Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's official

Royals get 1B Jacobs trade Nunez to the Fish
Fair swap assuming we dish some of our other plethora of 1B/Dh's that we have so many of.

Jacobs for Nunez ?

EDIT: Appears I'm like the last blogger to post something about this and unlike Rany I'll speculate on potential deals mainly because what else would I do ?
Also congrats to the Phillies

Looks like the latest out of Miami has the Royals still going after Mike Jacobs, only this time for Leo Nunez. So my guess is that Dayton has no faith in Ryan Shealy and thinks Kila is to young and inexperienced at the next level (and he could be right with both).
So it looks like with all the rumors the Royals should, when it's all said and done end up with Jacobs.

Leo Nunez was solid this year and it's sort of a shame to see him go (if this trade works out) but with his toothpick frame I just don't think he'll ever be able to pull of a full season injury free. So if it's Jacobs for Leo I think that's a good trade for us, simply because of that factor.

It would make you wonder who's the next guy who'll be replaced maybe Butler ? Teahen ?
And remember "The Source" said:
on Wednesday night that players have been agreed upon, and the deal could be consummated in the next few days.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Trade Talk

So the Royals are rumored linked to Mike Jacobs, Luis Castillo, and The Indian 3.
It sure looks like it could be one busy offseason, and I can't wait for it to begin as soon as the World Series wraps up.

So with that said, surely I'm not the only one hoping the Rays are man-Hamel-ed tonight.
Great story,
Great run,
But alas all great things must come to an end in Philadelphia just like the 1980 Royals.
Kinda ironic is it not, that Kc's first WS was against the Phillies and now the Rays ?
One word, creepy

Well it's only 4 days till Halloween so that explains part of it and scarier yet, 8 days till the elections then what will we do for commercials and mail ?

But alas I really should breakdown the trade rumors, it's like my civic duty as a blogger, so here we go:

Jose Guillen For Luis Castillo
Hate this one glad it could never happen. (Right Dayton) I mean trading your best hitter pain in the --- he is for a punchless, injured 2B. If you need a 2B THAT bad bring back Grudz otherwise Callaspo should work or does his hit streak mean nothing ? Plus we all know we're linked to Furcal

Mark Teahen For Franklin Gutierrez, or Ben Francisco or Trevor Crowe
First off is it just me or wouldn't Kc have to throw in a milb player ? Or maybe I've just seen to much Teahen as for Gutierrez or Fransisco I like them both but they both alot, but they scream Mench (Who was DFA today) and Nix. And the minor league Crowe looks like he could be a solid guy but he's yet to prove anything at the Big league level.
But I keep getting the feeling when he's gone from Kc Teahen will become the next Wellemeyer

unkown injured minor leauge pitcher for Mike Jacobs.

The Miami Herald said the deal fell apart “because of a medical issue involving the minor-league pitcher."
And thus we have no Idea how to grade this possible trade other then he doesn't seem like any sort of an upgrade over Shealy/Ka'aihue except Jacobs did hit 32 HR's though............
RS has better break down head there to check it out.

All so here is my list of our top 20 prospects I'm not very good at this so bare with me:

1. Mike Moustakas 3B
2. Eric Hosmer 1B
3. Daniel Cortes RHP
4. Carlos Rosa RHP
5. Johnny Giovotella 2B
6. Kila Kaaihue DH/1B
7. Danny Duffy LHP
8. Derrick Robinson CF
9. Tim Melville RHP
10. Daniel Gutierrez RHP
11. Michael Montgomery LHP
12. Julio Pimentel RHP
13. Blake Woood RHP
14. Ed Cegarra RHP
15. Paulo Orlando LF/RF
16. Jeff Bianchi 2B
17. Jason Taylor 3B/LF
18. Kelvin Herrera RHP
19. Tyler Sample RHP
20. John Flanagan LHP

We will defiantly ask our next interviewee what he thinks off the prospects, because he is Victorious Secrets from the new hit blog Royals Prospects !
Look for that coming soon !!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Morning read

Sunday Morning read

Buck must go
So Johnny said that him and Miguel Olivo could:

successfully co-exist as the Royals' catchers next season

And that is why he must go, I'm all for good guys off the field but on the field you've got to want it.
You've got to want to be in there everyday I wish I was quoting Buck more like: "Hey I'm the guy to be the everyday guy heading into 2009 I want to be back there every chance I can get"
But no we get:
"Miguel and I really got along really well, and together, if you look at our production and what we put out at the position, you can throw us up there with anybody in the league," Buck said
I don't care if it was my best friend was competing with me you've GOT TO WANT IT !!!
Be friends of the field but when you've got your jersey on PLAY YOUR FREAKIN GUTS OUT !!

It's all in the attitude and Buck has a great Royals attitude but we NEED guys with winning attitudes not Royals attitudes.

And I can't believe that when in the baseline guys don't run over the 2B and more railroading of the catcher isn't a bad thing but that's another rant for another day.

Congrats to MT
Congrats to Mt.Royal (aka. Antonio) a frequent guest interview here on RoRetc on his new job as the new blogger for Royally Speaking. The job was first made available to the public here

Royals Nation Finally Has
Declared Whitey Herzog the Royals All-Time Manager in the contest that started innocently enough on September 18th and finally wrapped up October 23. With the White Rat ousting Howser.

I Endorse

Finally in this season of politics I may be the "ONLY" Royals blogger to do this but Go Phillies !!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Change of plans in the posting

* Words of Moore in green
Originally a post to be about Jaime Moyer, now is about the newest Royals Pitcher Jairo Cuevas as the Royals claimed the former (guess) ...................


and cut ties with the Kipper,
yes Mr. Wells was released sad isn't it ?

Now more on Cuevas:
Cuevas is 24
The USA Today had this to say:
The 24-year-old, who was signed by the Braves while current Royals GM Dayton Moore worked for the team, throws in the low-90s and has a curve with potential.

So um who thanks the Royals will trade for Andruw Jones ??? You know Jones for Guillen ???
The USA Today also seemed to thank that:

He's likely to open 2009 in Double-A, but he could eventually surface in the majors as a reliever.

O yeah ?
Then how come "The Kagelster" had the truth :

August the 22 of 2008, Cuevas had season-ending surgery on his right shoulder.

"I think he's projected to return in late July or August," Royals general manager Dayton Moore said. "Then we'd have to re-assess where he is and at what level he should compete."

