Whatever they need me to do.”

A noble profession but not the smartest. I know several people with simaler jobs and let's just say injuries happen. That's just the way it is when your around heavy equipment and machines.
As Sam said in the article:
He’s working a construction job to stay off the couch, keep active and make a little extra money — although whatever he’s making is a significant pay cut from the $427,000 he made with the Royals last year.
Ok there's my point the guy is making $427K he's in line to make the Royals rotation and the $$$ will only go up. It's great that he's working with his dad but if he wants to stay off the couch why not go to the gym, volunteer, work at a library, work at McDonald's ? You know something a bit safer ?

Maybe Dayton Moore has something to say about it :
“I think it’s smart,”
Royals general manager Dayton Moore said of Davies’
offseason work.
“Keeps him in a routine. I know he’s very intelligent about how he goes about it, and he doesn’t compromise any of his preparation for the baseball season.”
What ? Am I the only one worried here ?
The article ends with:

There are times when Davies doesn’t like the work. It’s hard. Running a jackhammer isn’t fun for anybody.

But he likes the challenge, likes the feeling after a hard day’s work and the sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing a project from beginning to end.
Let me just add one last thing:

But he likes the challenge, likes the feeling after a hard day’s work and the sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing a project from beginning to end. He likes to gamble .

Man just please be careful but even then sometimes that's not enough. Accidents happen all the time but why increase the probability ?
My dad works on the railroad and has busted his thumb open a couple times nothing that wouldn't heal in time but he's not a pitcher he doesn't need his thumb for grip on the ball.

Kyle , if your reading this maybe Brian Bannister needs some help in the photography studio ..........

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Looks like the deal no matter how bad Banny is next year is definitely a win for the Royals in the Bannister-Burgos deal (see link) now.
Think we should resign him ?
I mean lot's of people learned to box in jail maybe he'll learn to pitch......

The Braves and Dodgers are duking it out for Furcal,
So that begs the question should the Royals bother trying to sign Orlando Cabrera ? Or maybe yet trade Greinke to the Braves in an Escobar package deal as speculation goes ? Personally I'm happy with Callaspo but if cheap enough Cabrera would be worth a shot but the A's and the loser of the above battle should drive up the price. And I really don't want to trade Greinke unless we need to.

Anyone see the Royals resigned Bale ? Wonder how much it cost. I can't grade this signing at all until I see the price tag.
But Bale has been injured both years he's been a Royal so you do the math.
I'd rather have Musser personally.
But it did get some good responses on MLBTR:

awww, nobody cares lol

Is he related to Batman? If so, that would make this signing more interesting.

come on now dont be like that ... Its been a pretty slow day today. this signing is important to KC Fans.
Funny stuff

I hope we do something but not for the sake of doing something.
It's just that my winter post's keep declining and the temperate outside is like 11 degrees.
But don't you fear I'm writing down all my contacts in my 2009 Royals Planner and some real good stuff coming in 2009.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bits and Pieces and Link (Zelda ?)

  • First off Royals Nation has some openings if anyone wants to join there fantasy baseball league it's free, just go here to sign up.

  • Has anyone heard from the promising new Royals Blog "Royals Prospects" I can't find it anywhere and Keith hasn't responded to my emails so it was good while it lasted

  • MLBTR reports the A's have now taken the lead in the Rafael Furcal sweepstakes. (Can the Royals bolt back to the front ?)

  • What else is there to talk about in these cold winter months ? Maybe another boxing match for Jose Canseco can come along soon huh ?

  • You hear the newest news ? Apparently the Yankees are asking congress for a bailout so they can sign Tex.

  • Who do you like as non-tenderie possibilities for the Royals ? James ? Taveras ? I think we should sign a couple if cheap enough. But why wasn't Gobble non-Tendered I'd love to have Nelson over Peralta.

  • Finally what would be a link post without a link to Zelda ? (Oh great now it should read links not link) (Sorry for wasting your time but I wanted no needed to post something. And remember the Quality vs Plethora of Posts rule both of which I lack) (lol you'd better)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Recent Moves And Such

So the Royals seemingly have acquired Kyle Farnsworth unlike most I like this signing granted it's 2 years $9.25mm but I trust Dayton on relivers he has a very good record with the RP's septYabuta and I believe that was just to show that the Royals might in the future go with more Japanese players. Anyway I've always liked Kyle because he was a guy the Royals could hit, but I really do think he'll be a great setup guy when Mac is finished with him. If not it's not that much worse then the Tomko signing and it's Kyle Farnsworth someone will be willing to trade for him.

