Thursday, July 24, 2008

Royals Merch 2 revenge of the merch

Wow and this is part 2 of the hugely popular Royals Merch series that wasn't a series until now.
If you missed part one it's here

Wow look at these little gems from M&M's chocolate company they come in:

7 oz Bag $ 13

A dispenser with 3 7oz bags $60

10LB Bulk Box $270

Check them out here if I've inspired you to use some of "your" hard earned ca$$$h

Of course if you don't your wife or girlfriend will.

Now we'll go ebay-ing for some great deals,

Ah thee Royal Otter right now there are two of them without any bids for $6 plus $6 S/H and if you don't have one what are you waiting for ? There's nothing better then waking up to this. I think ? Any way here's the link

Enough ebay-ing for I get in trouble

So why not go back to Royals-dot-com shop. And find this awesome Potato head for a mere $16 And I quote:

  • This fun toy can now be dressed up to be a fan or mascot of your favorite
    Comes complete with mutliple* pieces to change his look regularly.
  • A great fan item - a great collectible!
  • Clamshell packaged.

Wow a must at least for the clamshell packaged if for nothing else.

*multiple is how it sould be spellt but I'm just quoting it so I can't change it also I don't work for the Royals shop

Wow the hugely popular Royals Zippo lighter for only $27 Just remember only you can prevent forest fires !!

Concord Kansas City Royals Sunshade

Ah for $30 you take home the envy of ALL and I mean ALL your neighbors (unless your a hermit). Just remember please remove before driving.

Your KC Royals Pocket Plate that is:

  • Perfect for autographs of your favorite players, perfect size to collect all 30 teams.
  • The plates are perfect for coasters at work or home.

Oh great after using the coaster, my Joakim Soria autograph is running. Yep a must buy on $16 but hey you get 2.

O yeah the 2 pack of Royals socks when White Sox just won't do $10

Ok there just weird looking I've always thought that but hey they are on sale for only $18 they were $35 that's a savings of $17. See you stay in school so you can tell others how much they'll save when you don't even have the cash.

Finally I give you the two greatest merch finds ever:

We're #99 We're # 99 and................

A Soria All-Star jersey!! (Hey I need to have something serious !!!) but both will but it will put back finance's at $250.

And I hope you enjoy I could go on but let's see if maybe we can't get a third episode in the series.

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