Monday, August 25, 2008

Guillen exchanges words with fan

Guillen exchanges words with fan
And I doubt they were hey how are you.

Unfortunately this is what Jose's first year (doubt if it's his last but....) with the Royals has been like.
Jose isn't afraid to speak his mind, that can be good but for the most part it's bad. If you want to be like Manny Ramirez and bring in the circus that's fine by me as long as you put up the numbers Manny would put up. And .249 AVG don't cut it and an OBP of .285 ?
To put that OBP to the test Gathright's OBP is .300

But a least Jose brings in 17 HR's 80 RBI ( what maybe 3 since the All-Star break) and an injured groin, that just may make it's self more famish in Kc the Gates BBQ.

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