Love the move to sign Waechter for only $670K I always thought he was overrated with Tampa and when he missed 07' I thought his career was over. But he was really solid out of the pen last year for the Fish he's the one guy from the Marlins/Royals series I remembered as a guy to watch for he was pretty good. Also another reason to dig Doug if he were to drop the "e" from his last name we'd both have the same last name. My mother thinks it could be the original German spelling of Wachter. So yeah I've followed his career some.

Some might start by saying he was horrible with the Sox after the trade but I think he was just doing his job as a double agent. He got us Orlando and stank up the Sox !!! And the whole time Dayton and Horacio knew the plan the whole time. Dayton you dog.

I'd like to say keep an eye on former Brave Chuck James who was NT'd earlier there is the obvious Brave's connection and James is only 27 and had 2 good seasons before a big blowout last season. I'd love to get Chuck for a nice cheap contract.

I hope we sign him doubtful but I sure hope it happens. If the devil were to ask Dayton a strong Christian if he would speculate on a potential signing/move or go to hell. I'm not positive what his answer would be. :) Just kidding GMDM
But we do have cash considerations coming or way for the Lugo trade from Seattle it can't be much but maybe just maybe Seattle sent a little more to make sure Furcal stays out of division rival Oakland

Royals Non-Tendered(s)(?)
So who or will the Royals non-tender ? I can't wait to find out but until then just remember all the good times we've shared with Jason Smith over the years he'll be sadly missed (not really).

More on Smith and MLB news
Speaking of Smith is it just me or has the free agent market been really bad ?
I mean come'on if Manny doesn't get more interest he'll retire !!!
And how bout the New York Ca$$$h (formerly the Yankees but then they started only embodying the bad quality's of America you know the rude arrogant money buys happiness kind. Also speaking of the evil empire I'm reading "The Zen of Zim" by Don Zimmer a great book for only a $1 I got it a dollar General I recommend it if you hate the Yankees and if you don't hate the Yanks you're not a Royals fan so stop reading my blog creep).
Spending the dough like always how's there rotation looking ?
Sabathia, Burnett, Lowe ?.
Congrats your going to be the 2009 version of the 2008 Tigers.
Speaking of Detroit it ain't looking to good for the Big 3.
And speaking of cash and cars, how come we haven't heard anything of our good buddy's Odalis Perez and Emil Brown ? (Somewhere Royales with Cheese is smiling down on us)

And Finally
I think maybe I should go and try and make the California Democrat the hometown paper I mean what good is being the best Royals blog in California, Mo if no one knows right ?
I mean I'm right ? Right ?
And speaking of the best why not vote on the Ray W awards right now ?
If you don't I can't guarantee that Sidney Ponson or Runelvys Hernandez won't eat you !

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh how creepy

Edit 7 till 7 PM: Royals sign Horacio Ramirez making need for a wavier or trade if they wish to due the Rule V draft
Also the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting :

The Kansas City Royals are taking a run at former White Sox shortstop Orlando Cabrera, who also has attracted interest from the Twins

EDIT 5:52 PM Royals close to deal with Horacio Ramirez (we bring Jairo back we bring HoRam back)

I really under estimated the creepiness of this, but he just won't go away yes Jairo must be getting jet lag by now.

Also ESPN is reporting:
The Royals, Blue Jays, A's and Dodgers remain in the mix for free-agent shortstop Rafael Furcal. Kansas City's front office has asked ownership for more money

So also linked to us is Milton Bradley, Farnsworth, Springer, Lyon

Orioles are looking for another catcher to mentor Matt Wieters would they be willing to acquire John Buck ? That would give us a catching tandem of Olivo/Pena and I like that better then Olivo/Buck.

Also suppose we sign Furcal, Farnsworth, and Bradley:

CF Coco Crisp
SS Rafael Furcal
RF Milton Bradley
1B Mike Jacobs
LF Jose Guillien
2B Mike Aviles
3B Alex Gordon
DH Billy Butler
C Miguel Olivo

That looks great plus throw in a trade of DeJesus and Teahen for some pitching and we could make a great run at the AL Central maybe. (Remember Detroit).

Also continuing on CC Sabathia can pull an Igawa or Sidney Ponson for all I care he used to be cool. Can you blame him for his money grabbing ways ?

If I get anymore good rumors I'll update this thread but until then welcome back Jairo Cuevas we missed you !!!
PS. I'm sure you're an upgrade over Fulchino.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Something should happen

During the Winter Meeting the Royals lost Fulchino** to the Astros* on a wavier claim so that leaves 2 open slots on the 40 man roster one should go to the Rule V draft but the other one ?
I hope to see a new signing soon maybe Farnsworth ? Furcal ? Dunn ? Sheets ? Sabathia ?
What can I say it's the winter meetings so I'm feeling optimistic.

