Friday, August 29, 2008

Lost in Translation ?

Yeah so be it I guess,
In case you haven't already heard Miguel Olivo is done in Kc after this year.
Wow that sucks, I really like Miggey he was what the team needed, a tough but friendly guy with a good arm and some real pop in his bat, slowly becoming my favorite player......

But now I think we need to ask the question: Is Trey Hillman the future ?
(Let's ask Olivo)
"Hell no"

Hey Buddy Bell was bad but so is Trey the only difference so far is that players would not fight Buddy who ran a tight ship.
And I and I'll tell you what, Olivo isn't the only one who disapproves of Trey, THERE are more but for there sake they have to keep quite.(And I must keep quite on who they are also)
I'll go more in depth on the Trey situation later but for now I've got to throw out some random stuff and go get ready for my Birthday party.
PART 2 of this Post
There are not very many Royals blogs operating weekly most haven't posted since June/July and that includes Undying Royalty who gives out the "Royals Blog of the Week Award" . Tough luck for me I felt like this was my week.
Part 3 of this Post
Since today August 29 is my B-Day as my party favor to you,
Let's kickoff a countdown till the only things Royals fans have left to look forward to. September !!!!!!!!!!!!
(Hard to believe I held out this long I was ready to start August 5 or so )


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dropped ball, Dropped hope

Thanks to the KC Star for the image above.

Strange how one play can sum up the whole season, I was looking for a headline this morning in the Star such as:
Royals Drop game to Rangers

But as Denny Matthews disgustingly put it last night:
It's the first time ever, EVER, that the Rangers have swept the Royals in a 3 or 4 game series in Kansas City.

Yeah great times , not to mention the fact Denny Matthews is winding down his career what would make him want to come back next year more then watching this team fall apart ?
Right now Denny is the George Brett of this team.

Like salt on a slug, all this team has built just melts away,
Rome wasn't built in a day but maybe the Royals Rome has already been built, and peaked in 85' but now the Huns, the Franks, the Visigoths, the pale horses, etc. have left the Royals Rome as nothing more then a relic, a dynasty lost some 23 years old........

Looking back at the Royals history timeline you look at gold until 85' followed by a slime trail all the way till you reach 08' where you'll find a melting slug known as the 2008 Kc Royals baseball team.

Such a great way to treat us fans.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The big book of Hillman

Chapter 1
Definition :
The art of dropping easy popups that will surely cost you the game

The art of the failed bunt

The art of failing to score with runners on 3rd and 2nd with no outs.

Chapter 2
Top notch losers

Abusers of loyal fan base

Chapter 3
New ways to lose
Look in the sports section of the Kc Star

Monday, August 25, 2008

Guillen exchanges words with fan

Guillen exchanges words with fan
And I doubt they were hey how are you.

Unfortunately this is what Jose's first year (doubt if it's his last but....) with the Royals has been like.
Jose isn't afraid to speak his mind, that can be good but for the most part it's bad. If you want to be like Manny Ramirez and bring in the circus that's fine by me as long as you put up the numbers Manny would put up. And .249 AVG don't cut it and an OBP of .285 ?
To put that OBP to the test Gathright's OBP is .300

But a least Jose brings in 17 HR's 80 RBI ( what maybe 3 since the All-Star break) and an injured groin, that just may make it's self more famish in Kc the Gates BBQ.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ducky is the Wright choice

Ducky is the Wright choice (not)
Even though Wright and Hughes are much younger team goes with journey man
by Ray W

With the Royals needing a starter for today's game against the Tigers the Royals have decided to bring up 32 year old journeyman starter Brandon Duckworth from AAA Omaha. A fine choice if the team already has him on the 40 man roster, hasn't lost 7 straight , hasn't lost 14 of there last 16 and doesn't posses a 55-76 record. But unfortunately all those facts are true.

Duckworth hasn't been lights out for Omaha ether and after spending parts of the last two seasons in Kc you'd think Dayton would've seen enough. But come 1:05 Ducky will take the hill after sporting a 5-11 record in AAA, and an ERA of 4.75 but what's most disappointing is the fact there are a lot better choices in AAA younger guys who we need to see if they have any part of the future, on a sinking ship let the young rats try to swim while the old ones float away in the currents.

Right now what Kc would have wanted would be to callup Tyler Lumsden the 25 year old lefty.
Who is already on the 40 man roster unfortunately, he has destroyed his prospect status with a horrendous year going 3-12 while posting an ERA of 6.88 and has been a gas can even after being demoted to the pen.
Another choice would have had to have been Matt Wright the 26 year old righty from Waco, Texas. Sure his 4-9 record and 5.52 ERA are eyesores for anyone trying to translate those AAA numbers to big league numbers but Matt was deserving last year when he was snuffed, you'd like to think if he would have had last years numbers this year it'd be him of quaky but it's all about timing. O and did I mention it's his turn in the rotation today ?

Finally let's look at dark horse Dusty Hughes, unless your a devoted Royals fan you may not have heard of the 26 year old southpaw, but after putting up a solid 2.94 ERA in AA NWA he was promoted to AAA where he has made 10 starts going 3-2 with an ERA 4.89 in 46 IP. In fact at the start of the season Scout's 2008 Baseball Prospects guide said of Dusty:
Sleeper who could soon be in major league rotation

In the end I just wish if the team if they are going to go through all the trouble of the 40 man roster would have just went with someone with a future instead of someone, 6 years older with a past.


No Ashton Kutcher was no where to be found only the fact that my 4th Royals game this year the 18th of my lifetime that I've attended live, was the first time the Royals where shutout while I was there.

Also it was the first time I'd been in a car when it has mutilated a skunk, only I'd forgotten my copy of the "Roadkill Cafe" at home, so there was no food only smell. Kind'a like the smell in the Royals dugout after a loss, O Wait without the lack of hustle, plus lack of talent, I think the skunk prevails here.

Of course that could never fill up a blog post so here's some game info you probably didn't hear, as do all games before play I was, watching the "Royals Insider", The Mark Teahen show to be exact, and MT had Jose Guillen on. And as always if it's Jose it is worth a listen and we found out:
That his favorite animals on his farm in the DR are: His two small tigers

That when he retires from baseball: He'll stay at home and probably get up to 300 lbs and when he's done with baseball he's done.

Finally props to our friend, Sam Mellinger of Ball Star for winning in the hot dog derby.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A writer's cramp

Hope I can get something up tomorrow. Nope not dead just trying to squeeze out the last that Summer 08 has left before school. So yeah I'll leave you with this:

If you Jeff Fulchino and Billy Butler were both in a hot dog eating contest who'd win ?

My thoughts on that one, I say we release the hot dog derby dogs loose and then release JF and BB after 10 seconds to add some incentive to the contestants.

So what's up with Banny ? Who's pitching on August 23 ? And who thinks someone will get injured for Davies ? Hey maybe we could call up Dusty Hughes ?