So did we mention he's a righty ? Lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic ? He has a career milb record of 22-30 ? Or this year at AA Mississippi he was 0-2 with a 7.50 ERA ?
That last stat is why the Royals want him, remember Gobble had that horrendous 11. ERA and then came up lame ? yeah
Exactly my point.

Did we mention everyone wants to know if Jairo has a girlfriend ?

(What a hunk that Jairo is)

And know we leave you with a photo montage of the real loser in this move,
(It turns out an 8.71 ERA just isn't the style anymore)

Happy 6 Days to Halloween
Leaving you with an article from the new Royals Hall of Fame coming Spring 2009:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interview with Will of RR

Interview #2 with Will of Royals Review

1. Overall was this season a step forward in turning the Royals into contenders or a letdown in that sense ? (Feel Free to break down individual performances)

That is hard to say. After 162 games, I have this strange feeling of not really knowing the team any better than I did coming out of spring training. I think the Royals have established that they have the foundations of an OK pitching staff. That's progress. The offense remains pretty messed up, and outside of Butler and Gordon, it's hard to see much upside. Then again, those guys could truly explode next season. I'm still not sure the Royals will contend in 2009 however.

2. What do you think the Royals will do to upgrade the lineup ? What would you do ?

I don't think the Royals will make any major moves, despite some organizational desire to do so. I don't really see the point in trading DeJesus, who is one of the few players who isn't part of the problem. I'd try to replace Teahen and Gload with better options, and simply hope that Butler and Gordon break out. Supposedly young hitters can do this from time to time, though I've only seen it happen with other teams.

3. Who wins the world series ?

I think the Rays are the best team still playing, but I have a weird feeling that this is the National League's year. I usually imagine what will annoy me the most, for some reason that ends up happening too often. In this case, the Dodgers beating the Rays in the World Series would probably engender a million: "they weren't ready" stories. So I'll go with that.
4. Who's the better closer Brad Lidge or Joakim Soria ? Not on who's youngest or whatever just if it was GM 7 of the WS and both would be gone after the year, who'd you give the ball to ?

Soria, no hesitation. Better control, better repertoire, probably better suited to pitch 2 innings as well. Lidge always carries the possibility of allowing a homer because of his reliance on his slider. I really don't know how he went all season without allowing one.

5. The T-Bones have a history of signing old Royals 1B (Pickering and Harvey) come 2012 will Ross Gload be on the T-Bones or still the 1B of the Royals ?

That's a good question. I don't think Ross will be a Royal or a T-Bone in 2012. As long as he isn't completely horrible next season, he'll still be in the bigs then. Dayton Moore once liked Gload quite a bit, and I think Moore is a pretty standard, representative General Manager. Someone will want him. As for the T-Bones... would you bet even money that they'll be around in '12?

6. hmm maybe but I'm broke so, Speaking of 1B/DH does Mike Sweeney play in the bigs in 2009 ?

I don't think so. In recent years we've seen the market dry up for guys like Sweeney. In the past, Sweeney would have probably snagged three post-Royals contracts, but not anymore. In some respects, this is probably an over-correction: you mean to tell me Piazza or Bonds couldn't have outhit the bottom third of random guys that teams had playing 1B/DH last year? But returning to your question, Sweeney needs to have an absolutely massive Spring Training next March to get another Big League job.

7. How is it that you came to power at Royals Review ?

It was the internet equivalent of being at the right place at the right time. In 2004 I started a Royals blog, which was what a lot of people did in 2004. The odd thing about it, in retrospect, was that I spent about a year planning to do so. This didn't make it better or anything... anyway, it wasn't a tremendous site and it didn't really have much traffic, but it did lead to me getting the chair at Royals Review. I think around March of 2005 Tyler Blezinski, the guy in charge of the SBN Network, emailed me about doing their Royals site. I don't know how many Royals bloggers turned them down before they got to me, but I'm glad they did. I spent a few days thinking about it, then jumped on board.

8. And so would you say that it turned into, "The best Royals blog out threre" ?

Oh, I don't know. I wouldn't say that really. Everyone kinda has their little niche, and at the top you've got Poz and Rany. And Mellinger's blog is in the mix too now. What I like about my site is that it isn't really mine. The format is very interactive and there is a good community of people on the site. I feel like that's the one thing that Royals Review really has going for it.

9. But Royals Review gets by far the most comments right ? Ok back to question 9 What is the most memorable moment from this years baseball season not just the Royals ?

I think that unless something else ends up happening, this Red Sox comeback against the Rays is the most memorable (7-0 in the 7th inning) although who knows how many people saw it live. This was actually kind of a chill season, I would say, especially after having endured two intense years of Bonds drama and outrage. Even the Arod media hate fest seemed fairly calm.

Final Question how would you rate the K's in game entertainment ie Kiss cam, Garth Brooks, etc. ?

Overall I guess its alright. The gigantic scoreboard/screen is fairly mesmerizing to stare at, and like everyone else I share an infant's fascination with Kiss Cam type stuff. I do wish, if half our time is going to be spent staring a TV screen essentially, that they could show baseball highlights or something. I think someday we might even see live look-ins at other games or something. Naa... wait, that would be too enjoyable and non-moneymaking. As for the Garth, I'm undecided. A tradition has to start sometime I suppose, but I'm not really a huge fan of the song, or of the increasingly country feel I get at the K. I'm not a country hater, but its just not something I'm into or identify with personally. I'll be interested to see what they come up with to coincide with the renovations

Thanks again to Will for taking the time to do the interview, thank you to you, the readers, and thank you to the store manager at Payless Shoes even though salesmen creep me out.

"Devil" and it's not even Oct 31st yet

Devil Ramblings

Duke the Blue Devils a signature of NCAA basketball glory
The Tampa Bay Devil Rays the co-laughing stock of MLB (sorry Royals )

Tampa Bay drops the Devil to become just Rays and they are in the World Series (Royals are all alone in laughingstock land, rather deserved or not)
Duke doesn't and they become, a mere thought compared to North Carolina

So I propose they change it to the Duke Blue yep just Blue.

Where is the Royals content ? This is a Royals blog for Pete's sake !!

