Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interview with Will of RR

Interview #2 with Will of Royals Review

1. Overall was this season a step forward in turning the Royals into contenders or a letdown in that sense ? (Feel Free to break down individual performances)

That is hard to say. After 162 games, I have this strange feeling of not really knowing the team any better than I did coming out of spring training. I think the Royals have established that they have the foundations of an OK pitching staff. That's progress. The offense remains pretty messed up, and outside of Butler and Gordon, it's hard to see much upside. Then again, those guys could truly explode next season. I'm still not sure the Royals will contend in 2009 however.

2. What do you think the Royals will do to upgrade the lineup ? What would you do ?

I don't think the Royals will make any major moves, despite some organizational desire to do so. I don't really see the point in trading DeJesus, who is one of the few players who isn't part of the problem. I'd try to replace Teahen and Gload with better options, and simply hope that Butler and Gordon break out. Supposedly young hitters can do this from time to time, though I've only seen it happen with other teams.

3. Who wins the world series ?

I think the Rays are the best team still playing, but I have a weird feeling that this is the National League's year. I usually imagine what will annoy me the most, for some reason that ends up happening too often. In this case, the Dodgers beating the Rays in the World Series would probably engender a million: "they weren't ready" stories. So I'll go with that.
4. Who's the better closer Brad Lidge or Joakim Soria ? Not on who's youngest or whatever just if it was GM 7 of the WS and both would be gone after the year, who'd you give the ball to ?

Soria, no hesitation. Better control, better repertoire, probably better suited to pitch 2 innings as well. Lidge always carries the possibility of allowing a homer because of his reliance on his slider. I really don't know how he went all season without allowing one.

5. The T-Bones have a history of signing old Royals 1B (Pickering and Harvey) come 2012 will Ross Gload be on the T-Bones or still the 1B of the Royals ?

That's a good question. I don't think Ross will be a Royal or a T-Bone in 2012. As long as he isn't completely horrible next season, he'll still be in the bigs then. Dayton Moore once liked Gload quite a bit, and I think Moore is a pretty standard, representative General Manager. Someone will want him. As for the T-Bones... would you bet even money that they'll be around in '12?

6. hmm maybe but I'm broke so, Speaking of 1B/DH does Mike Sweeney play in the bigs in 2009 ?

I don't think so. In recent years we've seen the market dry up for guys like Sweeney. In the past, Sweeney would have probably snagged three post-Royals contracts, but not anymore. In some respects, this is probably an over-correction: you mean to tell me Piazza or Bonds couldn't have outhit the bottom third of random guys that teams had playing 1B/DH last year? But returning to your question, Sweeney needs to have an absolutely massive Spring Training next March to get another Big League job.

7. How is it that you came to power at Royals Review ?

It was the internet equivalent of being at the right place at the right time. In 2004 I started a Royals blog, which was what a lot of people did in 2004. The odd thing about it, in retrospect, was that I spent about a year planning to do so. This didn't make it better or anything... anyway, it wasn't a tremendous site and it didn't really have much traffic, but it did lead to me getting the chair at Royals Review. I think around March of 2005 Tyler Blezinski, the guy in charge of the SBN Network, emailed me about doing their Royals site. I don't know how many Royals bloggers turned them down before they got to me, but I'm glad they did. I spent a few days thinking about it, then jumped on board.

8. And so would you say that it turned into, "The best Royals blog out threre" ?

Oh, I don't know. I wouldn't say that really. Everyone kinda has their little niche, and at the top you've got Poz and Rany. And Mellinger's blog is in the mix too now. What I like about my site is that it isn't really mine. The format is very interactive and there is a good community of people on the site. I feel like that's the one thing that Royals Review really has going for it.

9. But Royals Review gets by far the most comments right ? Ok back to question 9 What is the most memorable moment from this years baseball season not just the Royals ?

I think that unless something else ends up happening, this Red Sox comeback against the Rays is the most memorable (7-0 in the 7th inning) although who knows how many people saw it live. This was actually kind of a chill season, I would say, especially after having endured two intense years of Bonds drama and outrage. Even the Arod media hate fest seemed fairly calm.

Final Question how would you rate the K's in game entertainment ie Kiss cam, Garth Brooks, etc. ?

Overall I guess its alright. The gigantic scoreboard/screen is fairly mesmerizing to stare at, and like everyone else I share an infant's fascination with Kiss Cam type stuff. I do wish, if half our time is going to be spent staring a TV screen essentially, that they could show baseball highlights or something. I think someday we might even see live look-ins at other games or something. Naa... wait, that would be too enjoyable and non-moneymaking. As for the Garth, I'm undecided. A tradition has to start sometime I suppose, but I'm not really a huge fan of the song, or of the increasingly country feel I get at the K. I'm not a country hater, but its just not something I'm into or identify with personally. I'll be interested to see what they come up with to coincide with the renovations

Thanks again to Will for taking the time to do the interview, thank you to you, the readers, and thank you to the store manager at Payless Shoes even though salesmen creep me out.

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