Wednesday, September 10, 2008

C.C. Sabathia

Ok Sabathia will cost a TON OF $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
But why can't we do it ? Offer the man 6Y $120 M plus. I mean come on that is a huge decision but look at it this way, who'd be a better opening day starter at New K then CC ? It's not like Kc wasted $12m on Guillen O wait.
Yeah Sabathia could be bust but he's only 28 and therefore would be 34 at the end of his contract but 15-8 225 K's 224.1 IP plus an ERA of 2.81, 9 Complete games and a 5 shutouts, and it's only September the 10 !! (The Royals team has 2 CG's)
And how sweet would a rotation of :
  1. Sabathia
  2. Greinke
  3. Meche
  4. (unkown)
  5. Hochevar
Look ?
Yeah that one could win some games. Of course we'll probably end up with some AAAA pitcher and if we sign Sheets but not Sabathia I won't be ok with that, sure the Royals could use a power bat, but Sabathia < Teixeira (Yeap CC eats Tex*)
But that's just all hope instead look for Furcal or Ibanez but remember Kc almost got Hunter maybe we'll almost get the biggest free agent franchise pitcher of all time.
* (But I'd take Teixeira also or either)
Everything about CC is big even his 200 x 300 photo (average player is 90 x 135)!!!

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  1. Other Pitchers you'd consider/look really good in the rotation next to Meche/Grienke/Hochevar/Sabathia? :

    Top Tier FA
    Brad Penny
    Ryan Dempster
    Derek Lowe
    Jon Garland

    Second Tier FA
    Paul Byrd
    Livan Hernandez
    Mike Mussina
    Kyle Lohse
    Kenny Rogers