Sunday, November 30, 2008

Minor league signings

So the Royals have made quite a few NRI ML signings so far so this off season and I think I just found my favorite and the others:

RHP Franquelis Osoria
27 years old
200 lbs
Was 4-3 last year with a hefty 6.08 ERA in 43 APP 60.2 IP 31 K 12 BB
And a career line of: 4-9 5.48 ERA 104 APP 136.1 IP 72 K 37 BB
He's spent parts of the last 4 years with the Dodgers and Pirates and has shown parts of greatness flip flopping good year, bad year and lucky for us 2009 should be a good year for Franquelis. My only hope is if he makes the team he could shorten the first name, please. But a great no risk signing.

SS Luis Hernandez
24 years old
5' 10"
180 lbs
Just about anytime you can get someone's opening day anything for a no risk milb contract it's 99.78 percent always a good deal.
Luis faded out as the O's everyday SS even though posting a
.241 AVG through 79 AB in 36 GM's he collected in total last year 9 R's 19 H's 3 RBI and 2 SB. So yeah that looks real good compared to TPJ. So I hope in ST that Luis will get a good shot at the backup role. But hey it's the Royals and who wants to bet me he'll get a fair chance if it comes down to him a the Gm's pet ? But like above a 24 year old nice little SS I love this move.

C J.R House
29 years old
210 lbs
A former top Pirates prospect but alot of people are a former something and House is just another AAA catcher, just another Ken Huckaby if you will.
And if he makes the team over Brayan Pena ......................................

3B Corey Smith
26 years old
6' 1"
200 lbs
Has great power and limited speed in in 495 AB at AA Arkansas he hit .271 with an OBP of .321, 31 2Bs, 26 HR's and 80 RBI's plus 15 SB.
But he struggled in his 7 games at AAA Salt Lake. But he's got some great potential but so does/did Dallas McPherson. Still if he could stay at AA all year the Royals might have another Texas league MVP. And still another great signing.

Also signed are 24 year old 6' 6" lefty starter Carlos Sencion from AA Mississippi (Of course a another Braves connection) if you want to look yourself the stats are here
And 24 year old Mexican reliever Federico Castaneda a 6' 3" who in the AAA Mex league did alright and the compared him to a less talented Joakim Soria

O and then there's the curse of the shuttlecocks that's why we're losing thanks for nothing Nelson-Atkins Museum besides who's ever been to the museum I sure haven't.

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