Friday, October 24, 2008

Change of plans in the posting

* Words of Moore in green
Originally a post to be about Jaime Moyer, now is about the newest Royals Pitcher Jairo Cuevas as the Royals claimed the former (guess) ...................


and cut ties with the Kipper,
yes Mr. Wells was released sad isn't it ?

Now more on Cuevas:
Cuevas is 24
The USA Today had this to say:
The 24-year-old, who was signed by the Braves while current Royals GM Dayton Moore worked for the team, throws in the low-90s and has a curve with potential.

So um who thanks the Royals will trade for Andruw Jones ??? You know Jones for Guillen ???
The USA Today also seemed to thank that:

He's likely to open 2009 in Double-A, but he could eventually surface in the majors as a reliever.

O yeah ?
Then how come "The Kagelster" had the truth :

August the 22 of 2008, Cuevas had season-ending surgery on his right shoulder.

"I think he's projected to return in late July or August," Royals general manager Dayton Moore said. "Then we'd have to re-assess where he is and at what level he should compete."

So did we mention he's a righty ? Lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic ? He has a career milb record of 22-30 ? Or this year at AA Mississippi he was 0-2 with a 7.50 ERA ?
That last stat is why the Royals want him, remember Gobble had that horrendous 11. ERA and then came up lame ? yeah
Exactly my point.

Did we mention everyone wants to know if Jairo has a girlfriend ?

(What a hunk that Jairo is)

And know we leave you with a photo montage of the real loser in this move,
(It turns out an 8.71 ERA just isn't the style anymore)

Happy 6 Days to Halloween
Leaving you with an article from the new Royals Hall of Fame coming Spring 2009:

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