Also be sure and vote on the Ray W awards you only have 12 days left to vote
And be sure to check out my latest merch post for what to give that special someone for Christmas.

* Side note the Astro's should compete next year after getting Lumsden and Fulchino one would have to think they just got there ace and closer for 2009 right ?

**I always loved watching chunky Jeff pitch he made blowouts worth watching

Merch 3 Christmas edition

What 2 Buy for Christmas or Merch 3

1st off let me tell you is having a buy one get one half off sale so I've picked my fav's to show you.

These are the hats that will make you cool will make you stand out and will make you the talk of the town.

Why settle for a cheap ole $5 Walmart hat when you can have your very own piece of awesome !!!

Of course they run from $31.99 to $36.99 but it's probably well worth it. Right ?

Well anyway here are my 6 Favorites. with some more non lids stuff coming up still in this one post. Scroll past lids.

My favorite is the last one
And again they can all be bought here

Now on to phase 2 of Merch iii

A gift for Grandma and Grandpa
Why not invest in the Royals Rocking chair dimensions are 16w x 23d x 29h and only a mere $99 dollars that's well worth it when you thank of all they've done for you.

Having a birthday soon ? Why not Royals helmet candles ?
You get 4 for $13 so if you just so happen to be celebrating your 40th birthday in 2009 like the Royals you can get all 40 candles for a small nothing of $130 bucks.

Maybe your the kind that says you'd never be caught dead in a tie ?
I bet you'd change your mind if you had this one only $28 dollars were it to weddings, formal events, just cause, funerals even your own !!! But hey why wait till then buy one now and break it in so when the moment's right you'll be dead but the tie will be ready.
And for those building there own Royals jersey from scratch you'll need "the patch" and it's your lucky day get yours for $15
And then there's the all important thanking of you Christmas gift a 2009 Royals calendar just take it out fill up all the days with events you might due and then send it to your mother-in-law with a note when ever we're not busy come and visit
And then there's the 5 piece Royals children's dinner set but who said you had to be a child ?
I mean you might hurt yourself with a big boy fork $ 22
Ahh, a classic we can all remember when all gentlemen carried a good ole pocket watch well since no one use's them any more get your Royals pocket watch with stand now the pocket watch has a use again $60

And we can all see Barry Bonds in one of thees so why not your or your spouse ?

For the eater in the family 4 piece dinner set $25 dollars why can we all see Uncle Dan needing about 8 at the Christmas party ?
The student a nice calculator because if the calculator at the register died that poor person could never add up your total for the 2 pizza's at $5.15 each tax included.
For the cook: $20
For the office dweller: $20 (staples not included)
For the unuptight: $180

For the uptight: $50
For the worker a screwdriver and hammer $20 and $28 respectively

And finally for the party animals 8 pool balls and a dart cabinet
The balls are $20 off so there only $160 same as the dart cabinet.
Speaking off cabinet think Obama will name the Pool balls to his cabinet ?

And finally we've all heard of them you can get your Royals Fathead for only $140 bucks it's there only Royals design but you can find these (Oh,don't look I've read to much IDWT).

And that completes our Christmas gift guide all products can be bout at Lids, Sportsfan fare or Fatheads.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Interview with Josh of Royalscentricity

Below is an interview done with Josh of the new Royals blog Royalscentricity.
Of course he used to write about the Royals on his other blog Inconsiderate Prick but now you'll find all the Royals content at RC.
1. Tell us a little about yourself and how you became a Royals fan?

My dad grew up in Kansas City, so I've pretty much always been a Royals and Chiefs fan. The first year that I was old enough to stay up and watch all the World Series games was 1987, which is obviously a bad break for me as a sports fan in terms of, you know, seeing your team win championships. I was lucky enough to get to see Bo quite a bit, which as a kid was pretty amazing.
About a month ago, my dad and I were marveling at having seen Bo throw the ball up towards the roof of the Metrodome while warming up between innings and actually hitting the dome numerous times, so I've seen his feats of superhuman strength in person and they're ingrained in my sports fan psyche. Much like every Royals fan, I had Bo Jackson cards, posters, and T-shirts. I still have a Bo shirt. Unfortunately--with the exception of one-and-a-half seasons (the last half of the 1990 season and the 1991 season)--I grew up out of market and largely had to follow along in the box scores and single paragraph game recaps printed up in a small market daily paper. In the interest of full disclosure, I did adopt a second team to follow in addition to my Royals fandom--the Braves--but as the core of that team has almost fully disintegrated my fandom has waned.
One more guilty admission is that from about 1995 until 1999 I had pretensiously sworn off following sports for reasons that are not entirely clear to me anymore but probably had to do with some ridiculous self-serious notion I had as a teenager after the strike. Luckily for me (and quite the opposite for my girlfriend of nearly ten years), fantasy baseball came along and sucked me back in. Now I'm an MLB Extra Innings and subscriber who watches (conservative estimate to follow) at least 60 Royals games a year.

