Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Class less

So in case you didn't know St.Lou Post-Dispatch Columnist Bernie Miklasz wrote on June 29 2008:
Real Redbirds emerge
A harmless title overall and thanks to RoyalsNation for pointing it out to me but anyway Bernie goes on say:
KANSAS CITY — The Cardinals are in town, which means that baseball matters again in ol' KC,

Ok whatever the hell is that supposed to mean ? Really arrogant.

at least for another interleague weekend against the hated rivals who traveled here from the sophisticated side of the state.
Stupid everyone knows that Mid-Missouri is the sophisticated side of the state uninfluenced by the likes of Illinois or Kansas (sorry my friends in Kansas).

When the Cardinals show up, it's a big deal — not quite as important as the arrival of indoor plumbing in Kansas City around 18, 19 years ago. Still, the Cardinals make this a grand event.
Now that means nothing for Journalism other then name bashing and making fun. Makes you wonder if Bernie was ever picked on in school.

The Royals actually have people in the stands, even if half of them wear red and cheer for the visiting team. Saturday night, the Royals had their first sellout of the season at Kauffman Stadium
I'm sorry mister fact less, that is not a true statement the Fireworks game vs the Giants was also a sellout. Oh no I just compared the Giants to the Redbirds.

as Cardinals fans generously did their part to subsidize the Royals and keep Major League Baseball alive here.
Yeah another dorky point of course if KC did lose the Royals they still wouldn't give the 85' Series trophy to ya.

The atmosphere was fantastic. And the Cardinals finally played like the real Cardinals to win a game instead of extending this gracious KC charity to on-field competition.
Always an excuse never they just outplayed us.

The Cardinals, backed by a strong performance by rookie starter Mitchell Boggs, dominated 5-1 to remind the Royals of the baseball power structure in Missouri. This had become embarrassing, with the Royals going 4-0 against the ruling-class Cardinals in this month's interleague renewal

Until being muffled Saturday night, the Royals had taken nine of their last 13 against the Cardinals in a strange role reversal.

The Royals dominating the Cardinals in baseball is like Missouri bullying Kansas in college basketball.

That may have happened a long time ago, but no one can remember exactly when.

Seems rather strange to compare Missouri and Kansas. Why not Illionis and Kansas ?

All kidding aside — and isn't that what a St. Louis columnist is supposed to do while visiting Kansas City? — the Royals have been playing superb baseball, bringing an 11-1 hot streak into Saturday.

There is kidding and there is bullying all in all I found it to be very class less. Thank goodness for REAL Columnists like Joe Posnanski. I could have wrote with all kinds of slang like the:
UnSaint.Poop is Turdbirds
But didn't because Kansas Citians have class and I think we prove who is the:
sophisticated side of the state


Follow up I wrote Bernie:

Dear Bernie

Your article STLToday: Real Redbirds Emerge was disgrace to all members of the media everywhere. Maybe sir if you'd get your head out of your a*$ you'd do some fact hunting before throwing c**p on the paper. The Cardinals game was not as you put it the "first sellout at the K" sorry but your not that important. As for your article in general it was a sad name bashing episode where all you did was call names and make fun because the Royals won the series.
Your article was much like the hometown Tribune c**p, poor journalism, falty facts.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest please tell me what college you attended because if you made it through I'm a sho-in.

JC Missouri area


Your Welcome

I always appreciate feedback, positive or negative.
Thanks for taking the time.

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