Monday, November 3, 2008

News and Notes " I've got to post something today edition"

Note # 1

OR as Flanagan might have put it "Hell No returns"
Miguel "Hell no I'm not coming back" Olivo IS coming back at least that's what the Kc Star is reporting and it's a fair move I like Olivo but one would hope we could land true #1 guy but hey maybe it means Buck is gone soon.
Only they didn't add Brayan Pena to the 40 man roster even though the same article reports that "Shake" Yabuta and Matt Tupman both cleared waivers and were outrighted to AAA
Also Angel Shancez was lost to the Blue Jays I mean just "Jays" to a wavier claim. I liked him but injuries got to him and now he goes the way of the Blanco and Gotay.......

And note # 1 takes up #'s 2 and 3 also (see Yabuta/Tupman and Shancez above)

Note # 4 involves the latest from the mailbag of Dick Kagel
The usually stuff involved here but a nice quote from Jacobs "
Jacobs addressed the spacious-size issue by saying if you're a home-run hitter, you can hit 'em anywhere.
So there you go who needs OBP, Mike is only looking to go yard !!!
Also some nice one's to answer:
Royals and I-Rod ?
Soria closer or starter ?

You know some of these make you wonder whether no one emails him questions anymore or can he just can't answer any of the tough ones ?

So if you've got a question about the Royals you can also send it to me at and I will answer them (even if it means not answering them)

Also Ryan Lefebrve if you are out there are you ever going to get back with me ????

EDIT before I even post this said the Royals DID add Pena to the 40-man now if we could only take Pena off............

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