Monday, October 27, 2008

Trade Talk

So the Royals are rumored linked to Mike Jacobs, Luis Castillo, and The Indian 3.
It sure looks like it could be one busy offseason, and I can't wait for it to begin as soon as the World Series wraps up.

So with that said, surely I'm not the only one hoping the Rays are man-Hamel-ed tonight.
Great story,
Great run,
But alas all great things must come to an end in Philadelphia just like the 1980 Royals.
Kinda ironic is it not, that Kc's first WS was against the Phillies and now the Rays ?
One word, creepy

Well it's only 4 days till Halloween so that explains part of it and scarier yet, 8 days till the elections then what will we do for commercials and mail ?

But alas I really should breakdown the trade rumors, it's like my civic duty as a blogger, so here we go:

Jose Guillen For Luis Castillo
Hate this one glad it could never happen. (Right Dayton) I mean trading your best hitter pain in the --- he is for a punchless, injured 2B. If you need a 2B THAT bad bring back Grudz otherwise Callaspo should work or does his hit streak mean nothing ? Plus we all know we're linked to Furcal

Mark Teahen For Franklin Gutierrez, or Ben Francisco or Trevor Crowe
First off is it just me or wouldn't Kc have to throw in a milb player ? Or maybe I've just seen to much Teahen as for Gutierrez or Fransisco I like them both but they both alot, but they scream Mench (Who was DFA today) and Nix. And the minor league Crowe looks like he could be a solid guy but he's yet to prove anything at the Big league level.
But I keep getting the feeling when he's gone from Kc Teahen will become the next Wellemeyer

unkown injured minor leauge pitcher for Mike Jacobs.

The Miami Herald said the deal fell apart “because of a medical issue involving the minor-league pitcher."
And thus we have no Idea how to grade this possible trade other then he doesn't seem like any sort of an upgrade over Shealy/Ka'aihue except Jacobs did hit 32 HR's though............
RS has better break down head there to check it out.

All so here is my list of our top 20 prospects I'm not very good at this so bare with me:

1. Mike Moustakas 3B
2. Eric Hosmer 1B
3. Daniel Cortes RHP
4. Carlos Rosa RHP
5. Johnny Giovotella 2B
6. Kila Kaaihue DH/1B
7. Danny Duffy LHP
8. Derrick Robinson CF
9. Tim Melville RHP
10. Daniel Gutierrez RHP
11. Michael Montgomery LHP
12. Julio Pimentel RHP
13. Blake Woood RHP
14. Ed Cegarra RHP
15. Paulo Orlando LF/RF
16. Jeff Bianchi 2B
17. Jason Taylor 3B/LF
18. Kelvin Herrera RHP
19. Tyler Sample RHP
20. John Flanagan LHP

We will defiantly ask our next interviewee what he thinks off the prospects, because he is Victorious Secrets from the new hit blog Royals Prospects !
Look for that coming soon !!!


  1. What happened to Mench, there for a couple years (04,05) he looked like he was going to be a big time power hitter, plus he wasnt afraid to take a walk and he didnt strike out much.

  2. He just really feel apart of the 06 trade to the Brewers.

    Look at his 06' numbers:

    87 games w Texas 320 AB .338 OBP .284 AVG 12 HR 50 RBI 23 BB

    Then the trade:
    40 games w Mil 126 AB .248 OBP .240 AVG 1 HR 18 RBI 4 BB

    He just forgot how to do something and just has never figured it out.
    Of course he hasn't gotten as much PT ether.

    But you want to see a complete fallout look at Laynce Nix !!!