Sunday, October 19, 2008

R.I.P. Royales with Cheese

Royales With Cheese

The infamous Royals blog Royales with Cheese it seized to has had it's final day at 3:13 PM Et October 13 to exist. Due to weak posting and MLB poking it's nose in everyone's business (We want a World Baseball Classic but no videos on youtube).
Sure it was at times crude and filled with bad words but so is your family get together's, right ? (Or is it just mine ?)
Anyway RWC was the funniest Royals blog out there, and it was to young to go but I guess Emil Brown was to much of a driving force.
anyway RWC you will be missed but thanks for the laughs and well thanks for making yourself such a big name you got the feds (MLB) involved.

RWC gone but not forgotten may our Royals blog brother Rest in peace

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