Sunday, June 15, 2008

Royals Merch

Today we shall explore the glories of Royals merchandise a total of 5 will be explored.
#1 is this thing (look above) that is and I quote:
Kansas City Royals MLB X-30 Authentic Collection Titanium Necklace by PHITEN
  • Worn by players on field as part of the MLB Authentic Collection
  • This necklace features Phiten's Phild processed Aqua-Titanium, which has the ability to regulate the body's natural electric currents through cell ionization
  • Promotes muscle relaxation, pain and stress relief, fatigue reduction, blood circulation improvement thus helping prevent injury
WOW and at only $40 it's a steal right Joey G ? C'Mon it basically sells itself or not. Let's ask:
Ramon !!
Looks like he likes it ( bottom one of the three necklaces).
Are next item is much better it's a:

Dirty laundry holder yahoo. And wait there is more call now and we'll reduce the price:


Was: 9.99

  • Do your laundry while showing your team spirit!
  • Great for any fan!
  • What a bargain and there's more look what someone who has dirty laundry has to say:
    Sorry we're not that type of blog. Moving on,

    The Royals all black cap. So that you can blend in with all your rapping buddy's you know the ones with the green Boston Red Sox hat ! A sweet treat for ONLY $30 Buck's*
    * and I'm beginning to think one is enough

    And for 25 smackers you can take home this sweet little lady:

    All that can be said about it is :

  • Commemorate the 2008 All-Star Game with this 9" Statue on Parade figure.
  • This summer the All-Star Game will be held in Yankee Stadium, and MLB will be placing team decorated Statues of Liberty throughout New York City.
  • This 9" figurine is a replica of the 8.5' version that can be found in New York City
  • Sweet. The perfect gift to line dad's desk at the office. Hey so what if Father's Day has passed Dad deserves all he can get.

    So while dad sleeps feel free to sneak in and give him a nice mullet because our next Royals Merch will bring anyone back:

    They will make what you intended to be a nice finish to your truck make you want to go buy that VW and put shag carpet on the roof. A must for the average Royals fan a cheap $6

    And finally maybe you got dad the dice and he got a mullet and the VW, You should buy this for $20 and gorilla glue it to your face.

    Have a good day !!

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