Thursday, June 12, 2008

A few thought from today

A few thoughts that are floating in my head
Tomko is gone and Rosa is up !!
Top prospect Carlos Rosa is getting his first shot at the bigs and the $3 million dollar mistake is gone. Talk about money NOT well spent.
Sonic Slam Inning
Ok so Waneta Jones of Bonner Springs, Kansas has been drawn twice? Fair but I know I've got about 50 sent in and haven't gotten drawn once. And best name in the SSI that would go to Willadean Nation who won $4,200 congrats !
Lefebrve VS Bradley
As many know Milton charged up 4 flights of stairs looking to bust up Ryeno but was stopped by Daniels and Washington. What a sight that was I bet old man Washington charging up them, stairs right after Milton. Hey Bradley, Ryan said you had anger issues right? So it's understandable that you wanted to go up their and beat him up ! geez And then you scream at teammates breakdown cry. Maybe you just need to um GROW UP !!!

1 comment:

  1. dre: Tomko
    Doesn't MLB use monopoly $? That would have explained the useless signing in the first place.

    re: Sonic Slam
    How do you sign up without going & spending $ on their over-priced food?

    re: Bradley
    Maybe HE needs a baby sitter, roo.