Thursday, November 6, 2008

I hate a $60m payroll

Moore's will be done as it appears from the latest Star out that we may have made the ONLY major offseason move.

Whatever happened to Moore's "major roster changes" plans ? Were they accidentally turned into confetti in the Obama victory party ?

We'll leave that thought and jump into some great Moore quotes from the article and remember words of Moore in green:
“As much as we’ve tried to improve our offense over the last couple of years*, I think we’ve done the best we can do at this point in time,”~~
*Gathright, Shealy, LaRue, Gload,Pena Jr, J. Smith, Guillen, Olivo

“I don’t know what else we’re going to be able to do this winter.”~~

The tight budget appears to rule out any major foray into the free-agent market.

“I don’t think so,” Moore admitted. “We’d have to do something (to make a major signing).”

So yeah you would have to do something !!! Guess what your the one who wasted $12M on Jose Guillen instead of waiting to use that money for a quality player.

Who'd you rather have ?
Jose Guillen or Ben Sheets ?
Jose Guillen or Adam Dunn ?
Jose Guillen or Jon Garland ?
Jose Guillen or Rafael Furcal ?
Jose Guillen or a Texas sheet cake ?

Now from that same article:

The Royals’ projected $60 million budget already has $41.4 million committed to nine players. Club officials now expect Jacobs to cost $3 million or more after briefings this week from MLB officials on the anticipated state of the market.

Those same projections suggest it will cost at least $12 million to retain Zack Greinke, Mark Teahen, John Buck and John Bale. All four are eligible for arbitration, and all but Greinke already make at least $2.2 million.

So I ask you why ? Why have a starter Olivo making $2.7m and backup Buck making $2.5m+ ?
Specially when you have Brayan Pena and backup catchers out there maybe Sal Fasano ?
Mark Teahen should be traded if you can get fair value in return, John Bale I think I'll pass.
And that only leaves Grienke. So Zack costs maybe half or $6m that leaves $6 and if you didn't have JG that's $18M but you do so as MLBTR states it: Royals May Be Done

Is it just me or useally when a team opens a new stadium or renovates their old one the payroll usually increases, but I guess the same rules don't apply for a team that hasn't made the playoffs in 23 years

Back to the article it says that, speculation points to the Royals as a possible landing place for former Phillies assistant general manager Mike Arbuckle.
I don't see it why if your Dayton would you want a guy breathing down your neck as you try and acquire a pletora of OBPless jocks ?
I’ve heard that (rumor),” Moore said, “but I haven’t spoken to Mike. I guess you could always create a position. Mike Arbuckle is a very talented guy. He did a tremendous job, obviously, in Philadelphia.”

You guessed it final point by Bob Dutton:

The Royals must still trim at least four players from their 40-man roster by Nov. 14. Even more cuts are needed by Nov. 20 if they want to protect newly eligible players from the Rule 5 draft — or create space to make a selection

I don’t think we’ve got a lot of protection issues,” Moore said. “A couple of guys at most. We’ve already added KK (Kila Ka’aihue). (Devon) Lowery was added. We’ll have meetings over the next couple of weeks and evaluate all of those guys.

“You’d also like to save room for a pick in the Rule 5, but we’re picking 11th.”

I'd be worried over my spot on the 40 if my name was Braun, Duckworth, Fulchino, Gobble, Hudson, Lumsden, Musser, Newman, Peralta, Costa, Gathright, or Smith
But Buck and Teahen should be fine

Finally I'm thinking of making a shirt to sell that states on the front:
2009 Royals They looked OBP in the eyes
And the back:
And still never made it to 1st........

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