Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Devil" and it's not even Oct 31st yet

Devil Ramblings

Duke the Blue Devils a signature of NCAA basketball glory
The Tampa Bay Devil Rays the co-laughing stock of MLB (sorry Royals )

Tampa Bay drops the Devil to become just Rays and they are in the World Series (Royals are all alone in laughingstock land, rather deserved or not)
Duke doesn't and they become, a mere thought compared to North Carolina

So I propose they change it to the Duke Blue yep just Blue.

Where is the Royals content ? This is a Royals blog for Pete's sake !!

Seriously dude calm down,
One word Devil Royals (sweet), then the next year we drop it and walla walla the Royals are in the World Series !!!
Royals Nation

Our buddy Jack "Mr.Royals Nation" himself will be on 610 AM sports in an hour and 30 minutes,
meanwhile I thought I'd make sure I was able to listen , and that means listening to that Wright guy. I listened a couple minutes and then muted. Everyone has there cup o' tea and I guess 610 AM isn't mine. O well there goes my chance of making it on Greg's show. Soren if your out there ....
What to watch for in The World Series

Look for Brad Lidge to blow his 1st save of the year when he allows an off the roof HR in game 7.
Not Much Royals content but an interview with Will of Royals Review should be up soon.

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