Sunday, August 24, 2008


No Ashton Kutcher was no where to be found only the fact that my 4th Royals game this year the 18th of my lifetime that I've attended live, was the first time the Royals where shutout while I was there.

Also it was the first time I'd been in a car when it has mutilated a skunk, only I'd forgotten my copy of the "Roadkill Cafe" at home, so there was no food only smell. Kind'a like the smell in the Royals dugout after a loss, O Wait without the lack of hustle, plus lack of talent, I think the skunk prevails here.

Of course that could never fill up a blog post so here's some game info you probably didn't hear, as do all games before play I was, watching the "Royals Insider", The Mark Teahen show to be exact, and MT had Jose Guillen on. And as always if it's Jose it is worth a listen and we found out:
That his favorite animals on his farm in the DR are: His two small tigers

That when he retires from baseball: He'll stay at home and probably get up to 300 lbs and when he's done with baseball he's done.

Finally props to our friend, Sam Mellinger of Ball Star for winning in the hot dog derby.

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