Monday, June 23, 2008

A used joke and then I lose control

So I knew what Denny meant. and it HAS been used way to much but:

Denny Matthews:
And now Yabuta is going to take a hike behind the mound

It's still funny !!!
Of course this is right before the 3 run double by Durham and what was with that call on Aviles ?
Thank goodness we are Royals fans or else 50 years later someone be holding a sign:
I still hate Bill Welke !!!

Of course this is in reference to a sign that a fan had in Arizona when KC was there
I still hate Don Denkinger or something like that.

On the Royals Yahoo list, there is of talk of Royals/Cardinals not being a rivalry because they are not in the same league ( yes Kc is leagues above the birds) . Ok yeah whatever, who is buying that one ?
St.Louis fans always bring up that it is not a rivalry (usually when they lose), BUT I tell you what friends, if the Cardinals beat the Royals who will be the first person to rub it in your face ?, the guy in the White Sox jersey who's team is in 1st place, or the guy in the Cardinals hat ?


And true their can't be a "great" rivalry between two teams of different leagues.
Take the A's, Giants rivalry for example the Giants are more concerned with the Dodgers !
Mets, Yankees, one word: Red Sox.
Why even bother with the interleague play then ?

Of course as my grandpa pointed out why does Kc charge $10 more a ticket for each of the 3 games against St.Louis ? The selfish little {bums}

For the same reason the Redbirds charge more for all 10+ games against the Cubs. But wait I forgot St.Lois and Chicago are in the same state (the 51st beating out Purto Rico) Loserville aka the NL.

Of course the Royals could have switch league's back in 98' but if we would have how many people would be going the Royals are built like an AL team ? And the Cardinals would still only care bout' them Cubs.......

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