Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Morning read

Sunday Morning read

Buck must go
So Johnny said that him and Miguel Olivo could:

successfully co-exist as the Royals' catchers next season

And that is why he must go, I'm all for good guys off the field but on the field you've got to want it.
You've got to want to be in there everyday I wish I was quoting Buck more like: "Hey I'm the guy to be the everyday guy heading into 2009 I want to be back there every chance I can get"
But no we get:
"Miguel and I really got along really well, and together, if you look at our production and what we put out at the position, you can throw us up there with anybody in the league," Buck said
I don't care if it was my best friend was competing with me you've GOT TO WANT IT !!!
Be friends of the field but when you've got your jersey on PLAY YOUR FREAKIN GUTS OUT !!

It's all in the attitude and Buck has a great Royals attitude but we NEED guys with winning attitudes not Royals attitudes.

And I can't believe that when in the baseline guys don't run over the 2B and more railroading of the catcher isn't a bad thing but that's another rant for another day.

Congrats to MT
Congrats to Mt.Royal (aka. Antonio) a frequent guest interview here on RoRetc on his new job as the new blogger for Royally Speaking. The job was first made available to the public here

Royals Nation Finally Has
Declared Whitey Herzog the Royals All-Time Manager in the contest that started innocently enough on September 18th and finally wrapped up October 23. With the White Rat ousting Howser.

I Endorse

Finally in this season of politics I may be the "ONLY" Royals blogger to do this but Go Phillies !!!

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  1. Maybe Buck is going to be a politician when he grows up.