Seriously dude calm down,
One word Devil Royals (sweet), then the next year we drop it and walla walla the Royals are in the World Series !!!
Royals Nation

Our buddy Jack "Mr.Royals Nation" himself will be on 610 AM sports in an hour and 30 minutes,
meanwhile I thought I'd make sure I was able to listen , and that means listening to that Wright guy. I listened a couple minutes and then muted. Everyone has there cup o' tea and I guess 610 AM isn't mine. O well there goes my chance of making it on Greg's show. Soren if your out there ....
What to watch for in The World Series

Look for Brad Lidge to blow his 1st save of the year when he allows an off the roof HR in game 7.
Not Much Royals content but an interview with Will of Royals Review should be up soon.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Former Royals througout part two

The Former Royals Pitchers EDITION

LHP Brian Shouse
5-1 2.81 ERA 69 APP 0 GS 2 SV 51.1 IP 33 K 14 BB stats

RHP Tom "Flash" Gordon
5-4 5.16 ERA 34 APP 0 GS 2 SV 29.2 IP 26 K 17 BB stats

LHP Jeremy Affeldt
1-1 3.33 ERA 74 APP 0 GS 78.1 IP 80 K 25 BB stats

RHP Paul Byrd
Indians + Red Sox
11-12 4.60 ERA 30 APP 30 GS 1 CG 180 IP 82 K 34 BB stats

LHP Tim Byrdak
2-1 3.90 ERA 59 APP 0 GS 55.1 IP 47 K 29 BB stats

RHP Mike MacDougal
AAA (Charlotte)
0-4 3.83 ERA 38 APP 2 GS 4 SV 49.1 IP 65 K 30 BB
White Sox
0-0 2.12 ERA 16 APP 0 GS 17 IP 12 K 12 IP stats

RHP Scott Dohmann
AAA (Durham)
0-2 3.46 ERA 33 APP 0 GS 20 SV 41.2 IP 49 K 12 BB
2-0 6.14 ERA 12 APP 0 GS 14.2 IP 12 K 7 BB stats

LHP Glendon Rusch
Padres + Rockies
6-7 5.40 ERA 47 APP 9 GS 103. 1 IP 77 K 36 BB stats

RHP Scott Elarton
0-1 3.52 ERA 8 APP 0 GS 15.1 IP 15 K 9 BB stats

RHP Runelvys Hernandez
AAA (Round Rock)
8-8 4.91 ERA 24 APP 23 GS 1 CG 124.2 IP 95 K 43 BB
0-3 8.38 ERA 4 APP 4 GS 19.1 IP 15 K 11 BB stats

RHP Bobby Keppel
AAA (Albuquerque)
9-11 5.99 ERA 28 APP 27 GS 1 CG 159.1 IP 85 K 57 BB stats

RHP Steve Andrade
AA + AAA (Montgomery + Durham)
5-4 2.82 ERA 41 APP 1 GS 5 SV 60.2 IP 69 K 37 BB stats

RHP Jonah Bayliss
AAA (Indianapolis + Syracuse)
3-8 5.03 ERA 82 APP 0 GS 8 SV 105.2 IP 79 K 38 BB stats

RHP Jeremy Hill
Mexican (Norte)
4-2 2.62 ERA 57 APP 0 GS 23 SV 64.2 IP 53 K 30 BB stats

RHP Miguel Asencio
AA + AAA (Portland + Pawtucket)
2-4 5.02 ERA 41 APP 0 GS 1 SV 71.2 IP 48 K 34 BB stats

LHP Horacio Ramirez
Royals + White Sox
2-5 3.65 ERA 47 APP 0 GS 61.2 IP 24 K 10 BB stats

RHP David Riske
1-2 5.31 ERA 45 APP 0 GS 2 SV 42.1 IP 27 K 25 BB stats

RHP Kyle Snyder
1-4 4.62 ERA 21 APP 11 GS 1 SV 50.2 IP 43 K 13 BB
Red Sox
0-0 21.60 ERA 2 APP 0 GS 1.2 IP 1 K 2 BB stats

RHP Rudy Seanez
5-4 3.53 ERA 42 APP 0 GS 43.1 IP 30 K 25 BB stats

RHP Jamey Wright
8-7 5.12 ERA 75 APP 0 GS 84.1 IP 60 K 35 BB stats

Octavio Dotel
RHP Octavio Dotel
White Sox
4-4 3.76 ERA 72 APP 0 GS 1 SV 67 IP 92 K 29 BB stats

LHP Dennys Reyes
3-0 2.33 ERA 75 APP 0 GS 46.1 IP 39 K 15 BB stats

RHP Todd Wellemeyer
13-9 3.71 ERA 191.2 IP 134 K 62 BB stats

LHP Les Walrond
AAA (Iowa + Lehigh Valley)
6-9 3.61 ERA 28 APP 17 GS 2 CG 122 IP 119 K 47 BB
1-1 6.10 ERA 6 APP 0 GS 10.1 IP 12 K 9 BB stats

RHP Billy Buckner
AAA (Tuscon)
5-10 4.95 ERA 21 APP 20 GS 116.1 IP 69 K 43 BB
1-0 3.21 ERA 10 APP 0 GS 14 IP 11 K 4 BB stats

RHP Nate Field
AAA (New Orleans)
1-3 4.68 ERA 50 APP 0 GS 13 SV 50 IP 55 K 29 BB stats

RHP Shawn Camp
3-1 4.12 ERA 40 APP 0 GS 39.1 IP 31 K 11 BB stats

RHP Ken Ray
Mexican (Tijuana)
6-3 3.65 ERA 13 APP 13 GS 74 IP 61 K 35 BB stats

LHP Jorge De La Rosa
10-8 4.92 ERA 28 APP 23 GS 130 IP 128 K 62 BB stats

RHP Brett Tomko
Royals + Padres
2-7 6.30 ERA 22 APP 10 GS 70 IP 49 K 18 BB stats

Jamie Walker
LHP Jaime Walker
1-3 6.87 ERA 59 APP 0 GS 38 IP 24 K 11 BB stats

RHP Jeff Suppan
10-10 4.96 ERA 31 APP 31 GS 177.2 IP 90 K 67 BB stats

RHP Chad Durbin
5-4 2.87 ERA 71 APP 0 GS 1 SV 87.2 IP 63 K 35 BB stats

LHP Odalis Perez
7-12 4.34 ERA 30 APP 30 GS 159.2 IP 119 K 55 BB stats

RHP Denny Bautista
Tigers + Pirates
4-4 5.22 ERA 51 APP 0 GS 60.1 IP 44 K 42 BB stats

