Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Thanks to Royals Review poster marbooty for pointing this out over at there in top 5 manliest Royals sites and according to his reference my blog received an 91 percent indication that my blog was written by a man (same site said 92 percent that BBAOT was written by a man) so umm yeah for whatever thats worth.
But mine should have been in the top 5 and Royals Nation should be tops with 95 percent.
So yeah whatever.

Should I interview The Tao again ?
Should I interview Sam Mellinger ?
Any other ideas ?

Hey my friends Jack from RN and Keith from TRT and know I've heard a rumor that Minda might be on, my question would be Greg Schaum why haven't you yet extend your invitation to California, MO's finest ???

Vacation note, while in Coco Beach, Florida at the local ice cream shop Tootie Frutie I bought a Royals hat for $7 it was the only Kc hat besides 6 Yankees hats so I had to rescue the little guy.

I'm working on a new header design for the site that hopefully will be up before Summer 2009.

Royals Nation's Karma points are gone

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  1. sorry,,,,i sent u an e-mail. Believe me if u have a Royal blog I know about you or will fund show is only an extension of all blogs....i look forward to taking to you on my show