Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ducky is the Wright choice

Ducky is the Wright choice (not)
Even though Wright and Hughes are much younger team goes with journey man
by Ray W

With the Royals needing a starter for today's game against the Tigers the Royals have decided to bring up 32 year old journeyman starter Brandon Duckworth from AAA Omaha. A fine choice if the team already has him on the 40 man roster, hasn't lost 7 straight , hasn't lost 14 of there last 16 and doesn't posses a 55-76 record. But unfortunately all those facts are true.

Duckworth hasn't been lights out for Omaha ether and after spending parts of the last two seasons in Kc you'd think Dayton would've seen enough. But come 1:05 Ducky will take the hill after sporting a 5-11 record in AAA, and an ERA of 4.75 but what's most disappointing is the fact there are a lot better choices in AAA younger guys who we need to see if they have any part of the future, on a sinking ship let the young rats try to swim while the old ones float away in the currents.

Right now what Kc would have wanted would be to callup Tyler Lumsden the 25 year old lefty.
Who is already on the 40 man roster unfortunately, he has destroyed his prospect status with a horrendous year going 3-12 while posting an ERA of 6.88 and has been a gas can even after being demoted to the pen.
Another choice would have had to have been Matt Wright the 26 year old righty from Waco, Texas. Sure his 4-9 record and 5.52 ERA are eyesores for anyone trying to translate those AAA numbers to big league numbers but Matt was deserving last year when he was snuffed, you'd like to think if he would have had last years numbers this year it'd be him of quaky but it's all about timing. O and did I mention it's his turn in the rotation today ?

Finally let's look at dark horse Dusty Hughes, unless your a devoted Royals fan you may not have heard of the 26 year old southpaw, but after putting up a solid 2.94 ERA in AA NWA he was promoted to AAA where he has made 10 starts going 3-2 with an ERA 4.89 in 46 IP. In fact at the start of the season Scout's 2008 Baseball Prospects guide said of Dusty:
Sleeper who could soon be in major league rotation

In the end I just wish if the team if they are going to go through all the trouble of the 40 man roster would have just went with someone with a future instead of someone, 6 years older with a past.

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