RHP Miguel Batista
4-14 6.26 ERA 44 APP 20 GS 1 SV 115 IP 73 K 79 BB stats

LHP J.P. Howell

6-1 2.22 ERA 64 APP 0 GS 3 SV 89.1 IP 92 K 39 BB stats

LHP Mark Redman
AAA (Colorado Springs)
8-4 5.29 ERA 18 APP 12 GS 85 IP 51 K 22 BB
2-5 7.54 ERA 10 APP 9 GS 45.1 IP 20 K 16 BB stats

Joe Nelson
RHP Joe Nelson
3-1 2.00 ERA 59 APP 0 GS 1 SV 54 IP 60 K 22 BB stats

RHP Chris Booker
AAA (Columbus)
1-3 4.94 ERA 21 APP 0 GS 8 SV 23.2 IP 38 K 18 BB stats

LHP Chris George
AA (Colorado Springs + Syracuse)
1-6 5.85 ERA 49 APP 2 GS 1 SV 67.2 IP 60 K 33 BB stats

RHP Elmer Dessens
Mexican (Mexico City)
10-2 4.03 ERA 20 G 19 GS 105 IP 51 K 17 BB
0-1 22.50 ERA 4 APP 0 GS 4 IP 2 K 4 BB stats

RHP Adam Bernero
AAA (Indianapolis)
0-0 3.24 ERA 4 G 4 GS 16.2 IP 6 K 4 BB stats

RHP Brian Bass
Twins + Orioles
4-4 4.84 ERA 49 APP 4 GS 1 SV 89.1 IP 45 K 31 BB stats

Matt Kinney (Japan)
Brad Voyles (Northern Leauge)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

R.I.P. Royales with Cheese

Royales With Cheese

The infamous Royals blog Royales with Cheese it seized to has had it's final day at 3:13 PM Et October 13 to exist. Due to weak posting and MLB poking it's nose in everyone's business (We want a World Baseball Classic but no videos on youtube).
Sure it was at times crude and filled with bad words but so is your family get together's, right ? (Or is it just mine ?)
Anyway RWC was the funniest Royals blog out there, and it was to young to go but I guess Emil Brown was to much of a driving force.
anyway RWC you will be missed but thanks for the laughs and well thanks for making yourself such a big name you got the feds (MLB) involved.

RWC gone but not forgotten may our Royals blog brother Rest in peace

Interview with Jeff of RS

Interview with: Jeff of Royally Speaking

1. If you could change one thing about the Royals 08 season what would it be ?

I would have made Mike Aviles the starting shortstop on May 1st instead of June 6th. TPJ hit .156/.175/.208 in April and it was clear to everyone not named Hillman or Moore that last season was a fluke. Because its a team game Aviles isn't solely responsible for the 51-50 record they had in games he started but he did play a major role in it. After his batting average dropped under .290 in early July we started hearing that the league had figured him out but over his last 73 games he hit .343/.372/.489, it definitely would have been nicer if he could have played 132 games instead of 102.

2. Overall how would you say the Royals did in 08' was it a step forward, a step back, or just another year gone by without making it to the playoffs ?

Even though they were 6 wins better than 2007 I really didn't see much improvement. The offense scored fewer runs and the pitching was just a tad worse compared to last season. The two faces of the franchise, Gordon & Butler, didn't take the big step like most people thought they would (myself included). Some bad things happened (12 game losing streak, Guillen distractions) and some good things happened (interleague dominance, September) but at seasons end they finished 1 game out of last place so I really don't believe they took a step forward or a step back.

3. What improvents do the Royals need to make what improvements would you make ?

Given that nobody ran away with the Central division I'd say that the Royals aren't that far away from being contenders, which makes the "trade Greinke" talk that much crazier. They need a legitimate #3 starter and a power bat such as Burrell or Dunn. And then if Butler, Gordon, & Guillen hit to their potential this team will make a playoff push. And personally I'd like to see KC overpay for Dunn rather than going the cheaper less productive route.

4. So if KC signs Dunn wouldn't one have to worry about Dunn's production going down at Kauffman stadium ?

Well that would be a concern I suppose given that he played in a homer friendly stadium in Cincinnati. However looking at his home/road splits it's not as bad as one would think. His road numbers for his career adjusted to 162 games comes out at 36 home runs a season. It's not the 40+ he put up for Cincy but I bet he would go for 30-40 jacks a year while putting up a .375+ OBP in KC. I can live with that. Sure he's gonna strike out alot but he'll also walk alot (and where somebody may a see a base clogger I see a base runner). The walks may be the reason he doesn't come here as DM hasn't so far placed an emphasis on going after high OBP guys. I think Adam Dunn in KC would work.

5. Will Balboni's HR record be broke in the next 5 years ?

Not by anybody on the current roster. So I guess it depends on what free agents they sign or how quickly Moustakas develops.

6. New coaches Gibbons (Bench Coach) and Seitzer (Hitting Coach) what's your take, like the hirings or not ?

I like that they hired a former manager as bench coach and a former Royal as hitting coach. We really won't know til next season if they were the right hires. (Thats called answering a question without really answering.)

7. What is your take on the in game entertainment at the K ? i.e. You like the Garth Brooks, kiss cam or you'd prefer just plain baseball ?

I find the Garth Brooks song to be kind of cheesy but I don't have a problem with it. The kiss cam is actually entertaining, especially when they show a couple players on the opposing team.

8. How do you plan on continuing the growth of Royally Speaking ?

Thats a good question because so far the blog has exceeded my expectations as far as hits and reader feedback are concerned. For the last couple of months I haven't been able to spend much time on it due to work and family obligations so one thing I'd like to do is add a co-contributer - someone to post an article or two a week. I'd like to focus a little more on the farm teams, I didn't get into that much this season, and if my cc is tuned in to the those teams then that would kill two birds with one stone. I'm planning to post something soon on my blog but I can let your readers have first crack. If anyone is interested in joining Royally Speaking then shoot me an email at jeff@royallyspeaking and I will get back with you.

9. Cool thanks for giving us the first crack, next question will Brian Bannister ever have another year in his career like 2007 ?

For the Royals? It seems unlikely but I should also add that I don't think he will ever have a year like 2008 either. Now if he ends up back in the NL then he can probably duplicate 2007 often.

Final question how was the 2008 baseball season in General not just Kc but the whole MLB year ?