2. Why should people go to your blog Royalscentricity?

Well, they probably shouldn't. It's not very good.
Or maybe it's all right...
If they do decide to go there (despite my half-warning), they'll get a pretty level-headed and occasionally funny take from a sincere but cautious fan. I try to temper my enthusiasm and optimism while not erring quite so far into the column of eternal pessimism. Admittedly that can be a daunting task, since we Royals fans have put up with a lot of (using restraint here) crappy teams since the strike. Hell, there are a fair amount of Royals fans out there that don't even remember the strike. For those of us who do, this has been a trying decade and a half. For those of us who don't, there's not even the distant memory of a successful team.
I should mention that despite the relative lack of content at Royalscentricity, I had been blogging for the past year or so at Inconsiderate Prick (an apt description of me in my regular life but oddly not my existence as a Royals fan) and many of those entries were Royals related, but I didn't really think that I had the energy to maintain two separate blogs. I changed my mind part way through last season but decided I should wait until the offseason to launch Royalscentricity--I really wanted to call the blog The Royal We, but the domain name was taken in every way imaginable. Now, I've split my interests into two separate blogs and my readership is up astronomically--astronomically being appropriate only when taking into consideration the nominal interest I was drawing at my foolishly all-encompassing run at Inconsiderate Prick.

3. Most you've paid for a Royals hat?

It depends.
Straight up? $25 or so.
I did embark on a whirlwind road trip from Minneapolis to Denver (to see Ween and Tenacious D at Red Rocks) to Kansas City, where we went to see the Royals at The K. At The K, we got KC visors with admittance. The Royals lost, of course, and the next day, we found out that our friend had been driving much of the previous day with the oil light begging us for attention only to be rudely ignored. By the time we acted to try to remedy the situation, it was too late, and we were stranded at the Hy-Vee in Liberty carless. Luckily, I ran into one of my uncles there (seriously), and he was able to help us out as much as we needed, and we were driven out to KCI to get a one-way rental car back to Minneapolis. This was the summer after our third year in college, so we were all under 25 and paid dearly for the rental. So if you add up the fact that I had to cope with the shame of having a friend who did not know that an oil light coming on is an issue that is meant to be addressed immediately and then heaped all the money I spent on that road trip on motels, alcohol, gas, food, alcohol, and rental cars on top of the shame and took into account the fact that going into the road trip I had $250 to my name, you could say I spent all of my lifesavings and every last ounce of masculine pride on a Royals visor.
I still have the visor.

4. Do you want fries with that ?

Finish the sentence and then go ahead and say some more if you like,
5. To start the MLB season in Japan ...........
is personally irritating to me because it means I have to stay up even later than I normally do because there is no way in hell I'm waking up that early.

6. David Glass is .............
the owner of the Royals.
Just kidding. Real answer? Hopefully done meddling with the decisions of the General Manager and suddenly forgot what frugality was which would then lead to the signing of Orlando Hudson, CC Sabathia, and Adam Dunn and a trade for Jake Peavy.

Rank them in terms of how many games you think each will play for the Royals in '09.
Gload, Butler, Jacobs, Shealy, Ka'aihue

This scares me. Honestly? Butler, Jacobs, Shealy, Gload, Ka'aihue. Butler will be in the lineup almost every day, but sadly most of that will be at DH. The one who should be DHing is Jacobs, but I worry--nay, know--that the Royals can't see that. I'd personally take Butler's defense to Jacobs' because I didn't see horrific defense at first when Butler was out there. Obviously the range isn't there, but I'm hard-pressed to think of him just blowing routine grounders.
As for Shealy, I'm not entirely sure the Royals won't try to move him (or Butler, which I am actually afraid of) but the market for him will not make the move easy. Shealy can hopefully right his inexplicably reversed LHP/RHP splits and prove to be an ideal platoon for Jacobs. Gload will play quite a bit, but mostly because of his positional flexibility and the fact that he plays respectable defense at first and is therefore an ideal late innings replacement in the event that the Royals someday find themselves with a lead to protect.
I could write for eons about Kila but will refrain. Needless to say, I don't think the Royals can see that the best way to see if Kila is ready to be a Major Leaguer is to actually make him a Major Leaguer. In the scenario we find ourselves in, Kila is a year away at best.I was holding out hope that Dayton Moore had something cooked up that made the Jacobs acquisition more palatable, but the more time goes by without much action on the trade front, the more I worry that there isn't anything. I'm wary of fully evaluating a trade like this by itself, as I want to believe that there is a master plan here, but I do not like that it further complicates the first base situation. That being said, Jacobs was unlucky last year with an absurdly low BABIP of .264 and a more realistic average in the .260s is what we should probably be expecting if they don't platoon split him.

