Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ron Mahay's interview

Anyone catch Ron Mahay's interview after the game on the Radio ? Dude it was sweet.
Steve Stewart: What were you thinking whenb you faced Ankiel ?
Ron Mahay: I faced Ankiel whenb he was coming up as uh, uh, uh, hitter.
And Troy Glaus uh, uh ,uh, .........

So in all I counted 12 uh not just uh uh uh. But uh, (pause) uh, (pause). I'm telling you it was FUNNY. I wish I'd recorded it. I didn't catch it at first and thought it must be a rookie. But no it was the Vet Mahay. So he is one bad interview or he was looking out for Guillen.

Uh (looks right) Uh (looks left) Uh (looks behind)

Let's go get a sweep !!!

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