It was a fun year, four divisions were decided by three games or less and the NL wild card was decided on the seasons final day. We saw playoff newcomers in the Rays (I suggest KC change their name to the Roys, maybe thats all they need) & Brewers (more or less, its been 26 years) and watched as both New York teams and their bloated payrolls missed the post season. I think the playoffs have been interesting and as long as Boston doesn't win the World Series (sorry Minda) it will have been a great season. I am definitely looking forward to 2009.

Thanks to Jeff of Royally Speaking he has a great site be sure and check it out

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Interview with MtRoyals

2nd Interview with: MtRoyals

1. Overall how did the season do ?

What was the biggest up and the lowest down ?

Overall, I wasn't too far off on what the season brought for us...I did guess at 74 wins. I didn't expect peaks to be as high as they were, but I didn't guess the valleys would be as low as they were either. For me, I have to ask, is the lowest peak really the 12-game losing streak or was it Trey Hillman? Maybe I was expecting a different kind of manager and that was unfair out of a rookie manager. But I'm thinking that he was too impressed with big leaguers. Without the successful final month, it might be questionable to bring him back because he had basically lost the clubhouse. But for now, he's back to saying the right things--about the learning experience.

The biggest up cannot be September until we find out what kind of club we have going into next season. Can we expect certain players to be more like what they showed in September or will they be the basic player they were in 2008?

Gordon .311/.367/.556 or .260/.351/.432 (let's hope he can add the 2008 walk rate to the Sept stats
Teahen .313/.340/.490 or .255/.313/.402 --for yet another year of declined results.
Guillen .337/.380/.485 or .264/.300/.438
Buck .262/.360/.381 or .224/.304/.365
DDJ .388/.443/.565 or .307/.366/.452
Meche improved K/BB, ERA and HR/9
Greinke's last two months saw him with a 4.1:1 K:BB, which is amazing! His ERA was almost like Maddux of old, and most promising of all is that he gave up THREE HR in 62 innings, which has always been a weak spot of Greinke.

Definite bright spots, of course, would be Soria, Greinke and Meche not regressing as much as I thought he would. Finishing fourth and 75-87 aren't as bright as people want to make them out to be because the division isn't as tough as it was before, but it's still nice. Also, Butler. Before Butler was sent down, he was hitting .263/.330/.339. After his return, he hit .284/.320/.444. I do think he'll start walking enough to keep his OBP split about 70 points or more, but that might be a few more years off. But the difference in slugging is very big. I think he'll slug even better next season.

2. What is your take on the in game entertainment at the K ? i.e. You like the Garth Brooks, kiss cam or you'd prefer just plain baseball ?

It's a bit of a draw both ways. I usually take my sister's kids to the game with me (two boys and recently took her oldest daughter (seven) and they seem to like it. But I could nitpick quite a bit. One, why would you want to remind a stadium "full" of mostly casual fans about anything boring--like mowing? Do we really need to have all of the racing things going on there? And please, please, please, don't ever, ever, ever, for the Love of God, EVER play Cotton Eye Joe! But I like the kiss cam and the distorte view cam. I can't stand that "cool" guy, whatever the guy's name is...he's annoying, but even worse when it comes to singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. As far as Garth, I like it, but it would be cool if they could mix up the songs. And I guess all in all, I'd like to see more baseball-related things in between the innings...more trivia. And heck, maybe a real life "skills" test. Two people in the outfield compete in one even--90 feet sprint or something

3. What Free Agents do you think the Royals will sign or make a run for ?

That's a tough one. Well done. I have to go with the reports I've read. I say they go after Ibanez, who'll sign and slightly disappoint, and Furcal, who won't sign here. They'll probably also sign a pitcher that'll either be average or they'll sign a Tomko type to go up against Bannister for the fifth spot--he'll transition to the pen easily enough when he loses to Banny, who'll be more 2008 than 2007, but won't be as bad as he was this past season.

The problem with this free agency season is that there's such a huge drop off after the top talents, none of which will sign here. I'm pretty sure of that. And the Royals, they need to aim for them anyways, and if/when they don't sign them, they shouldn't settle for second rate free agents that are aging. I'd rather them get a player that's not quite as good as Raul yet much cheaper. That player will do well enough and Raul won't have any value if we will need to trade him. And he's going to want at least a two year deal. I'm not willing to bet that he'd be productive at the K in 2010. And please, please, Royal fans, get off of the over paying kick. It only hurts in the end. Inflation in any aspect of life, isn't a good thing...and inflation is all we're going to create. All you have to do is overpay once. Every time you do, it sets a new precedence. The best idea is getting as many young players as possible and buy into their free agency years. That's how you get team-friendly deals, which is what the Royals need. And they should have bought more Soria years!

4. All fans overvalue "there" players, do Royals fans overvalue Zack Greinke ?

To a degree. It's so hard to really say definitively. You can give him a pass because

1. his social anxiety disorder, but there's a chance it is now overstated. Not to say it's not a very real issue that's affecting him, but we don't know really how he's coping with it. Did we see signs of it before it became known? No. Is there a difference in Zack now compared to before he left camp? No. So, as far as we know, it's under complete control and he's dealing with it well--or he's not.
2. he was pulled from the rotation very quickly last year.

So right there are two "lost" seasons. So when someone like me says, "yeah, he's good now, but he's only had one really good season as a starter," there are special reasons for that, one of which was clearly out of his control and the other one had only a bit of his control to it.

Of course, a plus for him is that he just had a really good season in his Age 24 season. He was called up four years ago! And as well as he pitched that year, it's clear that our buddy Allard called him up too early.

I think he'll be great and it would be nice for that greatness to take place in a Royal uniform, but I'm a much bigger fan of the team than I am of Zack Greinke and if trading him means this team will become a contender and stay a contender for a long time, then I'm sorry, but Zack needs to go! You have to use your assets and sometimes creating more assets is the best way to go about that. It would be nice to know more about this supposed Ranger offer at the deadline to get an idea of how Dayton's mind is working on this issue.

5. Who will win the World Series ?

Hopes and prayers, Tampa.
Likely Boston.
Worst team, LA
Cosmically funny, Philly.

I want Tampa, but I think Boston

6. CC Sabathia signs where ? And for how much ?

For me, the belief is that the very best cannot be overpaid. CC is young enough to get/want a long term deal, but teams are also smarter than before, especially in light of what has happened in other deals like Brown, Hampton, Zito. I call the Mets big spenders this year, matching or nearly matching the years and amount given to Santana. The problem is that while CC is very good, it's hard to argue that he's anywhere near as good (262 ERA+ in 130.7 IP) as he's been in the NL so far--and you have to wonder about how hard (7.67 IP per start--and just over 3800 pitches thrown on the season) the Brewers were riding him.

