Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guillen wants out

Jose denies the report. I should delete this but it is a piece of art so I'll just post an edit up here at the top

See here
Of course because we're to harsh on him. Jose you should be thankful you ain't in New York buddy of course you'd believe the Bronx cheer was a good thing wouldn't you ? Of course Enrique Rojas of has been wrong before (remember we signed Colon). But this is the type of thing Jose would do, hit a homer then complain that,
he is in "living hell in Kansas City"

he is in a foul relationship with manager Trey Hillman.

So let's look back shall we Jose ? You've made living in Kc hell all by yourself with lack of hustle, lack of production and foul mouth, in fact you really make Emil "Shoot ur eye out" Brown look like an angel.
So you don't get along well with Trey totally understandable. I would expect you to hate the guy that took a bullet for your sucky performance in April.
And the Royals organization, well they've tried, I mean they launched a huge campaign to get you to the All Star game they but your ugly mug on the front of Gameday along with the word Passion.
Jose if you read this feel good knowing I'm not the Royales with Cheese guy because I'm sure he's got something great coming for you, but for now,

Please pardon this blog post I'm writing it with an injured groin.

So would you stop ******' booing me ?

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