Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jacobs for Nunez ?

EDIT: Appears I'm like the last blogger to post something about this and unlike Rany I'll speculate on potential deals mainly because what else would I do ?
Also congrats to the Phillies

Looks like the latest out of Miami has the Royals still going after Mike Jacobs, only this time for Leo Nunez. So my guess is that Dayton has no faith in Ryan Shealy and thinks Kila is to young and inexperienced at the next level (and he could be right with both).
So it looks like with all the rumors the Royals should, when it's all said and done end up with Jacobs.

Leo Nunez was solid this year and it's sort of a shame to see him go (if this trade works out) but with his toothpick frame I just don't think he'll ever be able to pull of a full season injury free. So if it's Jacobs for Leo I think that's a good trade for us, simply because of that factor.

It would make you wonder who's the next guy who'll be replaced maybe Butler ? Teahen ?
And remember "The Source" said:
on Wednesday night that players have been agreed upon, and the deal could be consummated in the next few days.

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