7 Your Dayton Moore the phone rings it's the Rangers GM Daniels he wants to know if you are willing to trade, Brian Bannister for C Max Ramirez, you say what ?

MAKE THE TRADE, DAYTON! CALL ME LATER!!! And then to a friend, "What the heck is he calling me for? Daniels might wise up!"

8. Gibbons and Seitzer whats your take on the new coaches ?

Gibbons, I think I like. I'm not sure though. I'm not really sure what it is exactly that he brings to the position, but I'm curious enough to find out. As said on, I think it's to ward off stuff like Guillen and I think Hillman's a bit of a push-over. I do wonder, though, if Gibbons is our next manager--and how two roosters in the henhouse or whatever other analogy will fit the situation is going to play out. Seitzer, though, I'm thinking that I'm against it. Looking at his career, you see a great BA/OBP split, so you know that he didn't go out of his way to get out on his own. He's likely to teach about OBP opposed to talking about teaching it. However, there's very little slugging out of his career, and looking at the short term numbers of the guys he was coaching in AZ, there was little of it out of them. And their young players didn't play well under him. That said, I'm a strong believer in the idea that coaches have little effect when compared to the talents. I do want the best teachers because I also believe that bad ones hurt more than good ones help. So is the young players failing under Seitz inevitable? Or could we point out that the failing young players all played better the full season after (2008) Seitzer was let go too early?

9. How did you first hear of Royalboard ?

I probably still have the e-mail. It was near Deadline '06 and I got a friend talking about how much he was going on and on about how important it was to trade for Ryan Shealy. And how he was outarguing some people over there. So I went to take a look--he'd posted twice and I don't think anyone had replied to him. People are prone to great exaggeration. haha

Final question, what are your final thoughts on the 2008 baseball season in general ?

As always, exciting season for the entire league. There were the typical ups and downs for all 30 teams, some higher than others, some lower than others...I think. Did any team have a lower low than the Royals' 12-game steak or their month of August? Did any team have a higher high than the Royals' September? More questions needed to be answered, of course...but hopefully, lessons have been learned. I'm really excited about continuing this pursuit of ours. We do have the ultimate example of how this needs to be ran. The example calls itself Tampa Bay Rays and they're about to off the Red Sox.

Thanks again to Mt. for taking his time to due this interview.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Transactions of interest 10-15-08

10/15/08 San Diego Padres
Announced that OF Chip Ambres has elected free agency after clearing outright waivers.

A noteworthy transaction former Royal Chip Ambres has elected free agency, he's done what Obama and McCain are both seeking to do, be elected !
I just thought while we were on the subject we could reminisce on Chip.

Chip Ambres came to the Kc Royals along with Juan Cedeno (Sent to AA) in the July 19 2005, trade that sent INF Tony Graffanino to the Red Sox, and according to one Dick Kaegel:

Is Chip Ambres or Emil Brown a better fit in left field?
-- Ronnie, Austin, Texas

Brown has to be the guy, unless he completely bottoms out in Spring Training. He was the Royals' most consistent hitter last season, blossoming at age 30. Even so, the Royals will be watching him closely to make certain he's not really a Triple-A player who just had a fluke season.

Ambres doesn't have Brown's power or strong arm, but he is a better all-around fielder. Of course, he has yet to prove he can make the jump from Triple-A. Ambres was actually the No. 2 player obtained in last year's deal that sent second baseman Tony Graffanino to the Red Sox. Pitcher Juan Cedeno was the player the Royals really wanted, although they figured Ambres might be useful as a backup outfielder.

Ambres was well liked I can't prove that statement but if your named Chip by golly you should be well liked.

Chip replaced Abraham Nunez in the Royals OF after Nunez was claimed off waivers by the Seattle Mariners never to be heard from again. But let's not forget Nunez's main accomplishments,
getting rid of Rudy Seanez and hit a Grand Slam in the Sonic slam inning and that's about it, wait I remember he made a great catch leaping over the wall to rob someone of a homer once.
OK so Chip didn't replace Nunez but how else was I going to ramble about ole' Abe after watching the Prez. Debate?

But back to Chip in 53 games in 05 with the Royals he hit .241 with an OBP of .323 with 4 HR and 9 RBIs. The future looked bright for Chip before starting the 06 year in AAA and an injury ended his season before he could make it back to the Royals, and for the most part no one cared.

He became a FA and signed with the Mets where he played in 3 games in 07 with the Mets before playing a sprinkling of games (24) for the Padres this year, not the best career but he is still the only Chip to ever play for the Royals.

So that's it that's the only reason us Royals fans should remember Ambres um yeah, hey look the Phillies are in the World Series..............

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Interview with Minda

1. What was the high point and low point in the O-Royals season ?

High point? Yikes. You know it was a rough season, right? Seriously. But I did always love watching Carlos Rosa pitch when he was healthy. I think my favorite start of his was June 28, a game that was played with no electricity thanks to an epic storm in Omaha the day before. The fans had to pay extra-close attention to the game because we had no video board and no PA, and Rosa struck out eight RedHawks in five innings. Otherwise, a high point was any time Mike Aviles did well in KC. I can't overstate how much the Omaha home crowd loved Aviles, so we all felt Mom-like pride for "our" Mikey when he dominated in the Majors.

2. What happened to (former) prospect Tyler Lumsden It's bad anytime your outpitched by the DH right or could BB maybe purse a comback to the Bigs on the hill ?

Somewhere along the line, Lumsden lost the ability to strike batters out and got a little too good at walking them.Most of his numbers from his fairly good 2007 and his disastrous 2008 are very similar, but there are dramatic differences in both his K/9 and BB/9. In 2007, Lumsden struck out 5.58 per 9 innings, and just 3.69 per 9 this year. He walked 4.45 per 9 last year, and 5.20 per 9 this year. I'm not sure what caused this change, but it appears he's done as a starter. I still sort of like him as a reliever for next year.As far as Buchanan reinventing himself as a pitcher...Oh man, Sports Illustrated would LOVE a story like that, wouldn't they? Sadly, I don't think it's gonna happen that way for ole' Buck; his fastball is in the low 80s and doesn't move at all. But it sure was funny seeing him on the mound.

