Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Interview with Mitch of Northwest Arkansas

Below is an interview done with Mitch from Springdale, Arkansas a huge Nothwest Arkansas Naturals fan, who will help us learn a little more about the Royals AA affilate

Tell us a little about yourself ?
I'm 16 (17 on Thursday), I went to my first baseball game in 2001 and fell in love with it. I've been following Arkansas Razorback Baseball since then. I attended my first Minor League game in 2003 (Arkansas Travs vs. Tulsa Drillers) and fell in love with that. When I heard the Naturals where coming to Springdale (where I live) I jumped right on the bandwagon. I'm a huge Naturals fan. I've made 50 of the 58 home games so far and I don't even have season tickets :P
So have you ever been to a MLB game ?
Yes, In 2005 I went to the A's-Rangers game in Arlington. Had seats in the outfield bleachers. It was a great first experience, a great Facility. I still remember the final score lol. Rangers-5, A's-4

Should folks in Kc make the drive to Springdale to see the Naturals ? Is it worth the drive ?
Oh, no doubt that they should! It's completely worth the drive. Arvest Ballpark is state-of-the-art fantastic. The Naturals are avg about 4,750 fans (Stadium capacity 5,500). It's the most fun you'll have at a Minor League game. From Hecklers row (Above visitors dugout), to Strike the Sasquatch (Mascot), to the great atmosphere!
Editor's note Tickets are only:
Super-Premium - $12

Premium - $10

Reserved - $8

Lawn Seating - $6
I'm sure you've had a chance to meet a few of the players. Which players are the most fan friendly ?
While he was here, Paul Mildren was on of the most friendliest person you'll meet. Irving Falu, Ed Lucas, Marc Maddox, and Jose Duarte are some of the most fan friendly players on the Team

Which Nats players do you see as having a good chance to make it to Kc. Which player do you think could be a suprise player ?
The Natural who has a good chance of getting to Kansas City is Mario Lisson. He's batting .214, with 11 homeruns, and 46 rbi's. He's stolen 22 bases, and has been caught 5 times. Lisson is batting .229 with runners on, and .242 with runners in scoring position

A surprise player is not a position player, but a pitcher. Closer Chris Hayes. He's 4-1, 1.58 era with 6 saves. In 51.1 ip, he's giving up 11 runs, on 39 hits, he's walked 9 and struck out 31! Hayes is a unique pitcher. Chris pitches submarine style, when he pitches, his knuckles nearly brushes the dirt on the mound
What do you think of Brian Poldberg's managing ?
I think Brian Poldberg is doing a very fine job of managing this ball club. He's at the Ballpark from atleast 9 am til 12 am every home stand working on the next game. Looking at what needs improvement. He also has a very fine staff behind him. Pitching coach Larry Carter will put the fear of god into you and Tommy Gregg the hitting coach has really turned around some of these players that are struggling at the plate
How tough is it to follow the team with all the callups and new players ?
It's kind of hard. You have to get use to not seeing the players you usually see. Some players that are called up for a game and then go back, for only a new player to come in, it'll mess you up. It's handy for me, cause I have an updated roster with me every home game.
Ok so who is your favorite player ?
Cory Aldridge
How come I've never heard of Cory Aldridge ?
The Kansas City Royals purchased the contract of outfielder Cory Aldridge from the Newark Bears of the Atlantic League at the beginning of July.
Anything else you'd like to share about NWA ?
Northwest Arkansas in it's self is a fantastic place to live. Great bussiness', great communities, and it's still growing! I grew up in Northwest Arkansas and wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else. If you considering moving somewhere, move here!
Thanks for your time
No Problem, the summer has been really slow and it's great to give the inside scoop on Kansas City's newest farm club! Hope to talk more in the future. Go Naturals and Go Royals!!!
Again thanks to Mitch, he does a great job updating the Player Watch threads for the Naturals on Royals Nation. And again here is the Naturals website.

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