Thanks again to Josh for taking the time to do this interview and be sure to check him out at his blog Royalscentricity.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ray W award nomines 2008

This is just for fun so don't get upset if you don't win. I just saw a commercial for the Grammy's and wanted to have my own awards show, so.....
I'm not a biased person so for the most part the winner will be the one who gets the most comments and traffic, has my vote, and your vote so go ahead and comment your votes or email them to me. Each of those three will factor in to the winner who will be announced sometime before next year and after December 25.
So with out further ado:

5 finalists for: Best Royals Blog*
In Dayton We Trust, Royally Speaking, Rany on the Royals, Royals Review, Baseball and Other things

4 finalists for: Best New Royals Blog (created this year)
Royally Speaking, RoyalsonRadioetc., JoakimTough and ChiTown on the Royals, Royals Baseball
(I probably won't win otherwise I'll look like I rigged it to bad Blown Save and the Dugout fell off)

3 finalists for: Best Pizza
Shakespeare's(Columbia, Mo), Pizza Kwik (JC, Mo), Arris's Pizza (JC, Mo)

3 finalists for: Best Royals Relief Pitcher
Leo Nunez, Ramon Ramirez, Ron Mahay

3 finalists for: I'll remember this guy for no other reason Royals Player
Jeff Fulchino, Neal Musser, Matt Tupman

3 finalists for: Best Royals Board
Royals Nation, Royal Board, board

3 finalists for: Best Royals Sports writer:
Bob Dutton, Sam Mellinger, Dick Kagel

3 finalists for: Best Royals Prospect Blog
The Pipeline, The Royal Tower, Royals Prospects

4 finalists for: Overall Best Royals site
Royals Review, Royals Authority, In Dayton We Trust, Rany on the Royals

4 finalists for: Best Restaurant
Chipolte, Sonic, Culver's, El Jimadors

Also if you don't see yourself and think you should or want to nominate someone or something let me know.

Ray W and the most you never know what to expect RoyalsonRadioetc
The Best Royals Blog in California, Missouri (until someone disputes it maybe the best period)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This Date in Royals History: Dec 2nd

This Date in Royals History: December 2nd
Trade Day


The Royals make a 6 player swap with the Pirates giving up Bob Johnson, Jack Hernandez, and Jimmy Campanis for Jerry May, Bruce Del Canton and Freddy Patek


The Royals make another Dec 2nd trade this one sends Lance Clemons and Jim York to the Astros for Dave Grangaard and slugger John Mayberry


Royals make yet another trade on this faithful day in Royals history and acquire yet another Royals Hall of Famer Hal McRae who comes along with Wayne Simpson from the Reds, who get Roger Nelson and Richie Scheinblum (above)

So if the Royals want to trade Teahen why not today ???

* Royals Hall of Famers apper yellow and links to stats not included because we should all know them by heart

Monday, December 1, 2008

1st post of December

7 Days till the Winter Meeting and 10 tell the Rule V draft both those dates are like Christmas to Royals fans. So yeah I'm counting down to it....

Royals offer arb to Grudzielanek I've got to think that they must have a deal that he wouldn't accept it. They have a deal or Dayton has finally lost it. Still can Grudz be trusted ?
Remember that Olivo said Hell no to returning and then did, makes one wonder just what Mark said to Dayton.

Also so the Royals have an opening on the 40 man for the Rule V even if Grudz accepts there's always a big ole' Fulchino waiting to be cut.(Or a Neal Musser who Dayton suddenly decided to hate in 08)

And wa-la I've filled up my first post of December hopefully there will be many more this December.

Also former Royal David Cone is up for the MLB Hall OF FAME along with Jesse Orosco, Dan Plesac, and my personal favorite Mo Vaughn. GO MO !!!!
(Also if Cone makes the Hall I love him but his stats aren't the best so if he's in Jaime Moyer's a lock)