Friday, July 11, 2008

Thoughts from Seven-11

Teahen the next Wilson
What a run by Mark Teahen. That boy can run he is one of no the best base runner we have he just kept going and like he said he was shocked, I was shocked, 14,000 at the K were shocked, and Alexie Ramirez was shocked, that Luis sent him. I've learned in baseball to always expect they unexpected except when expecting it. And there is a quote you can bank.

C.C. Sabathia or CC Sabathia ?

Nice article by Flanagan on how Kc never entered the Sabathia sweepstakes even though short like mine. I'm glad we didn't trade for CC as he goes by now dropping the periods (yikes). Because and I quote Moore:
“For what we would have had to give up, it would have been the equivalent of say, Mike Moustakas and others. We’re not prepared to do that.”

Exactly but that won't be stopping us this winter. Sometimes as a Royals fan the thoughts of signing Torii Hunter or CC is the only thing that keeps you going.

Royals have statue
Was also in the Flanagan article. Of course if you read my blog you probally already "own your own" mini statue.

Carlos Silva and Andruw Jones
Are two signing thank God KC did not make Silva is 4-11 and Jones is UNDER the Mendoza line and if you don't know of the Mendoza line read here It's Royals related see here's a clip:

From Wikipedia:

Origin of the term

The term is named for former shortstop Mario Mendoza, who actually hit .198 in the 1979 season. George Brett is believed to have coined the phrase when asked about his batting average.[1] When shown his average in a newspaper, Brett was said to have made a remark along of the lines of, "I knew I was off to a bad start when I saw my average listed below the Mendoza line.

DeJesus the Kansas City god of RISP
Kagel points out what we all know DDJ leads MLB in RISP (AVG with Runners in scoring position insert is for you dad). So in honor of his .459 RISP I dub him David "The Kansas City god of RISP" DeJesus

See ya I'm off to the game

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