3. Oh I thought I read somewhere Brian B was Omaha's # 1 reliever, lol but all kidding aside Devon Lowery was the O-Royals pitcher of the year, Who in your opinion was Omaha's best pitcher, and could Devon a Sept. callup sustain a full year in the Bigs ?

It took me until July or so to start to appreciate Lowery as the fine reliever he is. I don't think he's quite ready for a full season in the Majors, but he did show some promise as a strikeout pitcher in his limited ML innings (he struck out more than 6.5 per 9 in AAA, and had 6 Ks in 4.1 ML innings). I'd invite him to Spring Training for sure, but unless he has a jaw-dropping spring I'd stash him in Omaha for part of the season and he'd be among the first in line when a need arises in the KC bullpen. Omaha's best pitcher, when he was healthy, was Carlos Rosa. Dude was electrifying. I also really liked Jose Capellan, but his season ended early because of injury (which was sort of a theme among O-Royals).

4. When the Royals called up Duckworth was he the right choice ?

I think he was the only choice at that point. Nobody else was really healthy or performing well enough to warrant a callup at that point (August 24). The Omaha rotation was cobbled together, with only one true starter in the mix - and that was Matt Wright. Now, I have been a big fan of Wright since I started working with the team (April '07), but even I will say that he had a pretty dreadful season, so he wasn't an option. One intriguing move might have been to call up Roman Colon, who is technically a reliever but served as a pretty durable starter for much of the season. Other than those two, everyone was either a reliever, rehabbing injuries, or a DH pitching.

5. As you mentioned with Aviles finally getting his shot, who in Omaha has the best chance at being the next Mike Aviles and dominating the majors ? I

don't think there are any, certainly not at Omaha. But that's what made Aviles' big-league success so awesome; nobody thought he'd do THAT well. We all loved the guy, and his AAA numbers were awesome, but we could never have predicted he'd hang in there statistically with the Mauers and the Pedroias of the world once he got to KC. There are other guys in the Royals high minors that will have some success in the Majors, but they are all people who are expected to be there, not "extra bodies" like Aviles was called. We'd be very lucky indeed if someone came along and had another explosive year like Mikey.

6. Who was your favorite and least favorite player ? (Unless you'll get in trouble)
and while we're at it
7. Who will win the World Series ?

Favorite: Ryan Shealy! I've been an irrationally big Shealy fan since he became a Royal, and that fan-love has only grown. I think he should have been called up to KC a lot sooner this year, but he made the most of the time he was given, which is just how he rolls. Least favorite: I'll go with Josh Labandeira. I don't think he was quite good enough to play at AAA, and it just made me sad that the Royals organization was in a place where they had to play someone like that every day. Oh, and I REALLY don't like watching Jason Smith hit. His approach annoys me.

And the World Series could a team with Angel Berroa NOT win it all? (OK, I'm kidding. I sort of want Boston to win.)

8. Ok, Overall how would you rate the KC Royals season ?

Seeing another team listed below KC in the standings was a good start, but I'm still not satisfied, and I'm glad to read that Dayton Moore isn't either. It can't be a satisfactory year if Ross Freaking Gload serves as the everyday first baseman for most of the season. That is just one example of how far the club has yet to go. I was, however, encouraged by improvements at the minor league level and the way the draft went. Hopefully that means there will be no more Gloads or Gathrights or any other not-quite-good-enoughs in the Royals' future.

9. Any Final Thoughts on the O-Royals season ?

It was undeniably a rough year. We had a ridiculous number of injuries and not a lot to fill those gaps with. I'm just looking forward to next year, in true Royals fan fashion.

Final Question, Anything else you want to say the 2008 baseball season ?

I'm going to remember everything I can about this season, so when my grandkids ask "What's a Gload?" I can tell them horror stories about 2008. I think this season was the last of the embarrassing ones for now...we probably won't content in 2009, but it will be a better time to be a Royals fan.

Editors note:
Minda also says if you want to argue with her please feel free to do so just send an e-mail to her at:
I mean you can't let her get away for rooting for Boston can you ?

And again thanks to Minda for taking the time to do this, and thanks to everyone who reads this yaw'll are "da bomb"

Friday, October 3, 2008

Former Royals in Baseball YEE (batters)

Former Royals in Baseball Year end edition (batters)
MLB players have photos and name appears in bold

Milb players have no photos and name appears in bold but is italic and smaller
Players who played in both will appear under MLB

OF Chip Ambres
AAA (Portland)
.279 AVG 112 GM 412 AB 82 R 115 H 27 2B 7 3B 22 HR 77 RBI 8 SB 89/56 K/BB
MLB (Padres)
.195 AVG 24 GM 41 AB 3 R 8 H 1 2B 0 3B 0 HR 0 RBI 1 SB 15/7 K/BB

RF Jermaine Dye
MLB (White Sox)
.292 AVG 154 GM 590 AB 96 R 172 H 41 2B 2 3B 34 HR 96 RBI 3 SB 104/44 K/BB

LF Johnny Damon
MLB (Yankees)
.303 AVG 143 GM 555 AB 95 R 168 H 27 2B 5 3B 17 HR 71 RBI 29 SB 82/64 K/BB

C Greg Zaun*
MLB (Blue Jays)
.237 AVG 86 GM 245 AB 29 R 58 H 12 2B 0 3B 6 HR 30 RBI 2 SB 38/38 K/BB

OF Alexis Gomez
AAA ( Albuquerque)
.234 AVG 23 GM 77 AB 12 R 18 H 5 2B 1 3B 4 HR 12 RBI 5 SB 18/8 K/BB

OF Justin Huber
AAA (Portland)
.246 AVG 61 GM 199 AB 17 R 49 H 12 2B 0 3B 3 HR 27 RBI 0 SB 51/18 K/BB
MLB (Padres)
.246 AVG 33 GM 61 AB 5 R 15 H 3 2B 0 3B 2 HR 8 RBI 0 SB 19/3 K/BB

C Paul Phillips
AAA (Charlotte)
.269 AVG 73 GM 253 AB 22 R 68 H 15 2B 0 3B 2 HR 17 RBI 32/17 K/BB
MLB (White Sox)
.000 AVG 4 GM 2 AB 1 K

SS Andres Blanco
AAA (Iowa)
.285 AVG 102 GM 298 AB 30 R 85 H 8 2B 2 3B 1 HR 36 RBI 9 SB 31/15 K/BB

