Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thoughts from the 6-24 game

Denny Matthews:
He kinda looks like Lima (Vizcaino, ) without all the stuff to his hair and without the jewelry

Bob Davis:
But is it Vizcaino time ?
Denny Matthews:
Now the Royals have used both their Ramirez'ez

Bob Davis:

Denny Matthews:
Ramire in Spanish
Overall the guys in the radio both are doing great. BD has really really improved and now I look forward to his innings to. He brings great enthusiasm to the game and of course DM does to as he always has.
Steve is doing great with his scoreboard updates and when it comes to play by play he could use a little more practice and enthusiasm. He should become a good one if given time;

On the FSN side Ryno seems to have regressed some, I don't know if it's not being with Denny or what but he just seems dry. And his jokes and punchlines just don't have the same stuff they did a year ago.
Splitt is well Splitt he does a good job of covering the bases and being that solid guy at times he can be a little boring though but not very often.
Frank White recently filled in for a couple innings to talk on the radio he's a Great TV guy, but I don't think he's cut out for radio where you have to interrupt the story to bring the fans the call.

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