Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Back

But RamRam isn't so I guess that's no good but hey we've got some coco now. Found out about that one while in a Florida hotel, only to fly from Orlando to Cincinnati, W. Kentucky, and then from Cinncy to Kc on a little 50 seater plane !!!
MCI is a little airport.
So enough about me and on to my thoughts on some other Royals news:
Royals add Arbuckle (Did I spell it right ?) to the front office. Love it but does lack of OBP spell Arbuckle in the future ?
Lumsden is off the 40 man and Mac never really did anything since the trade so at least we still have Cortes.

I'll post more later guys when I get back in the groove. And still no followers ????

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