OF Matt Diaz*
MLB (Braves)
.244 AVG 43 GM 135 AB 9 R 33 H 2 2B 0 3B 2 HR 14 RBI 4 SB 32/3 K/BB

OF Abraham Nunez
MEX (Laguna)
.257 AVG 33 GM 109 AB 19 R 28 H 7 2B 0 3B 2 HR 19 RBI 1 SB 19/20 K/BB

IF Mendy Lopez
MEX (Monterrey)
.321 AVG 105 GM 390 AB 81 R 125 H 33 2B 1 3B 22 HR 97 RBI 1 SB 86/59 K/BB

C Alberto Castillo
MEX (Monterrey)
.341 AVG 14 GM 44 AB 3 R 15 H 8 2B 1 3B 0 HR 10 RBI 7/2 K/BB

IF Fernando Cortez
AAA (Charlotte)
.262 AVG 104 GM 355 AB 27 R 93 H 12 2B 2 3B 4 HR 35 RBI 10 SB 33/16 K/BB

IF Gookie Dawkins
AAA (Lehigh Valley+Charlotte+Omaha)
.228 AVG 101 GM 381 AB 36 R 87 H 24 2B 1 3B 9 HR 39 RBI 6 SB 121/23 K/BB

DH Mike Sweeney*
MLB (A's)
.286 AVG 42 GM 126 AB 13 R 36 H 8 2B 0 3B 2 HR 12 RBI 6/7 K/BB

C Mike DiFelice
AAA (Durham)
.217 AVG 68 GM 217 AB 19 R 47 H 13 2B 0 3B 3 HR 24 RBI 53/15 K/BB
MLB (Rays)
.300 AVG 7 GM 20 AB 1 R 6 H 1 2B 0 3B 0 HR 4 RBI 1/1 K/BB

OF Raul Ibanez
MLB (Mariners)
.293 AVG 162 GM 635 AB 85 R 186 H 43 2B 3 3B 23 HR 110 RBI 2 SB 110/64 K/BB

OF Dermal (Dee) Brown
AAA (Salt Lake)
.264 AVG 130 GM 485 AB 70 R 128 H 32 2B 0 3B 12 HR 74 RBI 10 SB 66/61 K/BB

OF Emil Brown
MLB (A's)
.244 AVG 117 GM 402 AB 48 R 98 H 14 2B 2 3B 13 HR 59 RBI 4 SB 65/27 K/BB

1B-OF Matt Stairs
MLB (Blue Jays-Phillies)
.252 AVG 121 GM 337 AB 46 R 85 H 12 2B 1 3B 13 HR 49 RBI 1 SB 90/42 K/BB

C Jason LaRue
MLB (Cardinals)
.213 AVG 61 GM 164 AB 17 R 35 H 8 2B 1 3B 4 HR 21 RBI 20/15 K/BB

IF Donnie Murphy
AAA (Sacramento)
.270 AVG 36 GM 141 AB 25 R 38 H 10 2B 2 3B 11 HR 27 RBI 1 SB 46/8 K/BB
MLB (A's)
.184 AVG 46 GM 103 AB 10 R 19 H 3 2B 0 3B 3 HR 13 RBI 2 SB 38/11 K/BB

C Paul Bako
MLB (Reds)
.217 AVG 99 GM 299 AB 30 R 65 H 11 2B 2 3B 6 HR 35 RBI 90/34 K/BB

C Sal Fasano
AAA (Richmond)
.193 AVG 26 GM 83 AB 6 R 16 H 3 2B 1 3B 2 HR 9 RBI 22/5 K/BB
MLB (Indians)
.262 AVG 15 G 46 AB 5 R 12 H 4 2B 0 3B 0 HR 6 RBI 17/3 K/BB

CF Carlos Beltran
MLB (Mets)
.284 AVG 161 GM 606 AB 116 R 172 H 40 2B 5 3B 27 HR 112 RBI 25 SB 96/92 K/BB

1B Doug Mientkiewicz
MLB (Pirates)
.277 AVG 125 GM 285 AB 37 R 79 H 19 2B 2 3B 2 HR 30 RBI 28/44 K/BB

SS Angel Berroa
AAA (Omaha)
.291 AVG 51 GM 189 AB 34 R 55 H 13 2B 0 3B 10 HR 27 RBI 4 SB 25/8 K/BB
MLB (Dodgers)

IF Jose Bautista*
MLB (Pirates-Blue Jays)
.238 AVG 128 GM 370 AB 45 R 88 H 17 2B 0 3B 15 HR 54 RBI 1 SB 91/40 K/BB

2B Ruben Gotay*
MLB (Braves)
.235 AVG 88 GM 102 AB 10 R 24 H 5 2B 0 3B 2 HR 8 RBI 1 SB 32/13 K/BB

1B Wes Bankston
AAA (Sacramento)
.280 AVG 97 GM 375 AB 56 R 105 H 19 2B 1 3B 20 HR 73 RBI 71/21 K/BB
MLB (A's)
.203 AVG 17 GM 59 AB 4 R 12 H 3 2B 0 3B 1 HR 4 RBI 15/2 K/BB

IF Jeff Keppinger
MLB (Reds)
.266 AVG 121 GM 459 AB 45 R 122 H 24 2B 2 3B 3 HR 43 RBI 3 SB 24/30 K/BB

IF Tony Graffanino
AAA (Buffalo)
.315 AVG 25 GM 89 AB 8 R 28 H 7 2B 1 3B 0 HR 6 RBI 0 SB 11/8 K/BB

C Max St. Pierre
AA+AAA (Erie AA 44 GMs -Toledo AAA 42 GMs)
.232 AVG 86 GM 306 AB 32 R 71 H 13 2B 0 3B 8 HR 47 RBI 44/20 K/BB

OF Rich Thompson
AAA (Lehigh Valley)
.264 AVG 97 GM 352 AB 41 R 96 H 18 2B 5 3B 4 HR 42 RBI 25 SB 72/39 K/BB

OF Endy Chavez
MLB (Mets)
.267 AVG 133 GM 270 AB 30 R 72 H 10 2B 2 3B 1 HR 12 RBI 6 SB 22/17 K/BB

1B Ken Harvey
Indy (T-Bones of Northern League)
.302 AVG 55 GM 222 AB 34 R 67 H 11 2B 3 3B 12 HR 45 RBI 1 SB 22/12 K/BB
(Breakin' rules but we gotta see KH)

* Milb stats not included less then 10 Games