Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dropped ball, Dropped hope

Thanks to the KC Star for the image above.

Strange how one play can sum up the whole season, I was looking for a headline this morning in the Star such as:
Royals Drop game to Rangers

But as Denny Matthews disgustingly put it last night:
It's the first time ever, EVER, that the Rangers have swept the Royals in a 3 or 4 game series in Kansas City.

Yeah great times , not to mention the fact Denny Matthews is winding down his career what would make him want to come back next year more then watching this team fall apart ?
Right now Denny is the George Brett of this team.

Like salt on a slug, all this team has built just melts away,
Rome wasn't built in a day but maybe the Royals Rome has already been built, and peaked in 85' but now the Huns, the Franks, the Visigoths, the pale horses, etc. have left the Royals Rome as nothing more then a relic, a dynasty lost some 23 years old........

Looking back at the Royals history timeline you look at gold until 85' followed by a slime trail all the way till you reach 08' where you'll find a melting slug known as the 2008 Kc Royals baseball team.

Such a great way to treat us fans.

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