Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just so you know

My name is Ray well Raymond but I go by Ray.
And once again I'm a Royals fan, and even though that team in Tampa wanted me to blog for them so much they changed there name to honor me I'm still a Royals fan. So little Ray's (since I'm obviously Big Ray) I want you to lose for me the next 4 games to show your love for me.

Footsteps down the stairs

(O wait there is my dad so he's now Big Ray, so now I'm little Ray and that Tampa team will be smallest Ray)

Confused yet?
I am. Let's just go with a break down of thoughts.

The main problem with the team since the AS break been the Starting pitchers but I think they will start to come around soon to their pre AS break levels.

Guillen Trade
RotoWorld is reporting the Braves have interest in Jose Guillen, but at this point I'm not sure.
He could get us some decent prospects and open up a slot for Maier everyday but on the other hand if/when his bat gets hot he's the main driving force for the Royals.

Gobble is more then a LOOGY he's injured !!
Gobble has been bothered by a "Lower Back Strain" I'm not buying it. I say we cut him and bring up Musser. (Member of Royals front office is reading this now thinking: Who in the world is Musser ? ) Yeah and maybe option Peralta to AAA
And then recall him the next day!!

How sweet is that !! Now I must go get ready to watch the game or listen not sure which at this point. Bye bye

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