Friday, August 29, 2008

Lost in Translation ?

Yeah so be it I guess,
In case you haven't already heard Miguel Olivo is done in Kc after this year.
Wow that sucks, I really like Miggey he was what the team needed, a tough but friendly guy with a good arm and some real pop in his bat, slowly becoming my favorite player......

But now I think we need to ask the question: Is Trey Hillman the future ?
(Let's ask Olivo)
"Hell no"

Hey Buddy Bell was bad but so is Trey the only difference so far is that players would not fight Buddy who ran a tight ship.
And I and I'll tell you what, Olivo isn't the only one who disapproves of Trey, THERE are more but for there sake they have to keep quite.(And I must keep quite on who they are also)
I'll go more in depth on the Trey situation later but for now I've got to throw out some random stuff and go get ready for my Birthday party.
PART 2 of this Post
There are not very many Royals blogs operating weekly most haven't posted since June/July and that includes Undying Royalty who gives out the "Royals Blog of the Week Award" . Tough luck for me I felt like this was my week.
Part 3 of this Post
Since today August 29 is my B-Day as my party favor to you,
Let's kickoff a countdown till the only things Royals fans have left to look forward to. September !!!!!!!!!!!!
(Hard to believe I held out this long I was ready to start August 5 or so )


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